COVID-19 Update

Message sent on March 16, 2022

Anne Ehrlich, Vice President for College Life, and Jen Lucas, Executive Director of Human Resources, update the campus community about the COVID-19 Community Levels on campus.

Dear Campus Community,

As indicated in our March 1 email, the CDC updated its guidance to utilize a COVID-19 Community Level metric to inform individual and community prevention behaviors. Community levels (low, medium, high) are based on three pieces of data: new COVID-19 hospitalizations, hospital capacity, and new COVID-19 cases. The CDC's website includes a list of U.S. counties and their current COVID-19 levels. Adams County is listed as “low.” In addition, the guidance no longer differentiates between vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in terms of suggested masking protocols.

As our post-spring break positivity levels are very low, vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals may now adhere to the same masking policy. Masking will no longer be required of any student or employee except in these locations:

  • In classrooms and labs, due to mandatory attendance and limited opportunities for distancing.
  • At events, meetings, and other gatherings if requested by the host of those activities.
  • For spectators in indoor campus performance venues, due to the public nature of these events.

We hope to continue to ease mitigation strategies as positivity rates remain low. Please stay tuned for future communications.


Anne Ehrlich
Vice President for College Life

Jen Lucas
Executive Director of Human Resources