Upates for the class of 2024

Message sent on May 13, 2021

Keira Kant, Associate Dean of College Life, updates the Class of 2024 about engagement opportunities for Fall 2021.

Dear Class of 2024,

I hope this email finds you well! I write to you—in partnership with the Class of 2024 Advisory Group and Class Officers—to wish you well in closing out your first year at Gettysburg College. Today, we’d like to update you on some initial plans we are developing for your class next year.

As you know, this has been a remarkable academic year. Although it presented many challenges for our community, both on and off campus, much was accomplished! Specifically, the College worked with the First-Year Class Officers to create an Advisory Board, comprised of roughly 20 members of your class studying remotely and residentially. The group met weekly via Zoom to plan activities for the Class of 2024, as well as to offer feedback about the lived experience of first-years and to begin conversations about the 2021-22 academic year.

Since the creation of the Advisory Board, the group has been instrumental in helping members of the Class of 2024 to stay connected with one another and our College community. They achieved this through a variety of in person, virtual, and hybrid approaches, including through game nights, grab-and-go activities, and fellowship over meals. We are extremely grateful for their efforts!

Looking ahead, the College—in collaboration with Class of 2024 Officers and Advisory Board—continues to remain committed to helping you to connect with your classmates and the institution as a whole. To that end, we would like to share some early plans that have emerged for next semester:

Class of 2024 Engagement Opportunities for Fall 2021:

  • Retain Class of 2024 Advisory Board – The College is pleased to retain the Class of 2024 Advisory Board for the 2021-22 academic year. The group plans to continue meet regularly and would be interested in welcoming new members. More information will be forthcoming about how rising sophomore students may indicate their interest in joining the Advisory Board. Class of 2024 members will also be encouraged to provide feedback to help shape activities for their peers in the year ahead.
  • Class of 2024 Welcome Back Day – Rising sophomores will be invited to attend an on-campus barbeque with their fellow classmates and participate in lawn games. The tentative date for the event is Sunday, August 29, the day after your move-in. More information will be forthcoming.
  • First-Year Walk for the Class of 2024 – Gettysburg College is working with the National Park Service and local authorities to determine when we may be able to offer this important tradition for you next year. Please know that we are committed to providing this experience for all members of the Class of 2024. We thank you for your patience as we navigate the many logistical elements associated with hosting this event on the Cemetery’s hallowed grounds. The date and time of the Walk will be communicated when more information is available.
  • Monthly Class Gatherings/Events – The Class of 2024 Advisory Board is in active discussions about hosting monthly gatherings and/or events for all rising sophomores. If you have any suggestions or recommendation for the Advisory Board, please submit them to Class_2024_AdvisoryGroup@gettysburg.edu, copied on this email. We’d love to hear your ideas!
  • Sophomore Success Program – Residential & First-Year Programs implements the Sophomore Success Program in partnership with various departments including the Center of Career Engagement, the Garthwait Leadership Center, and the Center for Public Service. The program is designed to help students get the most out of their sophomore year by exploring career opportunities, connecting with campus resources and engaging in high impact programming.

Be sure to check your Gettysburg email over the summer so you don’t miss any College announcements or upcoming events for the fall. We know you are ready to take a break from your computer and school work – we understand! With that said, checking your email periodically is important if you want to remain up to date on campus information.

Again, thank you for your contributions to maintaining a healthy and safe community as remote and residential students this past year, and for your perseverance during what was a truly unprecedented period in our College’s history. We look forward to a wonderful 2021-22 academic year together!

Be safe and well. Enjoy your summer!


Class of 2024 Advisory Group Advisors:

  • Allison Schofield ’11, associate director of residential & first-year programs
  • Keira Kant ’95, associate dean of college life

First-Year Class Officers:

  • Jack Comegno, president
  • Giovanna Komst, vice-president
  • Gwen Michaels, treasurer
  • Natalie Peck, secretary

Class of 2024 Advisory Group:

  • Jed Keegan
  • Hannalyn Schwarzer
  • Meredith Follett
  • Lorena Mendez Cortez
  • Carter Bandiere
  • Raycell Diaz Hernandez
  • Matthew Tzorfas
  • Kevin Muhic
  • Kristina Heliodoro
  • Sophia Kenny
  • Erin Boyle
  • Antoinette Chango
  • Samantha Martin
  • Robert Meyer
  • Emma Hladik
  • Lily Grockowski
  • Hannah Vaccaro
  • Caroline Gill
  • Nicole Elahian
  • Cole Wong

Keira Kant ‘95 | Associate Dean