Manuscript Collections

Vertical File Manuscripts

Abbottstown at 247: October 19, 2010. Copy of an address delivered by Dr. Charles H. Glatfelter during the Abbottstown Borough Square Dedication Ceremony and accompanying correspondence about the event between Glatfelter and Dr. Michael Birkner. MS 5pp. VFM–382 [For more information about Dr. Glatfelter see MS - 059.][For more information about Abbottstown see VFM-277 Baker, George Washington.]

Adams, Franklin Pierce. Letter from Pierce to Mr. Cooper of the Hanover Evening Sun regarding his participation in the 1943 Victory Book Campaign. 10 December 1942. TLS–2 pages. VFM-1

Albert, Luther E. Bound scratch book of Mathematics from PA College student, Luther Albert, 1847. MS-77 pages. VFM-2

Allen, Edgar. Letter to Minnie Warren. He speaks of his time at Pennsylvania College (Gettysburg College). August 16, 1864. A.L.s. Location: College History VFM–365

Almshouse Records. 2 copies of the Listing of residents alphabetically by last name from 1827 - 1874. Location: Local History VFM–354

Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity Bond. Bond purchased by Jere E. Estes on February 25, 1964 from the Eta Phi Building Corporation of Alpha Chi Rho. It was purchased when the fraternity purchased their house at 227 Carlisle Street. The holder of the bond was an officer of the fraternity when the house was purchased, and he lived in it his senior year. D 1p. VFM–380

Alpha Psi Epsilon. Bound and loose rosters, articles, and minutes from 1928–1934. MS-139 pages. VFM–3

Alumni Association Minutes. A manuscript containing the constitution, minutes, and members of the Alumni Association, 1835–1903. MS–135 pages. VFM–4

Alumni Association Obituary Committee. Reports on the deaths of 12 individuals and their information. 7 June 1911. MS–13 pages. VFM-4(a)

Alumni Association of Baltimore. Collection of materials from the Baltimore Alumni Club, including correspondence, meeting minutes, treasurers reports, invitations and programs, 1945 – 1952. MS–137pp. VFM-317

Alumni Association of PA. Three editions of the circular of the Alumni Association of PA College. 1859. MS–3pp. VFM–173.

Alumni Association – Treasurer's Records. Book containing records of dues paid and by whom; several loose checks and receipts from the association. 1842–1912. MS–84 bound and 22 loose pages. VFM–5

Alumni Professorship. Minutes and documents describing the alumni professorship and controversy surrounding it. 1858–1902. MS–125+ pp, VFM–6

Ambassadors in Song: Gettysburg College Choir. Compilation of documents relating to the GCC World Concert tour of 1967. MS–68pp. VFM–174.

Anderson, Dillon. Formal expression of sympathy from the Director's Board of Monsanto Company to the family of Dillon Anderson upon his death. VFM–320 (oversized). See also - MS–088, Dillon Anderson papers.

Anderson, Sherwood. Letter from Anderson declining an invitation to speak to the author's club. 20 Oct 1923. ALS–1pp. VFM–7.

Arms, Richard A. Four manuscripts of original plays by Arms. Two hardbound, handwritten, signed notebooks of “I Want to Know” and one typed copy belonging to Louise D. Bream. Also includes the manuscript “...And Stardust” 1920. 2 MS, 1 AMsS. VFM–8.

Athenaeum Society. Two treasurer's books from 1839–1853 and 1851–1852. AMs. VFM–9.

Automobile Route Book. Produced by the National Exchange Bank of Baltimore. Original covers and folding map of Maryland. Mile by mile text directions. Directions to and from places such as: Cumberland, MD., Hagerstown, MD., Frederick, MD., Baltimore, MD., Gettysburg, PA., York, PA., Philadelphia, PA., Wilmington, DE., Washington DC, and Westminster, MD. Macadam roads distinguished from dirt roads with red. 1913. Location: Pennsylvania VFM-362

Baker, Charles W. See also: Granville, W.A. Letter to Dr. Bikle from Baker regarding the inappropriateness of a play that he saw on campus. 23 Jan. 1913. TLS-1pp. VFM-10.

Baker, George Washington. (1872- 1956) Historical notes on Adams County, specifically Abbottstown,Berlin, the York-Gettysburg Turnpike, and the East Berlin Branch Railroad.Newspaper Clippings and Correspondence. MS-37pgs. VFM 277.

Baky, Sherrin Hilllburt Class of 1965. Letter from Merle Miller regarding Women's Student Government Association. ca. 1961. TLS-1pg. VFM-257

The Banner of “Honor”. A student burlesque published by the sophomore class of Pennsylvania College and distributed during commencement weekend in June, 1869. MS 6pp. Location: College History. VFM – 424. See also: Glatfelter; A Salutary Influence: Gettysburg College 1832-1985 pp. 326-328 for more information about student burlesque publications.

The Banner of “Honor”, June 29th, 1869. Known as a burlesque, The Banner of “Honor” was published by the Sophomore Class and distributed at Commencement. The publication ridiculed specific members of the junior class as well as the faculty in general and many instructors in particular. The faculty took very seriously this challenge to the dignity of the institution, identified four students responsible for the publication, suspended them, and announced their intention to recommend expulsion to the board of trustees. Before that happened, the students persuaded the faculty that they were truly penitent and should be received back into the fold.*

*Glatfelter, Charles H.; A Salutary Influence: Gettysburg College, 1832–1985; P. 328

MS 8 p. Location: College History. VFM – 452

Bare, Bruce M. Class of 1910. College memorabilia including transcript and senior banquet program. (14 items). VFM-211

Barnitz Family of York, PA. Research paper focused on the Barnitz family of York, PA by Patrick Finn, November 2009, inspired by a letter sent in 1834 from David Grier Barnitz, first valedictorian of Pennsylvania College (later renamed Gettysburg College) to his sister, Mary. This letter introduced the researcher to a conflicting legacy of the Barnitz family through biographical vignettes of David Grier, his father Charles Augustus, his cousin Samuel Bacon and a 2nd cousin, David Park Barnitz, the author of The Book of Jade a collection of disturbing poetry published in 1901. TM-36 pp. VFM – 371 [For more information: See VFM – 11 Barnitz, David Grier, letters to his family]

Barnitz, David Grier. Three letters from Barnitz, valedictorian of PA College class of 1834, written to his family describing college life and the first commencement of the college. 11 March 1834, 21 June 1834, and 29 Sept. 1834. ALS-6pp. VFM–11. [For more information: See VFM – 371 Barnitz Family of York, PA]

Barnitz, Frederick A. A poem to Miss Catherine Kast, from Barnitz Class of 1842. 17 Sept. 1838. MsS-1pp. VFM-12.

Barton, Clara. Autographed document written and signed by Clara Barton (1821–1912) as President of the American National Red Cross, Washington D.C. dated June 1, 1890. Though lacking an addressee, it is signed as though it were a letter. The document closes with a quotation from a poem by Horatius Bonar “The Everlasting Memorial”, which emphasizes that one is remembered by what one has accomplished in life. ADS-1p. VFM–430

Barton, Clara. Letter with addressed envelope from Clara Barton (1821-1912) to Mr. T.H. Mereve, New York, November 24, 1910 wishing him a peaceful, happy Thanksgiving and commenting on a pamphlet describing a Book of Lincoln Photographs that he had sent to her. ALS-2pp. VFM–431

Baseball Card. “Plank, p. Phila. Amer” Unknown date. On indefinite loan to Musselman Library Special Collections. VFM-260

Baseball Club: Scorebook. Official scorebook of the PA College baseball club 1887–1889. Includes rosters, positions, and detailed accounts of games. MS- 38pp. VFM-13.

Bates, Katharine Lee. A brief letter to Mrs. Ethel Bickford of Roxbury, MA. 2 January 1906. ALS-2pp. VFM-14.

Beachem, Charles W. Letter from "Mr. B" to Cedric Spence, Jr. 7 April 1932. ALS–1pp. VFM-175.

Beck, Raymond S. Tuition bills for Fall 1922 and Spring 1923. Location: College History. VFM-357

Beck, Raymond S. Initiation certificate for Raymond Sylvester Beck for membership into Kappa Phi Kappa, the honorary National Education Fraternity at Gettysburg College, November 13, 1924 and a newspaper clipping announcing that event and listing other accomplishments of York County students at Gettysburg College. VFM-384

Bedell, Mary Elizabeth: Girl’s Commonplace Book. A girl’s commonplace book compiled by Mary Elizabeth Bedell spanning 1833-1840 while she was living in Hampstead, New York. The book is an interesting blend of scrapbook, journal and musings from a young woman in the 1830s, filled with pasted newspaper poems, diary entries, a variety of her musings, poems, and seven cake recipes. The clippings are pasted over pages that had been previously written on. The covered pages and several others were used to practice handwriting as the sentences are repeated multiple times. A few diary entries are writings about her family. Bedell was born December 1, 1816 and died in 1841 at the age of 24. Single section pamphlet format measuring 2.05 cm X 2.1 cm with a stiff white paper cover and wove paper pages (Original) AMsS 34 pp. Sources: Literature, American History, Women’s Studies VFM – 494

Berg, Temma. Book manuscript copy. “Expressions: Women Expressing Ourselves.” Published by the Women’s Action Group. 1986. Location: Women's Studies VFM-353

Bevan, Roberto Florio. Two letters regarding Bevan's withdrawal from Pennsylvania College due to his relocation to Malaga, Spain. The Board of Trustees awarded him an honorary MA on 4 June 1897. ALS-2pp. VFM-15.

Bible Society of Theological Seminary and Pennsylvania College. Treasurer's book from 1850-1859. MS-64pp. VFM-16.

Bickel, Henry-Autograph Book.Autograph book maintained by Henry Bickel, a student in the Preparatory Department at Pennsylvania College during the 1956–57 academic year. The autographs and accompanying salutary remarks contributed in the spring of 1957 by several members of the College faculty and students from the College and the Preparatory Department provide a glimpse of what persons at the time thought were important words of wisdom or appropriate philosophies for a successful and rewarding life. ABS 72 pp. VFM–392

Bikle, Henry and Paul. 12 ½" x 7" advertisement seeking a lost fantail pigeon, located on the college campus. MS-1pp. VFM-176.

Bikle, Philip M. “Lutheran Quarterly” subscription accounts. One ledger, beginning in 1880 containing subscriptions and payments. MS-489 pp. VFM-18.

Bikle, Philip M. 2 letters to Dr. Bikle from William Granville describing his concern about an inappropriate performance to be taken on the road, representing Gettysburg. 16 Feb 1913 and 18 Feb 1913. ALS-8pp. VFM-17.

Bikle, Philip Raymond. Two essays entitled, “Considerations for and Against the Marking System in College.” And “Our Visions of the Future.” ADS-11pp. VFM-19.

Blythe, Ezra and Calvin Blyth. Six letters written by Ezra Blyth and Calvin Blythe, 1830-1841. Includes transcription of the letters. The January 26, 1833 letter mentions appropriation bill passed for Pennsylvania College.ALS-12pp. VFM-306.

Bond, Dr. Thomas J. – Class of 1857 Medical Department of Pennsylvania College. Copies of three letters from Dr. Thomas J. Bond, graduate of the Medical Department of Pennsylvania College and reported to be the first Choctaw physician and surgeon, to Col. Peter P. Pitchlynn, Choctaw Delegate in Washington D.C. Dr. Bond writes about his medical practice within the Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma; mentions dissention within the Choctaw leadership; reports on improvements to roads and bridges and the start of daily overland mail service; and laments the number of people being killed weekly and the overwhelming presence of alcohol. The collection contains additional research material, supplied by William M. Wright, class of 1961, reviewing Dr. Bond’s connection to the Medical Department of Pennsylvania College; his life, education and accomplishments as a physician to the Choctaw nation; and his service in the Confederate Army. ALS 10 pp. rept. 50 pp. Location: American History, College History. VFM – 450

Borglum, Gutzon. Color copies of letters from Gutzon Borglum to Rev. W.R. Siegart (D.D. Gettysburg College, 1941) dated June 23, 1934 and June 30, 1934. The letters contain details about Borglum’s Lincoln sculpture located in the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol Building and the beginning of his work at Mount Rushmore. TLS 2 4pp. VFM–426

Bradley, Robert B. Five books written on his accounts of World War II as a medic and German prisoner. Published 1970-2000. MS-303 pp. VFM-177.

Breidenbaugh, Edward S. A prepared debate before the Philomathean Society of PA College. 29 Nov 1865. AMsS-14pp. VFM-178.

Brenda W.T. Letter from W.T. Brenda to T.Y. Cooper regarding an original drawing in Liberty magazine that Mr. Cooper was interested in purchasing. 4 June 1929. ALS-1pp. VFM-21.

Bretz, Frank H. Ph. D. manuscript copy of Chapter One from his book. “Becoming II.” March 29, 2006. Location: Literature VFM-359

Brumbaugh, Martin Grove. Letter from Brumbaugh to the Philomathean Society of PA College regarding his honorary membership. 5 Nov. 1915. TLS-1pp. VFM-22.

Bryant, William Cullen. Letter from Bryant to Mr. Field’s offering a translation of a section from the Iliad for Field's monthly. 19 June 1865. ALS-1pp. VFM-23.

Buchanan, James E. Letter from Buchanan politely declining an invitation to speak at the Phrenakosmian society of PA College. 31 June 1842. ALS-1pp. VFM-24.

Buck, Pearl S. Two letters, one to Frank Kramer regarding her recent publications 22 Aug 1956. The other, a response to Henry Hanson about giving a lecture. 1 Dec 1950. TLS-2pp. VFM-25.

Building Committee – Pennsylvania Hall. Several correspondences and estimates regarding the attainment of land and the building of College Edifice. 1835 - 1843. MS-53 pp. VFM-26. MOVED to RG1, Box 24

Building Committee – Steven’s Hall and Professor’s Residence. Correspondences, proposals, and estimates for the building and land of Steven's Hall. 1865-1869. MS-23pp. VFM-27. MOVED to RG1, Box 24

Building Committee – White House. Several reports from the Board of Trustees on the status of the house of the president. 1859-1861. MS-5pp. VFM-28. MOVED to RG1, Box 24

Centennial Exhibition-Machinery Hall, 1876. Print of Machinery Hall from the Grand United States Centennial Exhibition, 1876 at Fairmount Park, Philadelphia; published by Currier & Ives. Ills. Location: Art, American History. VFM – 420

Chamberlain, Joshua L. An original letter to Buehler from Chamberlain accepting and thanking him for the honorary degree from PA College. Also included are copies of correspondences between the men from the Pejepscot Historical Society in Brunswick, ME. ALS-4pp. VFM-29.

Chapel Excuse form. Arlene Sholly Zellers, dated November 30. ca. 1954. DS-1pg. VFM-259

Charter and Amendments. Six amendments to the charter of Gettysburg College. All original, legal documents. 1867-1964. TDS-54pp. VFM-30.

Chinese Postcards with Messages in German, 1904-1906. Collection of 33 postcards of varies views of China send 1904-1906 with messages and/or addresses written in German. Germany was a member of the Eight-Nation Alliance that put down the Boxer Rebellion in 1901. German governmental, military and business personnel remained in China for a time after the rebellion to protect German interests in the country. C 33pp. Subject: China, Asian History. VFM–475

Christ’s Church Sabbath School. “Order of Exercises” for the Anniversary Celebration of Christ’s Church Sabbath School, September 8, 1861. Christ Church, located on Chambersburg Street in Gettysburg, served the needs and interests of the English speaking Lutherans in the area as well as the faculty and students at the Seminary and at Pennsylvania College. The Pastor at the time was Rev. Dr. H.L. Baugher, President of the College. The Sabbath School was first established in 1827 as a union school for the whole community through the efforts of the students of the Seminary. During this Anniversary Celebration, prayers were offered by Dr. Baugher, Rev. Dr. S.S. Schmucker, founder of the Seminary and Rev. F.A. Muhlenberg, instructor at the College. D 1p. VFM–442

Ciavarelli, Anthony G., Tests and Exams 1930s. Twenty-two test and exam papers submitted by Anthony G. Ciavarelli in five subject areas during his enrollment at Gettysburg College 1929–1933: Chemistry (2), Organic Chemistry (9), Educational Psychology (2), History I (5), Physiology (4). Ciavarelli earned a B.S. degree with a major in Biology in 1933 and a medical degree from Hahnemann Medical College in 1936. ADS 83 pp. VFM–441

Class of 1851. Daguerreotype of some of the members of Pennsylvania College class of 1851, a list of the class members as remembered by Miss Julia Gilbert, and a letter from Dr. A.H. O'Neal to President Granville presenting the gift. P,N,TDS 1p. VFM-383

Class of 1869. Recording secretary book of the organization of the class of 1969. Minutes of all meetings held from 1866 to May of 1869. Also includes wives and children of the students after graduation. MS-23pp. VFM-321.

Clemens, Samuel. Reproduction of a letter from Clemens to Mrs. Foote, a very candid, lively, friendly letter. 2 Dec. 1887. ALS-3pp. VFM-31.

Clemens, Samuel. Original postcard and transcription from Clemens to Mrs. Florence Hull Winterburn, 28 March 1901. Found in the 1885 edition of Huckleberry Finn. ANS-1pp.VFM-314

Clement, John Marshall. Letter from J. M. Clement to his father, John Clement in Mockville, Davie County, North Carolina, October 24, 1844. John Marshall Clement entered Pennsylvania College as a sophomore and was the valedictorian of the Class of 1846. In this newsy letter the student comments on national and Pennsylvania politics, discusses his course of study at the College, describes his diet, mentioning how it differed from what he was use to back home, and shares information about some of his fellow students and his current living and boarding situation. After graduation, Mr. Clement returned to North Carolina to practice law. His only son, Louis Henry, also attended Pennsylvania College and graduated with the class of 1876. ALS 4 pp. VFM-412

Clutz, Mrs. Jacob A. Photocopy of “Some Personal Recollections of the Battle of Gettysburg,” a privately published memoir. MS-13pp. VFM-179.

College Monthly. Postcard addressed to CVA Levy discussing the publication's future. 7 Feb. 1893. MS-2pp. VFM-236.

College Seal. Six color and six Black & White representations of the college seal. Various sizes. LS-12. VFM-32.

Collegium Logicum. Volume from the Phrenakosmian Society Library, handwritten in Latin, dated 1762.  While it could be a diary or study book, the organization appears more formal suggesting that it could represent lecture notes or perhaps someone's personal goals for success or philosophy of life. MS 159pp VFM-378

Commemorative Stamps. Collection of commemorative stamps featuring the Civil War, Jazz Musicians, POW & MIA, Texas and others. Also included are commemorative Civil War postcards and envelopes. Donated by Edwin Bachman, ’57. VFM-336

Cooper, James Fenimore. Original check signed by Cooper from the Ostego County Bank. 22 April 1848. ADS-1pp. VFM-34.

Cooper, Thomas Yost. Three photocopies of articles regarding the donation of the Cooper Collection to Musselman Library. “Rare Books Presented to College.” Hanover Sun, Oct. 20, 1965. “Asian Studies and the Liberal Arts: The Cooper Collection.” Gettysburg College Bulletin, January 1966. “What Rare Book? The Cooper Collection” Gettysburg College Bulletin, January 1966. 3 D, 10 pgs. VFM-241.

Coots, Fred. Lyrics of “Santa Claus is Comin' to Town,” signed by Coots (composer). TDS-1pg. VFM-183

Copybook. Bound notebook full of random pictures and facts. “Washington’s Writings Volume XI" MS-11pp. VFM-35.

Corbet, Thomas W. Letter to Rev. F.J. Ruth concerning a fellow student’s desire to leave the ministry. Corbet conveys to Ruth the letter which was received telling of H.R. Hennigh's desires to leaves his ministry in the West. March 10. 1967. A.L.s. Location: College History VFM-367

Crapster, Basil. Original reconnaissance/aerial b/w photographs taken by American pilots over Japan during WWII. Includes “Urban Damage Assessment Plot” of Hiroshima shot after August 6, 1945. Crapster was a map decoding officer during the war. 10 photos, 1 MS item. Location: WWII VFM (oversized)-235

Crapster, Walter. Five two-sided parchments containing ink and color depictions of ten different Bible stories. MS-5pp. VFM-36.

Dance Card – U.S. Marine Corps Officer School, 1913.  Dance card belonging to Miss Francis McClean who attended the U.S. Marine Corps Officer School Dance held in Glatfelter Hall on August 22, 1913.  The card, with a Marine Corps button and pencil attached, identifies Miss McClean’s partners for each dance.  The officers in the training school stayed in South Dorm (McKnight hall) on the campus of Pennsylvania College during August 1913.  The school was led by Captain George Van Order whose wife and son were guests of President and Mrs. Grandville for two weeks during the training session.  C 3 pp. VFM-447

Dansereau, J. B.: WWI Documents, Address Book and Diary.  Small address book and diary kept by J. B. Dansereau during the first months after his enlistment in the United States Army on April 26, 1918 at Camp Devens, Massachusetts during World War I.  Address Book 17 pp., Diary 8 pp. Source: World War I.  VFM – 487

Davis, James J. Letter from Senator Davis of PA, to president Hanson discussing possible topics for his Commencement address. TLS-1pp. VFM-37.

Dawes, Charles G. Letter to Mayor H.D. Parkin from Vice President of the US Charles Dawes, regarding a picture of General Pershing. 13 Feb 1926. TLS-1pp. VFM-38.

Democratic Party Platform Pamphlets, 1936. Explains all aspects, including economic, domestic and foreign policies, of the Democratic platform for 1936. 11 copies of the pamphlet. MS-77 pp. VM-281.

Dempsey, Jack. Two postcards of Dempsey's restaurant and an envelope from a stationary store. The second postcard is autographed. Auto-1pp. VFM-39.

Dempwolf, J.A. to Eli Huber.  Postcard dated Feb 23, 1895 from J.A. Dempwolf of York, PA addressed simply to Rev. Eli Huber, Gettysburg, PA.  The postcard announces Dempwolf's intention to arrive by train on the following Monday to discuss with Rev. Huber the building of a new chimney for the furnace flue.  While it is possible that this was for a College building since Mr. Dempwolf was considered the College's architect at the time, having drawn up the plans for Glatfelter Hall and later McKnight Hall as well as plans for alterations to Pennsylvania and Linnaean Halls and McCreary Gymnasium and Rev. Huber was Professor of English Bible and the first Chaplain of the College, it is more probable that the construction was planned for Huber's private residence at 401 Carlisle Street. C. VFM-399

Dickens Reader. Nathan Sheppard-Cooper's Library Pamphlet No. 5. December 30, 1881. VFM-20

Dickens, Charles. Letter regarding payment for a proof of "Holiday Romance" sent to Mr. William L. Thomas. 21 July 1867. ALS-1pp. VFM-40.

Die Woche. 3 issues of the German publication Die Woche (in German).  Issues 32, 34, and 36.   8 Aug. 1914, 22 Aug. 1914, and 5 Sep. 1914. VFM-333

Donoghue, Norman E. II: Manuscript - My Valentine Family Story.  A manuscript by Norman E. Donoghue, II, relating the history of his family through seven generation (1715-2007) with special attention to the family’s relationship to the church and to Pennsylvania (Gettysburg) College, especially referencing the author’s great-great-grandfather, Milton Valentine, President of Pennsylvania College (1868-1884) (copy) TMs 16 pp.  Sources: College History, Lutheran Church VFM – 482

Douglas, Lloyd C. Working script of "The Big Fisherman." Multiple drafts of chapters 1-30 as well as passages not used in the final work from Chapters 1-10. Bibliographic and biographic information included. MS-1034pp. VFM-285.

Downey, James Madison. A letter dated March 3, 1832 from James Downey, a student at the Classical School and Gymnasium at Gettysburg, to Jacob Beshore of Franklin County, PA, The letter asks for the recipient's help in arranging a future meeting to be held in Waynesboro and describes a contest to be held at the Gymnasium between the two literary societies.  ALS 1p. VFM-391

Dreiser, Theodore. Two letters from Dreiser, one dates 13 Nov. 1912 to Miss Watson and another 23 March 1935 to Mr. Fadiman regarding his latest book. ALS-2pp. VFM-41.

Druids- Phi Sigma Kappa. Minutes from Druid meetings 1910-1914, and loose reports from Phi Sigma Kappa, an organization that came from the Druids in 1925. MS-104pp. VFM-180.

Dunbar, Paul Laurence.  Autographed quotation from a poem “Life” by Paul Laurence Dunbar from Lyrics of Lowly Life published in 1896.  AQS-1p. Location: Literature.  VFM – 425. Dunbar was one of the first African-American poets to gain national recognition.

Duncan, Schmucker.  Oration given by Schmucker Duncan with a title from a quote from Emerson, “The bigot must cease to be a bigot today”, delivered at the revival of the class day exercises by the class of 1891. AMsS 12 pp.  VFM – 414

Duquesne, Fort. (Pittsburgh) Reproduction of a letter containing information about the conquest of the Fort and the protection of Virginia and Maryland. AMS-1pp. VFM-42.

Ealy, Henry Ferdinand. Non-graduate of Class of 1849. Attended 1845-49. Graduated from the Seminary in 1854. Verbatim lecture notes from Dr. Schmucker's Lectures. Lived 1824-1862. Ms-95pp. VFM-308 

Eastman, Max. Letter from Eastman to Eleanor, begging a response from her. 7 July 1937. TLS-1pp. VFM-43.

Eckert, Harold E. Invitation to Commencement 1935. Letter requesting his friends and family come. Name card. Ls. -1p. Location: College History. VFM-343

"The Economist." Vol. 1 No. 1 November 1890 edition. Published in Cincinnati Ohio. A monthly journal of Political and Social Science. Contains original copy and photocopy TMs pp. 32 VFM 298

"Ed, The Office Boy; or The Lad Behind the Deals" and Other Stories. Fame and Fortune Weekly. Stories of Boys Who Make Money 416 (New York: Frank Tousey, September 19, 1913). MS-32 pp. Location: American History VFM-212

Education Programs. Competency study for Teacher-Education programs. Breaks down the curriculum into necessary skills and how to test for them. Made specifically for Gettysburg College. 25 May 1972. D-124pp. VFM-181.

Eichelberger, John M. Photocopy of a letter to A.S. Miller while at PA College. Gives a very insightful and candid look at student life. 7 Dec 1848. MS- 5pp. VFM-182.

Eisenhower-Kennedy Photograph.  Photograph of Eisenhower and Kennedy shortly after Kennedy's election in 1960.  The photograph is 5x7 mounted on cardboard with Eisenhower signature on the mount. PS. VFM-387

Eisenhower, Dwight D. Sheet music entitled "A March to Eisenhower," by H.D. Hirsh and J.M. Frank. MS-3pp. VFM-205

Eisenhower, Dwight David.  Draft of statement by President Eisenhower regarding the rejected nomination of Lewis Strauss as Secretary of Commerce in 1959 and a draft of a note to be sent to those Senators who supported the nomination.  Amended drafts of Eisenhower's letters are rare since he specifically forbade his staffers from saving his drafts in order to prevent any attempts by others to interpret his intent. The collection also contains some explanatory material about the event. AN 2pp. VFM-388

Eisenhower, Dwight David.  Three b&w 11.25’ x 10.125’ photographs of Dwight D. Eisenhower – one in uniform labeled June ’52 D.C., another appears to be a 1956 parade, and the third is of Ike holding a small fish.  Photo 3.VFM–437 (oversize)

Eisenhower, Dwight David.  Issue of Life magazine, April 11, 1969 with a cover photo and photographic article, “Home to Abilene” which follows the events at Eisenhower’s death from the official services in the nation’s capital to burial at the Eisenhower Presidential Library in Abilene, Kansas, his boyhood home.  MS-13 pp. VFM–438 (oversize)

Eisenhower, Dwight D, “A March to Eisenhower”.  Sheet Music for “A March to Eisenhower,” with words by Hiram D. Hirsh and music by Jewel M. Frank prepared as a souvenir of the inauguration of President Eisenhower in 1953. Publishing rights assigned to Chappell & Co. Inc., New York, N.Y. D 3 pp. Location: Eisenhower. VFM-401

Eisenhower, Dwight David to the Rev. Dr. Edward L.R. Elson.  Photocopies of 90 letters from Dwight David Eisenhower to his pastor, the Reverend Dr. Edward L. R. Elson (1906-1993), Chaplain U.S. Army, Pastor National Presbyterian Church, and Chaplain U.S. Senate.  While the correspondence spans a period of 36 year, the balk of the letters originate during the years of the Eisenhower presidency (1953-1960).  The collection includes a commentary by Eleanor Elson Heginbotham, eldest child of Rev. and Mrs. Elson, on the lives of Eisenhower and Elson and the interaction between the president and his pastor.  While most of the letters are short and rather routine, they provide evidence to a relationship of mutual respect that on at least one occasion rose to intense mutual concern about the situation in the Middle East.  The collection also includes three letters from Mamie Eisenhower and two from their son, John.    TLS 101 pp.  Location: American History, General Eisenhower  VFM -- 469

Eisenhower, Mamie.  Letter from Mrs. Eisenhower to Charles and Elizabeth Wolf thanking them for a gift and relating her reunion with her family in Washington including grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Certificate of Authenticity included. TLS-1p. VFM-311.

Eisenhower/Nevins Christmas Cards, etc. Includes several Christmas cards from the 1960s and 1970s, two guides to Culzean Castle in Scotland (no date), and a program for the St. Joseph College Sesquicentennial Academic Convocation, 1959. 22 D (includes 19 cards). VFM-242.

Ellington, Duke - Dance Card. Dance card signed by Duke Ellington from the 1949 "all-college" dance at Gettysburg College with guest performers Duke Ellington and his Orchestra and Howard Gale and his Orchestra. Sig. [formerly VFM-294, moved to the Gettysburg College Dance Card Collection

Emanuel, Edward "Snaps." Gettysburg College football 1923 scrapbook/binder in Memory of Edward "Snaps" Emanuel.Newspaper clippings and photos. MS-6pp. VFM-268.

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Letter confirming a dinner date. 20 Oct 1851. LS-1pp. VFM-44.

"Ethical History of Gettysburg College." A research paper by John Schmittle. 20 April 2000. MS-8pp. VFM-184.

Everett, Edward. Letter from Everett to J.G. Stetson. 15 Dec 1852. ALS-1pp. VFM-45.

Executive Committee. Minutes for the Board of Trustees of PA College 1874-1876. AmsS-7pp. VFM-46.

Exemption from Poll Tax.  Certificate of Exemption from Poll Tax with envelope issued by Joe W. Alexander, Assessor and Collector of Taxes, McLennan County, Waco, Texas to Edward J. Furlong, January 17, 1951.  The stated reason for the exemption was age.  The certificate identifies Mr. Furlong as a 61 year old, white, native born citizen with an Illinois birthplace and an occupation of clergyman. D 1p. VFM-405

Fay, Christopher and Herman (Ted) Collier IV. Class of 2005. Political Science papers prepared for the Pennsylvania Political Science Association Annual Meeting on April 1-2, 2005. Papers written on the topic "Theory Illuminates Practice: American Political Thought and American Political Behavior." MS-42pp. VFM-283.

Feidt, George – Autograph Book, Class of 1860.  Autograph book for George Feidt, Pennsylvania College class of 1860.  At the time it was the custom for students to gather messages of inspiration and friendship from members of the faculty and from other students.  Feidt gathered autographs beginning July 1857, near the end of his freshman year, through December of 1858, a period of about a year and a half.  The book contains 75 messages: 4 from faculty, including H.L. Baugher, the President of the College, 19 of 33 members from the class of 1860, 7 of whom, like him, did not finish the degree requirements, 14 of 17 seniors, 7 of 14 juniors, 6 of 13 sophomores, 13 from the preparatory department, 6 from the Theological Seminary, 3 new students in the following year, 1 unclassified student,  and 2 unidentified.  Feidt was born January 14, 1840 near Clear Spring, MD.  He attended Pennsylvania College 1856-1859 and died March 18, 1860. ADS 77pp. Location: College History VFM – 459

Finance Committee. Reports, receipts, and expenditures from the finance committee of Gettysburg College. 1867-1871 and 1876-1878. AD-15pp. VFM-48.

Findlay, William. Letter to the president of the Bank of PA requesting stock issued by the US Congress. 16 June 1820. ALS-1pp. VFM-49.

Fitzgerald, Francis Scott Key. Short letter and author's apology presumably from "This Side of Paradise." ALS- 1pp. and TDS-1pp. VFM-50.

Fontanne, Lynn. Several letters of correspondence between Mrs. Mary Glenn and Lynn Fontanne on the subject of performing. Also, several newspaper clippings about the Lunt-Fontanne team. 26 June 1965 and 7 July 1965. TLS-14pp. VFM-51.

Ford, Gerald R. Letter between the Ad Hoc Student Presidential Search Committee and Pres. Ford about his possible Presidency at Gettysburg College. 13 Dec 1976. TLS-1pp. VFM-52.

Forness, Norman. Spring Honors Day program (22 May 2004) and invitation letter (22 April 2004). MS-7pgs. VFM-230

Fortenbaugh, Dr. Robert, Gettysburg College. "American Lutheran Synods and Slavery," Missions-Taube Mai 1933, Nr. 5, p. 80, review on Fortenbaugh's article. MS-80 pp. Location: College History VFM-213

Fortenbaugh, Robert B. Sr.  1940 Gettysburg High School yearbook, “Cannon-Aid, “and photographs from the life of Robert B. Fortenbaugh Sr., resident of Gettysburg during his early life, son of Robert Fortenbaugh, long-serving chair of the Gettysburg College History Department, graduate of the College with the class of 1944, WWII veteran, research chemist, Methodist minister and member of a family associated with Gettysburg College since the early 1920s. MS 87 pp. P 7.  VFM-410

Foutz, Herbert.  Class of 1941.  One Holy Bible, S.S. Scholars' Help given to Herbert on Christmas in 1931 as a gift from his parents.  Various bible notes and news clippings within the Bible.  One Gettysburg College Athletic Council student ticket for the first term season of 1937-1938.  Four pages of German notes with two copies of Silent Night in the German language, one typed and one hand written.  One English Essay on Feudalism.  One page of diary entries from December 24, 1935 to January 6, 1936 during his winter break.  The January 3, 1936 entry mentions listening to President Roosevelt's message to Congress on the state of the union.  6pp.  VFM-325.

Frassanito, William A. Article, My 19th-C. PA College Books, December 2, 2008, in which Frassanito recounts his research into books he had purchased from Schmucker Library in 1968 to establish whether they were part of the two literary societies’ library collections, housed in “Old Dorm,” at the time of the Battle of Gettysburg.  His research focuses initially on the dating of the Phrenakosmian library book plate in several of the books, and subsequent consultation of both the Phrenakosmian and Philomathaean Literary Society’s library catalogs to confirm collection accession dates. TMsS-7 pp.  VFM-419 See also: MS-006: Philomathaean and Phrenakosmian Societies

Freed, Edwin D. Detailed list of expenses from his years at Gettysburg College broken down by class year. 11 Sept 1939- 21 April 1943. MS-23pp. VFM-185.

Frey, George. Synopsis of Will by George Frey, systematically arranged. 16 May 1806. D-1pp. VFM-53.

Fulton, Leonard. Letters to Mr. Fulton of El Cerrito, CA from four political figures in DC, PA, NH, and CA. Mr. Fulton was expressing his concern over the impending war with Vietnam. 21 Nov 1962 - 23 Sept 1963. TLS-8pp. VFM-54.

Gaenslen, Fritz. Article on Political Decision Making from the Encyclopedia of Psychology Volume 6, 2000. MS-5pp. VFM-55.

Gallion, Donald. Class of 1946. February 5, 1943 draft note of 27 Gettysburg College students ordered into service during World War II.Original notification and envelope from War Department. Includes copy of an article about the document written by Library Director Robin Wagner for the Musselman Library Newsletter and correspondence from Dr. Michael Birkner and College Archivist Karen Dupell Drickamer. MS-6pgs. VFM 271.  See also, MS-249: Donald Gallion '48 WWII Papers.

Gardner, Joseph, Letter on Slavery.  Letter send by Joseph Gardner from Bassterre, St. Kitts to Mary Pearson and family, 16 North 6th Street, Philadelphia dated January 12, 1829 in which the writer, a visitor to the island, describes in some detail the weather, ecology, condition of slavery, and way of life on the island of St. Kitts in the West Indies.  ALS 2 pp, Subject: Slavery Sources, West Indies, St. Kitts.  VFM-471

Gelbert, James Edward, class of 1937 & Marianne Hultberg Gelbert, class of 1939, Documents.  Various documents and other memorabilia from James and Marianne Gelbert, classes of 1937 and 1939, including photographs of the co-eds on the steps of Huber Hall, Women’s Debate, Tau Kappa Alpha honorary forensic fraternity, Gamma Phi (Chi O) sorority labeled on reverse, published programs from the 1937 Commencement, the Alumni Bulletin, October 1939, letters to Marianne from President Henry Hanson and Professor George Warther, and memorabilia from homecoming and reunion activity at the college and with the College Choir.  14 items.  Subject: College History Sources, College Documents Sources, College History 1930s, College Choir.  VFM-476

Gerhardt, L.D. Register of visitors to the observatory of PA College 1882-1916. Also contains treasurer's records. MS- 384. VFM-56.

German Society. Constitution and bylaws, in German and English. c. 1836. D-17pp. VFM-328.

German Spelling Table. Nineteenth Century. German spelling and pronunciation table. Explains the German alphabet and common vowel, consonant combinations in the German language. MS-1pp. VFM 288

German Troops in China, Photographs.  Two photographs, mounted on cardboard, ca early 1900s, reported to be of German troops stationed in China most likely as an aftermath of the activities of the Eight-Nation Alliance in reaction to the Boxer Rebellion in northern China which ended in 1901.  One photograph with the title “Peking Views” identifies the photographer as Yung Sang.   2 photos.  Subject: China, Asian Studies, Boxer Rebellion.  VFM-480 (oversize)

Gettysburg, Battle of, Centennial Stamps. One sheet of 50, 5 cent stamps commemorating the Centennial of the Battle of Gettysburg, 1963. VFM-307.

Gettysburg College Commencement Broadsides 1835 - 1852. Commencement Broadsides ranging from 1835 - 1852. Original copies. MS pp. 29 VFM-299  

Gettysburg College - Endowment Fund. Receipt for payment of Alumni Professorship gift. 2 July 1878. D-1pp. VFM-57.

Gettysburg College Football, 1905.  Postcard with a photograph of the 1905 Gettysburg College varsity football team and a summary of the scores for games played in that year reporting a season of 7 wins and only 3 loses.  The postcard was published by W.H. Tipton.  It is addressed to Miss Pearl Keck, Fairview Ave., Connellsville, PA, postmarked December 18, 1905.  Herbert Dornberger, the team manager, describes the season in the 1907 Spectrum as one that "can properly be called the most successful in the history of football at Gettysburg College.  The summary will show that we lost only three games, all of them against teams not in our own class."  (Those out-of-class teams were The University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania State University and Steelton Y.M.C.A.) The season ended with a 72-0 victory against archrival Franklin & Marshall College C 1p. VFM-395 [For more information see The Spectrum 1907 p. 151-155.]

Gettysburg College - Misc. business 1840-1870. Numerous papers from the college including receipts, bills, invitations, and commencement rosters. D-40+ pp. VFM-58.

Gettysburg College- Misc. Business 1880-1890's. Many documents including: final examinations, loan documents, several correspondences with the New England Loan and Trust Company, and several with college professors. DS-92+ pp. VFM-59. 

Gettysburg College - Misc. finances ca.1912. Letter requesting financial support for the College on Pennsylvania College letterhead. TL-1 p. Location: College History VFM-215

Gettysburg College (Pennsylvania College) Grade Reports.  Official term grade reports for students at the College and in the Preparatory Department from varies periods in the College’s history.  VFM–440

  • Zweizig, Benjamin D., Class of 1856.  Two grade reports for Benjamin D. Zweizig showing his academic performance in course work in the Preparatory Department and during his freshman year at Pennsylvania College.  The Preparatory Department report is dated April 1851 and signed by M.L. Stoever, Principal of the Preparatory Department.  The Pennsylvania College report is dated April 21, 1853 and signed by H.L. Baugher, President of the College.  Zweizig earned his B.A. degree with the class of 1856; taught school while studying theology privately; and served as a Lutheran clergyman in the Reading, PA area 1859-1903. D-2pp.
  • Myers, William Hamilton, Class of 1857. Official Freshman Year Grade Report for W.H. Myers dated September, 1854 and signed by H.L. Baugher. After his graduation in 1857, Myers taught school for a number of years, was admitted to the bar and served in the Custom House in Baltimore.  D-1p.
  • Blauvelt, Thomas. B., Class of 1859.  Junior year grade report for T.B. Blavelt, a student at Pennsylvania College, listing the instructors of the courses being offered as well as the grades earned.  The report with the original envelope addressed to Mr. Henry Blavelt, the student’s father in Saddle River, New Jersey, is dated April 14, 1858 and signed by H.L. Baugher, President of the College.  Blauvelt entered the College as a junior and, unfortunately, died in 1859 between the time of his examination and the date of graduation. D-2pp.
  • Marshall, John K. 1875. Official grade report for John Marshall for the session ending June 26, 1875.  Marshall attended Pennsylvania College in 1875-1876 as a student in a special Analytical Chemistry program.  He earned a medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1878, and served that institution as a laboratory instructor, faculty member and academic dean. D-1p.
  • Stump, Adam, Class of 1878.  Two Pennsylvania College grade reports for Adam Stump, class of 1878 from first term freshman and first term senior year and a program from the forty-fourth commencement, June 27, 1878.  Stump graduated from the Lutheran Theological Seminary, served parishes in Pennsylvania and Nebraska, and received a D.D. degree from Susquehanna University in 1902.   D-3pp.
  • Parr, Amos A., Class of 1887.  Eight Pennsylvania College grade reports for Amos. A Parr, 25 March 1884 – 30 June 1887. The reports were signed by M. Valentine, President or L. H. Croll, Vice President of the College.  Parr graduated from the Lutheran Theological Seminary, served as a parish pastor at Spring Grove and Lock Haven in Pennsylvania, as Secretary to the Western Penn Synod and as a trustee at the Seminary.  He received a D.D. degree from Susquehanna College in 1910. D-8pp.
  • Rice, Ward B. S., Class of 1907.  Two grade reports for Ward B.S. Rice, one from his last term in the Preparatory Department, 3 June 1903, and the other from the first term Freshman Year at Pennsylvania College, 18 December 1903.  The Preparatory Department document is signed by Charles H. Huber, Principal, and the College document by H.W. McKnight, President of the College.  Rice graduated in the Class of 1907 and served as an educator in Iowa and Pennsylvania. D-2pp.
  • Haaf, G. Raymond, Class of 1909.  Official sophomore year grade report for G.R. Haaf, signed by President S.G. Hefelbower. Haaf graduated from the Lutheran Theological Seminary and served as a missionary to India until 1928.  Because of his voluntary service to returning WWI Indian veterans, he was awarded the Kaisar-i-Hind medal by the British Government. D-1p.
  • Witherow, Lester Stuart., Class of 1914  Grade card sent to the parents of L.S. Witherow reporting his grades for his first semester junior year in 1912.  An explanation of the grading system is provided on the reverse side.  The card is signed by Clyde B. Stover, Registrar.  In addition to the grades, the card reports the number of excused and unexcused absences from class, church, and chapel.  After graduating from the College in 1914, Witherow taught school 1914-1917, served in the U.S. Army during 1917-1918, completed the program for the M.D. in 1923 at the University of Pennsylvania, and practiced medicine in Harrisburg, PA. D-1p.
  • Wareheim, John William, Class of 1950.  First semester junior year grade report for John William Wareheim, class of 1950, a check sheet prepared at the end of his junior year showing his academic progress toward graduation, and a schedule card for an unidentified semester.  After graduation, Wareheim served in the military after which he returned to his hometown of Hanover, Pennsylvania eventually serving as Secretary-Treasurer of Wareheim Enterprises.  D 3pp.      

Gettysburg College (Pennsylvania College) Tuition Bills and Payment Receipts.  Bills for tuition and fees or receipts of payment for student charges at Gettysburg College or in the Preparatory Department from varies periods in the College’s long history. VFM-439

  • Walker, Lewis 1842.  Receipt of payment from Thomas Walker for $18.25 tuition and $3.00 room rent for Lewis Walker, a student in the Preparatory Department of Pennsylvania College, October 31, 1842.  The receipt signed by Samuel H. Buehler, Treasurer of the College and A.D. Buehler. D-1p.
  •  Hill, John Lawrence, Jr. class of 1870.  Nine receipts of payment from John L. Hill for tuition for his son John Lawrence Hill, Jr., a student in the Preparatory Department and at Pennsylvania College.  Receipts range from October 10, 1865 through February 15, 1869.  All are signed by A.D. Buehler, Treasurer of the College. D-9pp.
  • Manges, Lewis Clarence, class of 1896.  Bill presented to Willis Manges for tuition, room rent and heat, and gymnasium fee, totaling $14.41, for the 3rd Session 1895-96 for his son Lewis Clarence Manges.  May 8, 1896 D 1p.
  • Beck, Raymond S. class of 1926. Bills for tuition and fees for Fall 1922 and Spring 1923. D-2pp.
  • Shirk, D. C. class of 1927. Payment receipts for tuition and fees 1922-1925 signed by H. C. Picking, Treasurer. D-6pgs.
  • Seifert, Elmer F. class of 1935. Statement of Gettysburg College tuition and fees for Elmer F. Seifert for the second semesters of 1931-1932 and 1933-1934. D-2pp.

Gilbert, D. Letter to Messrs Peters and Ruhl Com, Springfield, Ohio, regarding Gilbert's "Hon. Membership" in the Philosophian Society of Wittenburg College. 27 July 1846. ALS - 2 pp. Location: College History VFM-217

Gillispie, J.S. Professor at Pennsylvania College (Gettysburg College).Letter addressed to Professor Gillispie.Signed by 7 individuals 3 later fought in the Civil War. 23 June 1855. MS-2pgs.VFM-267.

Gittens, E. Letter to Brother Wieand with specific instructions regarding a meeting they have planned. 16 May 1872. AL-1pp. VFM-60.

Gladfelter, Millard E. Correspondences between Dr. Gladfelter and Charles Glatfelter regarding Glatfelter's book "Recollections" 21 Dec 1978. ALS-3 pp. VFM-61.

Glatfelter Hall - History Report, May 28, 1924 . Report of Glatfelter Hall written by Martha E. Epley, Class of 1926. AMsS-3pp. VFM-313  

Glatfelter Hall - Proposal for Renovations, February 26, 1929. Letter to President Henry W. A. Hanson dated February 26, 1929. Proposal for the renovations to Glatfelter hall from J.A. Dempwolf. Estimated cost sheet for alterations and additions to Glatfelter hall by John B. Hamme. TLS-8pp. VFM-303

Glunt, Arthur. Lyrics to the Gettysburg College Hymn, written by Glunt. 6 July 1948. MS-3pp. VFM-186.

Goethe. Program for the Goethe Centenary (Frankfurt, Germany 1932) and article clipped from book or magazine on Goethe (unknown source and date). 2 D. VFM-243. 

Goethe Album. Album with leather covers showing 2 scenes from the park in Weimar. A New Year gift to Caroline, Countess of Egloffstein, from Goethe. Album contains an inscription showing that he presented the gift 1 Jan 1828. Also includes two poems and a lock of Goethe's hair. MS-51pp. VFM-62.

Gotwald, George Daniel. Two books of English History notes, from Gotwald Class of 1882. MS-50pp. VFM-63.

Gotwald, Luther A. Jr. One rough draft, Df-11 pp., and a proposal of "A Self-Guided Walking Tour of Seminary Ridge" with corrections, October 1999. MS-16 pp. Location: Local History and Civil War Era. VFM-232

Graeff English Prize-Dorothy V. Harris.  Copy of the 1933 Graeff English Prize winning essay, “Italy’s Influence on the English Poets of the Nineteenth Century,” submitted by Dorothy V. Harris, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from the class of 1933.  The Graeff Prize was established in 1866 by John E. Graeff, a graduate from the class of 1843, former pastor and then a Philadelphia coal merchant.  MS 42pp. VFM-409

Graff, Dr. Charles H.  Two photographs of Charles H. Graff (1854-1889) and a 1913 letter sent by Mrs. Edgar Smith, presenting the photographs to the College.  Charles Graff entered the Preparatory Division in 1870 and graduated from the College with the class of 1876.  He was a member of the Philomathaean Society and the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity.  He studied medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and in Europe and established a medical practice in Duluth, Minnesota.  At his death in 1889, his father gave $25, 000 from his estate to the College to support the Professorship of Physical Culture and Hygiene.  The Graff Chair currently resides in the Biology Department.  (For more information about Charles Graff, see the 1993 Spectrum, pp 287-288.) 2P and ALS 2pp. VFM-404

Granville, Rachel. Typed essay "Reminiscences of the Campus of PA College from and after 1858." Also included are two letters between Rachel and President Paul. ALS-9pp. VFM-64.

Granville, W.A. President of Gettysburg College. Card pertaining to the proposition of changing the name of the college from Pennsylvania College to Gettysburg College. November 14, 1921.  Location: College Documents VFM-369

Gross, George Washington. Class of 1877. Autograph Book from 1877. VFM-275.

Gross, Harry H. Class of 1930.Photographs from Ohrdruf Concentration Camp at its liberation. Dated April 11-12, 1945. P-13. VFM 290.

Gymnasium - Record Book. Bound book containing gymnasium records from 1829-1851. MS-86+pp. VFM-65.

Hammarskjold, Dag. Telegram from Hammarskjold to Pres. Langsam in response to Langsam's message of congratulations regarding the 10th Anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter. Also includes a program from Hammarskjold's memorial service at Gettysburg College. 29 Sept 1961. D-3pp. VFM-66.

Handwritten Notes on Tennyson & Poetry. Notes on Tennyson Poetry and written poetry with a reference made to a Professor Beers. MS-176pgs. VFM 269.

Hangsterfer, Charles (Class of '40). "Fox Green, Easy Red: The Gettysburg Connection" Article and letters regarding Hangsterfer's WWII experiences. ca. 2002, 7 DS-36 pgs. VFM-263

Hanne, William G. Manuscript Copy of Book. "A snake in the road, things is not what they seem to be." 1996. Letter from editor. T.L.s. -1p. Location: Literature  VFM-349

Hanson, Dr. Henry W. A. Two 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg Medals, b/w photographs from the 70th Anniversary of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, and several letters regarding the Anniversary event; among other documents. (28 items). Location: College History and Local History VFM-233

Hanson, Henry. 2 documents: "Mrs. W. A. Hanson" namecard and letter from Helen Keller regarding the American Foundation for the Blind d. December 20, 1930. TLS-1 p. VFM-216

Harkey, Simeon. Three letters from Harkey 1831-1840 describing daily life at the Gettysburg Gymnasium, Seminary, and his parish in MD. ALS-6pp. VFM-67.

Hasty-Letter for Overworked College Students. Gag card containing some key phrases often used by students in letters home D-1p. VFM-376

Haupt, Anna Cecilia Keller. Transcription of Anna's Journal: 18 Dec 1842- 23 Dec 1843. From the Herman Haupt Papers MS 269 at Yale University Library. MS-52 pp. VFM-68.

Haupt, Herman. Letter accepting a position at PA College. ALS-1pp. VFM-69.

Hay, Charles Augustus. "Notes on Pastoral Theology." MS-32pp. VFM-70.

Hay, Charles. Letter to William Heilig from Hay, while at PA College. 16 March 1839. ALS-2pp. VFM-172.

Hay, George A. Letter from George Hay Kain to George A. Hay (marked as copy) 21 Oct. 1949 and a typed excerpt from George H. Kain to unknown person 17 Oct. 1949. Both letters discuss the Pennsylvania Medical College. VFM-264

Haynes, Donald C. 1942. Ration book holder with ration books for his family. Stamps still in a few books. Civilian Defense Uniform pamphlet. 1943 Income and Victory tax return. Order forms for high school Victory Corps Insignias. "The plan for distributing war rations: book one for individual consumers." Weekly News review, Washington D.C., January 18, 1943. "Tale of a City." Publication by a former Polish Army officer, an eyewitness to the early days of Occupation. "A Primer on Scrap." Publication from the Institute of Scrap Iron and Steel. 1941 Copy of "Our Bill of Rights! Suggested Program for School Observance." Published by the council against Intolerance in America. Manuscript of a Lecture given on January 1, 1942 by Donald C. Haynes , on the current World War, at Smithsburg High School.  Location: World War II  VFM-352

Henry, George C. Bound journals depicting student life at PA College 2 Sept 1874- 1 Sept 1875. Henry was Class of 1876. MS-60pp. VFM-71.

Herald of Freedom. Journal of the New Hampshire Anti-Slavery Society, this issue of Herald of Freedom, Vol 9, No 26, Friday, August 18, 1843 includes articles that reflect the journal’s published motto: “I enter into no compromise with Slavery.  I am for Justice, in the name of Humanity, and according to the Law of the Living God.”  The editor, Nathaniel P. Rogers was well known as a public speaker on issues of temperance, women’s rights and the abolition of slavery. MS 4 pp. Location: American History, Civil War Era, (Slavery/Abolition) VFM – 455 (oversize)

Hobor, Albert J. His collection of photographs from service during World War II donated by his son Michael J. Hobor, Class of 1969. Five photographs from a Nazi Concentration camp at the time of liberation. A photograph of Private Albert J. Hobor taken on April 12, 1944. Photo-Copy of Army Separation/Qualification Record and Honorable Discharge Record. Photo-Copy of restricted list from a U.S. Station Hospital from March 13, 1945. Photo-Copy of restricted notification of the Award of Purple Heart to Private Albert J. Hobor on December 7, 1944. Photo-Copy of Newspaper clipping from February 28, 1945 titled "Wounded Soldier in Army Hospital." Correspondence between Michael J. Hobor and Nancy Dewing, daughter of Albert J. Hobor dated November and December 2005. Copies of "Notes and Thoughts on the Massacre Photographs and Albert J. Hobor's Experience in World War II." Written by Michael J. Hobor on December 7, 2005, as well as notes on the collection by Michael J. Hobor. Photograph of Woolworth Strike. MS-24pp. VFM-284.

Hoch, Roy. 39 WWII b/w photographs, Guam, 1944 (copies). Hoch purchased the photos from a military photographer. Pictures include soldiers saluting the American flag, walking among the dead, and in position. There are a few gruesome close-ups of dead bodies. Location: World War II VFM-218

Hoehn, Richard A. Printing master of Now We See Through A Glass Darkly - But We See: The Papers of J.H.W. and Mary Stuckenberg. Pennsylvania: Gettysburg, 1987. MS - 125 pp. Location: College History VFM-220

Holbrook, Hal. Letters dated 16 Feb 1976 and 22 May 1975 declining invitations to speak at Gettysburg College. TLS-2pp. VFM-72.

Holmes, O.W. 1883. Handwritten letter to Mr. Ogdea from O.W.Holmes ca. 1883. ALS-1pp. VFM-238.

Hoover, David. Letter to J. W. Smith Esq., Attorney at Law. Hoover attended Pennsylvania College 1832-1837. Gettysburg, 7 June 1834. ALS - 2 pp. Location: College History VFM-219

Hoover, Herbert. Letters from Hoover dated 12 Dec 1931 and 14 April 1953. One to Pres. Hanson thanking him for the honorary degree from the college. TLS-2pp. VFM-74.

Hoover, J. Edgar. Letter on US Dept. of Justice letterhead to Mr. Barnitz, thanking him regarding his thoughtfulness in sending Hoover an article from the Gettysburg Times. 13Mar. 1968. TLS-1pp. VFM-75.

Hopkinson, Joseph. Letter from Hopkinson dated 14 October 1838. ALS-1pp. VFM-73.

House Rules. Office of the Dean of Women, ca. 1954. Official notice, presumably attached to a bulletin board. D-1pg. VFM-262

Howells, William Dean. Gracious letter from Howells to the Philomathean Society thanking them for their offer of membership. 30 Nov. 1915. ALS-1pp. VFM-76.

Hughes, Charles Evans, Sr. Postcard depicting Governor Charles Evans Hughes, Sr. of New York informally addressing the students of Gettysburg College on September 26, 1907. The postcard contains a photo of Governor Hughes with other dignitaries standing before the students outside of Glatfelter Hall on the college campus. The postcard also includes a significant quote from his remarks in which he urged the students to develop manly courage and heroic spirit for the work ahead, seeing service to state and honorable conduct of greater value than the amassing of riches or the attaining of individual distinction. The postcard was published by G.R. Haaf and addressed to Rev. Amos A. Parr, Lock Haven, PA. C 1-p. VFM - 372.

Hughes, Charles Evans, Sr.. Letter to Pres. Hefelbower thanking him for the opportunity to speak to the students of Gettysburg College. 22 Jan 1908. TLS-1pp. VFM-77.

Humphrey, Hubert H.: The Vice Presidency.  Material from Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey sent to high school student Ann Wheatley in 1967 for a senior year school report at Leeds High School, Birmingham, Alabama, including a letter ALS 1 p., photograph PS, biographical information D 1 p., and his reflections on the duties and responsibilities of the Vice President during the time that he served in the office. Ms 28 pp. Source: American History VFM - 491

Hunderdosse, William H.: Letter from Gettysburg, 1841.  Letter by student William H. Hunderdosse, written from Gettysburg, dated August 10, 1841, to his brother G. F. Hunderdosse, recently married in London, England.  In the letter, written in German, Hunderdosse provides some information about Pennsylvania (Gettysburg) College and the Lutheran Seminary in Gettysburg, and shares his dedication to his studies and plans for his future in service to the church. (copy with a translation) ALS 4 pp. Sources: College History, Lutheran Church VFM – 485

Indian Affairs – William Medill, Commissioner 1847. Circular sent to Martin Luther Stoever, class of 1838, as Principal of the Preparatory Department of Pennsylvania College from the War Department Office of Indian Affairs, July, 1847 soliciting persons who might be in a position to provide “material tending to illustrate the history, present condition, and future prospects of the Indian tribes of the United States.”  Signed: William Medill, Commissioner of Indian Affairs 1845-1850 ADS 1p. VFM–445

Indian Dictionary. Small, bound notebook containing Indian phrases and their English translation. MS-15pp. VFM-78.

Jacobs, Henry Eyster. ALS-3pp from Henry B. Jacobs containing his remembrances of Lincoln. Also, a manuscript from H.E. Jacobs. Some excerpts from the manuscript were published in Dr. Jacob's book, "Lincoln's Gettysburg World Message" in 1919. MS-39pp. VFM-79.

Jacobs, Michael. Professor of Chemistry. Book of Chemical Lectures. October 29, 1845 through January 15, 1846. Location: College History. VFM-344

Jacobs, Michael-Meteorological Observations. Microprint copies of meteorological observations recorded by Professor Michael Jacobs at Gettysburg, 1839-1852, from microfilm of the original housed at the National Weather Records Center in Ashville, N.C. D1. VFM-386

Japanese newspaper. From the 24th year of the Meiji period, ca. May 20, 1891. MS-6 pp. Location: VFM-234

Jefferson, Joseph. Letter to W.H. Daley describing the marriage of Joe and Blanche. 18 June 1891. ALS-1pp. VFM-80.

"Jesus Christ Superstar." 1971 production put on by Gettysburg College, directed by Lawrence R. Recla, Chaplain Intern. CD sound recording, advertisements, schedules, and several letters regarding the performance, among other documents, are included (copies). MS-46 pp. 33 colored and b/w photographs. Location: College History VFM-214

Johnson, Martin. Certificate of U.S. citizenship issued by the Superior Court of the City of New York. 20 Feb 1854. D-1pp. VFM-81.

Jones, Marion M. Freshman Date Book for the fall of 1946. A handbook for freshman girls. Describing the ins and outs of life at Gettysburg College. Payment Notice.  Location: College History. VFM-345

Junior Examination in Latin.  Pennsylvania College, May 12, 1888, 8-10 a.m.  Eight copies of an examination covering Juvenal's fifth and tenth satires, broken into four parts.  Questions ask to translate passages or write short answers pertaining to the two different works of literature.  D-8pp.  VFM-324.

Junior Exhibition.  Printed programs from the Junior Exhibitions held at Pennsylvania College at Gettysburg on a regular basis from 1851 through 1889 and leaflets from the Junior Oratorical Contests which replaced it in the early 1890s.  Beginning in 1851, all juniors were required to deliver public orations during these junior exhibition events.  The earlier programs occurred in April, but in 1857, the exhibition was moved into the Commencement schedule.  The programs in the collection list the student participants and the oration topics.  The topics ranged from historic events and personalities to issues of religion, politics, economics, literature, the arts, social concerns and in a few cases a philosophy of life.  With larger class enrollments, management of the requirement became difficult.  As a result, the exhibition was replaced with a voluntary Junior Oratorical Contest which lasted into the early years of the 20th Century.  The last leaflet in the collection is from the 1908 contest. D-104pp. VFM- 374

Junior Exhibition Invitation, Class of 1859.  Invitation for the Junior Exhibition for the Pennsylvania College Class of 1859, listing the students in the class and the orations to be given at Christ Church on the morning of September 15, 1858 during the two-day Commencement Exercises for the class of 1858.   The orations were required of students at the completion of the junior year. D 2 pp.  Location: College History.  VFM – 458

Keeny, Spurgeon M. Sr. Oral history manuscript. "The Reminiscences of Spurgeon M. Keeny Sr." Columbia University Oral History Research Office. 1982. Location: Literature. VFM-355

Keller, F.A. Muhlenburg. Book entitled "Swedish Lutherans" by Keller, Class of 1838. 2 Volumes. MS-2 vol. VFM-82.

Keller, F. A. Muhlenberg: Seminary Lecture Notes. Two books of notes taken by F. A. Muhlenberg Keller while at the Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, 1838-1840, for courses taught by S.S. Schmucker, founder and sole instructor at the Seminary.  The notes reflect the question and answer teaching style that was practiced at the time.  MSS #1 “Biblical History” 82 pp. MSS #2 “Church Government & Discipline” 24 pp. “Hermeneutics or Interpretation” 5 pp. Source: Lutheran Church VFM – 486

Kennan, George. Letter to Basil L. Craptser, Institute for Advanced Study. 1 May 1964. TLS-1pg. VFM-254

Kennedy, John Fitzgerald. Note of thanks from Mrs. Kennedy for letters of condolence on the passing of her husband. MS-2pp. VFM-83.

Kieran, John. Letter from Kieran of the NY Sun, to Mr. Cooper, regarding a previous inquiry by Cooper. 24 April 1944. TLS-1pp. VFM-84.

Kirby, Rollin. Letter from Kirby of the NY World to T.Y. Cooper regarding "York, PA" cartoon that had been published in The World. 18 Jan. 1929. TLS-1pp. VFM-85.

Kissinger, Henry A. Letter from Kissinger to Pres. Hanson declining an invitation to come to campus to receive an honorary Doctor of law degree. TLS-1pp. VFM-86.

Kittredge, George Lyman. Kittredge, an illustrious Shakespeare scholar, sent a letter to Cooper referencing Macbeth and Matthew. ALS-1pp. VFM-87.

Kleine Catechismus. Bound book ca. 1529, handwritten in German. MS-40+ pp.

Klinefelter, Frederick – Class of 1862.  Copies of pages from the autograph book for Frederick Klinefelter, Pennsylvania College class of 1862.  At the time, it was the custom for graduating students to collect messages of good will from fellow students and from their instructors.  The pages contain messages from H.L. Baugher, President of the College, professors F.A. Muhlenberg, M. Jacobs, M.L. Stoever, and tutor M.H. Richards, thirteen class members, and a signature mark of Jack Hopkins, the College’s black custodian.  After graduation, Klinefelter entered the Gettysburg Lutheran Theological Seminary, served as captain of Company A, 26th Regiment Pennsylvania Emergency Militia at the time of the Confederate invasion of Pennsylvania in 1863, became a Lutheran minister serving four parishes in Pennsylvania, and served a three-year term as President of the Western Pennsylvania Synod of the Lutheran Church.  ADS 20 pp. Location: College History, Lutheran Church. VFM – 451

Knickerbocker, William S. Letter to Schmucker Duncan regarding an order of the Swanee Review. 23 Feb 1928. TLS- 1pp. VFM-89.

Koons, Rev. Robert W. Several Chapel Talks, including a Memorial Message in memory of John F. Kennedy. 5 MS items. Location: College History and American History VFM-221

Kramer, Frank H. Letter to President Willard S. Paul October 25, 1956 from Frank H. Kramer regarding a photograph given to the college by Mrs. Luther Sachs, the mother of some former students. Letter to Mrs. Sachs from President Paul regarding same letter. TLS-2pp.  VFM-304

Krauth, John M., Class of 1864.  Autograph book belonging to John M. Krauth (1846-1890), class of 1864, local attorney and postmaster, and member of the Pennsylvania College Board of Trustees, 1879-1890.  The book contains two affectionate messages from his father, C.P. Krauth, first president of Pennsylvania College, 1834-1850; messages from his mother Harriet, and sister Sallie; and other expressions of friendship and loyalty from classmates and friends, written during his time as a student at the College. Jour 30-pp. inscribed. VFM–432 

Ku Klux Klan. Advertisement to the KKK's flag presentation in Camp Hill. 26 Feb 1928. MS- 1pp. VFM-187.

Kuhl, Conrad. Letter in German to Gesellschaft from Kuhl, Gesellschaft was at PA College at the time. 31 March 1847. ALS-1pp. VFM-90.

Lansing, Robert. Letter to the Honorable Harry H. Pratt regarding the passing of a new Act in Congress. 18 Dec 1917. TLS-2pp. VFM-91.

Latin Enrollment. Handwritten documents showing the Latin enrollments at PA College: 1851-1906. D-46pp. VFM-92.

“Latin Helps”: Manual by Charles H. Huber for Gettysburg Academy. Manual titled “Latin Helps” prepared by Charles H. Huber, Principal of the Gettysburg Academy and instructor in Latin D 11 pp. Sources: College History, College Documents, and Literature  VFM – 484

Letter to American Troops. Signed by King George V of England. April 1918, Windsor Castle.  A.L.s.  Location: World War I  VFM-358

Lewars, Elsie S. Postcard from Mrs. Lewars, Gettysburg, PA to Mr. Luther Grossman discussing her new book. ALS-1pp. VFM-188.

Lewis, George. Receipt for fees paid to General Court. 1820. D-1pp. VFM-189.

Lewis, Sinclair. Two friendly letters from Lewis. One to Mr. Cross and one to Mr. Holt. 16 Jan 1929 and 5 May 192?. ALS-2pp. VFM-93.

Life (magazine), First Issue. 23 November 1936. MS-96pp. VFM-207.

"Life of Farmers in South Central Pennsylvania During World War II" Paper by David Worley for History 421. April 30, 2004. DS-43pgs. VFM-261

Lincoln, Robert Todd, Secretary of War.  Letter signed by Robert Todd Lincoln, Secretary of War, 1881-1885, to E.I. Brennen and Chas. Reinewald, students at Pennsylvania College from the class of 1885, authorizing the purchase of a flag from the Quartermaster’s Department to be used at Pennsylvania College at Gettysburg “in consideration of the history of said college in connection with the Battle of Gettysburg.”  LS 3pp. inc. a War Department envelope.   Location: College History.    VFM – 468

Lind, Jenny. Ticket and program from Mademoiselle Jenny Lind's first grand concert. 9 June 1851. D-2pp. VFM-94.

Locke, W. L. Letter to Miss Thompson from Camp Colt, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, ALS-3 pp. Location: World War I VFM-222

Loose, Dr. John. Copy of his April 16, 1969 Address titled "Student Power: A Point of View." MS-4pgs. VFM 276.

Lowden, Frank Orren. Short letter to Miss Rhea Stamm, acknowledging her note. 5 May 1928. TLS-1pp. VFM-95.

Lutz, John. Original and transcription of Lutz's diary from 1 Jan 1858 to 31 Dec 1858. AMs-180+ pp. VFM-96.

Macfarlane, James. Original and transcription of letter from Macfarlane describing the provenance of the book, The American First Class Book or, Exercises in Reading and Recitation; Selected Principally from Modern Authors of Great Britain and America; and Designed for the Use of the Highest Class in Public and Private Schools by John Pierpont. (See rare book PE1120 .P4 1829). Book belonged to his father James Macfarlane, Pennsylvania College, Class of 1837. MS-2pp. VFM-292 

Majestic Theater. Two 1935 Majestic Theater movie programs advertising “Captain Blood” with Errol Flynn and Olivia DeHavilland and a series of movies in December including “In Old Kentucky” with Will Rogers, “In Person” with Ginger Rogers and George Brent, and “So Red the Rose” with Margaret Sullavan, Walter Connolly, Randolph Scott and Elizabeth Patterson.  D 8pp. VFM-403

Mansfield, Mike; Earl Warren, and John W. McCormack. December 12, 1963. Eulogies to the Late President Delivered in the Rotunda of the United States Capital, November 24, 1963. Printed pamphlet of three poems and eulogies given by Senate Majority Leader, Mike Mansfield; Chief Justice, Earl Warren; and Speaker of the House, John W. McCormack in remembrance of John F. Kennedy. MS-6pp. VFM-282.

Marius, Richard. History Professor 1962- 1964. Personal Correspondences. 1960 -1962.  Location: College History  VFM-356

Marks, Bertha Prescott. Letter found in A History of the 8th Regiment, New Hampshire Volunteers VFM-418

Marshall, Anne.  Class of 1957.  Three parent's copies of Gettysburg College Grade Reports from January 29, 1954 and January 30, 1955.  Two Letters to parents dating September 14, 1953 and September 15.  One Eastern High School graduation card from parents dating June 1953.  One membership card and one invitation to join Beta Beta Beta dating March 31, 1955.  One certificate of participation in the Alpha Xi Delta building corporation dated December 9, 1957.  11pp.  VFM-323.

Marshall, John K. Report Card. 1875 Report card for John K. Marshall, Class of 1876. DS. 1p VFM-297 

Martin, Theodore. Letter to Lady Jane Francesca Wilde, Oscar Wilde's mother, from Mr. Martin. 10 April 1890. ALS-1pp. VFM-100.

Martz, George J. Four letters to Mr. Martz, two of which were sent to him at PA College. ALS-8pp. VFM-101.

Matriculation Book. "I solemnly promise on my truth and honor to observe and obey all the laws, rules, and regulations of PA College..." 1845-1874. Signed 1332 names. DS-75pp. VFM-102.

McCreary Gymnasium Association. Constitution of the Association founded 16 Oct 1872. Includes By-Laws, Constitution, and Amendments. DS-20+ pp. VFM-97.

McKnight, Harvey Stewart. Note to student and lyrics from the Republican State Committee. ANS-2pp. VFM-190.

McKnight, Harvey Stewart.  Typed manuscript of Harvey S. McKnight’s recollections of his life.  McKnight (1864-1949) was the nephew of Harvey Washington McKnight, 4th President of Pennsylvania College, 1884-1904.  He attended Pennsylvania College for one year, 1886-1887.  Topics of particular interest include: McKnight family history and ancestry; Shenandoah Valley history; life and public education in rural Franklin County, PA, 1885-1886; Pennsylvania College student life, 1886-1887; Columbian University Law School, D.C., 1890s (later George Washington University); career in real estate in Queens and Kings Counties, N.Y., 1890s-1910s, and early 20th century Nassau County, N.Y. politics.  MS-58pp. VFM–434

McKinley, William.  President of the United States.  Program from the Memorial Service to President McKinley in Gettysburg, September 19, 2001 MS-3pp. VFM-370  [For more information: See Gettysburgian Vol. VI No. 16 Sept 25, 1901]

McMillan, George Washington.  Two letters to George Washington McMillan, Pennsylvania College class of 1842.  The first dated July 30, 1841 is from Edward Breidenbaugh, also from the class of 1842 and father of Edward S. Breidenbaugh who will later become Professor of Chemistry at Gettysburg College.  In the letter, Breidenbaugh tries to figure out a way to circumvent the rules requiring students to live in the college edifice because he preferred to live in town.  ALS 4 pp. The second letter, dated March 1, 1842 is from George S. Fouke, a member of the same class who left in his senior year, apparently for financial reasons, to teach school and to study to become a dentist.  This letter is more general in focus, renewing a friendship and acknowledging financial obligations to people at Gettysburg that he expects to discharge by the end of the summer. ALS 3 pp. VFM-390

McPherson, Abigail. First page of "Floras Dictionary." MS-1pp. VFM-99.

McPherson, Edward. Notes taken from lectures on chemistry by Prof. McPherson, beginning on 24 Oct 1846. MS-250+ pp. VFM-98.

Medical School. Correspondences between PA College professors and medical school students. ALS-52 pp. VFM-103.

Mehring, Daniel E.L. Copy of a letter from Mehring to his parents dates 20 July 1852. Mehring, class of 1856, drowned in June 1856 just weeks before receiving his degree. MS-4pp.

Meily, Robert P.: World War I Memoir.  A typed memoir by Robert P. Meily relating his personal experiences during World War I beginning with his induction into the army as a basic recruit at Fort Niagara on May 12, 1917 through his discharge as a 1st Lieutenant in July 1919 (copy) MS 115 pp. – Photograph of 1st Lt Robert P. Meily, Brigade Adjutant, dated October 1, 1918 (copy) Source: World War I VFM – 495

Menges, Franklin Papers, Class of 1886: The Baugher – McKnight Religious Instruction Controversy at Pennsylvania College. While employed at Pennsylvania College as an Assistant in Chemistry, Franklin Menges because involved in a controversy between Professor H. Louis Baugher and President Harvey McKnight and the Board of Trustees regarding religious instruction at the college.  The collection contains some documents specific to Menges; including two student grade reports (original) 4 pp., six transcribed (undated) recommendations for Dr. Menges (copies) 3 pp., a list of his published works (copy) 2 pp., and a short biographical sketch from the ATO Palm published in 1955 (copy) 1 p.  The collection also contains copies of other documents regarding the Baugher-McKnight controversy; including an April 23, 1892 letter send to members of the faculty announcing the establishment of a new Chair of English Bible and chaplaincy and putting some restrictions on other faculty regarding religious instruction at the college (copy) 1 p., a letter dated May 10, 1892, supposedly from an anonymous student, about the controversy and in support of Professor Baugher’s position (copy) 3 pp., clippings from the 1896 Baltimore American reporting on the controversy and Baugher’s dismissal from the faculty (original and copies) 4 pp., and an address given by Professor Baugher in his defense before the West Pennsylvania Synod on October 10, 1896 (copy) 1 p.  Franklin Menges’ services had also been terminated in 1896 by the Board of Trustees.  Source: College History VFM-489

Miller, Victor. Class of 1858. Transcript of Miller's Journal dealing in part with his experiences at Pennsylvania (Gettysburg) College. Ms-16pp. VFM 312 

The Minority Experience at Gettysburg College: The Hanson Years.  Research paper regarding the experience of minority students at Gettysburg College during the presidency of Carl Arnold Hanson (1961-1977) written by Josh Poorman and Johnny Nelson for Hist 300: Historical Methods during the 2011 spring semester.  MS 21pp. [Available electronically on the Special Collection S-Drive at Finding Aid/Indices/VFMs/VFM/ Minority Experience-Student Paper Spring 2011]

“Mr. Lincoln Goes to Gettysburg.”  Newsprint program of “Mr. Lincoln Goes to Gettysburg” with Ray Middleton and the citizens of Gettysburg held October 18, 1952 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Western Maryland Railway Company.  The program lists the organizers and the large cast of characters. D-1p. Location: Oversize, VFM–428Video of the event available in Special Collections, Musselman Library, Gettysburg College.

Mock, Alfred J. Chief Information Officer in Vietnam and Stephen Warner's (Gettysburg College, Class of 1968) superior officer. Biographical sketch of Colonel Mock. TD- 4pp. Letters to Mock from Mrs. Esther Warner and Martin Gershen. n.d. TLS- 3pp. Letter from Mock to Special Collections Librarian David Hedrick. 21 Jan 1994. ALS-2pp. Photographs. n.d. VFM-209.

Montgomery, Bernard L. Letter from Mr. Bernard Law Montgomery First Viscount Montgomery of Al 'Alamayn. 15 May 1936. MS-3pgs. VFM 270.

Montgomery, Robert, American Consul in Spain, 1803-1808.  Six letters from Robert Montgomery, the American Consul in Alicante, Spain, to Tobias Lear, American Consul in Algiers.  The letters give Lear details of growing Anglo-French tensions, French privateering against American shipping, and the early stages of the Peninsular War in Spain, and offers to assist in paying ransom for American prisoners in Tripoli.  ALS 12 pp. Location: American History.  VFM – 467

Musselman Family. Photocopies of articles regarding Musselman family, the Musselman farming business, and company president John Hauser. Also includes Fall 1985 issue of the Gettysburg Hospital Quarterly and Down Memory Lane with Members of the Adams County Fruit Growers Association, vol. II. 25 pgs. VFM-244.

Musselman Lecture Series. Programs for 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1989, and 1991 lectures. 3 copies of each year, 24 D-24 pages total. VFM-245.

Musselman Library, “Thanks for Helping to Move the Library.”  A card issued to student volunteers during the move of the books from the old to the new library as an admission ticket to a thank you concert by NRBQ & Aztec Two Step held on April 22, 1981 in the CUB Ballroom at Gettysburg College,  This card was given to the College during the 30th anniversary celebration of Musselman Library. VFM-402

Musselman Press. Issue #1, November 1984 (2 copies), The Musselman Processor, Winter 1957, and The Musselman Processor, Fall 1965. VFM-246.

Musselman Stadium Dedication. Newspaper articles, press releases, and articles regarding the stadium. Also includes notes, correspondence, and plans by Gettysburg College officials, as well as two tickets for a Sept. 25, 1965 Bucknell V. Gettysburg football game. VFM-247.

Mussolini, Benito Photograph.  Vintage b/w photograph of Benito Mussolini as he lays on display in Milan, Italy shortly after he had been executed by Italian partisans in late April 1945.  Photographer unknown.  P  Location: World War II.  VFM – 464

Myers, W.H. Class of 1959. Report Card. MS-1pg. VFM 278.

Nazi Photographs. Collection of photographs with captions on the back in German, photographs are numbered and translated. P-35. VFM 291.

New Prussian Map. Prognostication of what the U.S. map would be if Germany had won the war. Ills. Location: American History, World War I. VFM – 422.  

Newman, Arnold – Battlefield Photographs.  Five b/w copies of battlefield photographs taken by Arnold Newman (1918-2006), freelance photographer for Fortune, Life and Newsweek, with union soldiers in poses just like the photos taken by Mathew Brady.  The photographs were taken on the Gettysburg Battlefield and at Pennsylvania Hall on the campus of Gettysburg College, October 1952.  One of the individuals photographed was William Raymond Siegart, a 1953 graduate of the College.  At least two others were instructors in the College’s ROTC program.  All are identified in the accompanying donor letter.  VFM–427

Niiro, Yukiko-Mamie Eisenhower and Mrs. Dick Thornburgh.  Letters to Yukiko Niiro, instructor at Gettysburg College, from Mamie Eisenhower, 8 February 1978 ALS 1p. and from Mrs. Dick Thornburgh, 21 February 1980 TLS 1 p. VFM-385

Nixon, Richard M: Inauguration Papers.  Souvenir invitation to the 1973 presidential inauguration of President Richard Milhous Nixon. Envelope addressed to Dr. C. A. Hanson of Gettysburg College. Order form for the official inaugural medal. MS-3pp. VFM-293 

Nixon, Richard Milhous, 1973 Inauguration, Invitation.  Official invitation to the 1973 inaugural ceremony for President Richard Nixon and Vice President Spiro Agnew issued to Dr. Fred Binder, President of Whittier College with envelope, program for the reception for the Vice President at the Smithsonian Institution Museum of History and Technology, information flyer about the Inaugural Parade, and other ephemera.  D 11 pp.  Subject: American History Sources, U.S. Government 1970s, Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew.  VFM-477

Normandy Invasion Broadside.  Warning leaflet dropped on French villages in the vicinity of the D-Day landings thirty minutes before scheduled bombing raids.  A rough translation of the message is:

From the Supreme Command of the Allied Expeditionary Force to the inhabitants of this town

So that the common enemy is defeated, the Allied air force will attack all transport hubs and all the ways and means of communications vital to the enemy.  If you are reading this leaflet you are in or near a center essential to the enemy for the movement of troops and their equipment.  The vital objective you are near to is going to be incessantly attacked.  You should quickly leave with your family, for a few days, the danger zone where you are.  Do not clutter the roads.  Spread out into the countryside, as far as possible.  LEAVE THE AREA! YOU DO NOT HAVE A MINUTE TO LOSE! (original)  D 2 pp.  Source: World War II VFM – 493

Norton, Charles Eliot. Christmas card dating 1903. C(signed)-1pp. VFM-105.

Oates, Stephan B. Manuscript of Stephan B. Oates's Refutation of Accusations of Plagiarism. 1990.  Location: Local History  VFM-363

Office of the Union Canal Company of Pennsylvania. 36cm x 54cm broadside titled "Report, Relative to the Enlargement of the Union Canal", and minuets of Meeting of the President and Managers of the Union Canal Company of Pennsylvania. 26 May 1922. 2 D. VFM-253 (oversize)

"On The Trail of Moän, or Nick Carter Meets With a Great Surprise." New Nick Carter Weekly 627 (New York: Street & Smith, January 2, 1909). MS-32 pp. Location: American History VFM-223

O'Neal, Ellen Wert. Letter from Ellie to her husband, a physician, around the time of the Battle of Sharpsburg. ALS-3pp. VFM-106.

O'Neal, John Willy Crapster. Letters to his parents from Taneytown, MD. 25 Jan 1841. ALS-1pp. VFM-107.

Orr, Timothy J.  Copy of a book-length manuscript, "Last to Leave the Field" The Life and Letters of First Sergeant Ambrose Henry Hayward, Company D, 28th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry by Timothy J. Orr Gettysburg College class of 2001 based on material found in the Special Collection, Musselman Library manuscript collection MS-009 Ambrose Henry Hayward Papers MS 256 pp. VFM-398

Over the Tea Cups.  Printed program announcing the Over the Tea Cups meeting schedule for 1924-1925, marking the Twenty-five anniversary of the founding of this social organization for women in the Gettysburg community.  According to the program, meetings were scheduled in members’ homes, approximately every two weeks from October to very early June.  Each meeting announcement lists a program presenter and a time for sharing quotations and discussing current events. The printed program includes a list of the officers, active members and honorary members.  The collection also includes a photograph taken at an Over the Tea Cups meeting from the early 20th Century at the home of Miss Virginia McCurdy. D 12 pp.  P 1p. Location: Local History  VFM -- 466

Papashaviley, Helen. Two letters between Helen and Mr. Thomas Cooper regarding a book of the Moby Dick Bookshop. ALS, TLS-2pp. VFM-109.

Paper Money- United States. $5 Bill of 1907 with picture of a family in the wilderness. $1 bill of 1923, $2 bill of 1776, entitling the bearer to 9 shillings sterling, Annapolis, MD. D-3pieces. VFM-110.

"Paris Libere." 20 small b/w pictures of France during WWII w/ numbered descriptions. Location: World War II VFM-225

Parker, Horace Shepard. "Address on Gettysburg" includes some good descriptions of the battle, a speech by F.H. Shepard. 19 Aug. 1913. MS-14pp. VFM-191.

Parnin, Doris M. Four letters of correspondence between Ms. Parnin and Princeton University seeking an autograph of F. Scott Fitzgerald. ALS-5pp. VFM-111.

Parr, Amos A. Pennsylvania College.  Grade reports. 25 Mar 1884 - 30 June 1887. DS-88pp. VFM-33

Pearl Harbor Attack: A Letter Dated December 8, 1941 from Honolulu, Hawaii. Copy of a letter written by “Abel” to a recipient name “Fern” dated December 8, 1941 from Honolulu, Hawaii.  The writer gives his eye-witness account of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the American response to the attack, a preliminary assessment of casualties, and his plans to enlist in the Navy Air Service.  ALS 3 pp. Source: World War II VFM – 490

Pennell, Edred J. The Atlas Science Tablet for Written Work in Trigonometry, used by Pennell in class at Gettysburg College in 1909 with "Pop" Nixon. MS-140pp. VFM-112.

Pennsylvania College.  Engraving of Pennsylvania College at Gettysburg taken from Historical Collections of the State of Pennsylvania (page 59) by Sherman Day, first published in 1843.  LC Call#F149.D27. Ills-1p. VFM–429

Pennsylvania College Aid Association. Constitution, Roll, Minutes, and Treasury statements from the association, bound in one book. 1905-1924. AMs-152pp. VFM-113.

Pennsylvania College – Daily National Intelligencer.  Issue of the Daily National Intelligencer, Vol. XXII, November 17, 1834, containing an announcement about Pennsylvania College, its location, academic calendar, tuition and fees and listing the faculty and subject areas offered.  At that point in time, Pennsylvania College was in its second year of operation.  The Daily National Intelligencer was published in Washington D.C. by Gales & Seaton from 1810 – 1867.   MS-2pp. VFM-436 (oversize)

Pennsylvania Hall.  Draft of a proposal to request the U.S. Government to place a suitable marker on Pennsylvania Hall at Gettysburg College in recognition of its use as a signal station and hospital during the Battle of Gettysburg.  The draft is undated.  Df-1p. VFM–435  Note: a marker that mostly follows the inscription suggested in the proposal is attached to the south portico stairs of the building.

Pennsylvania Hall, Gettysburg College: Certificate National Register of Historic Places.  Certificate issued by the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission certifying that Pennsylvania Hall, Gettysburg College has been entered in the National Register of Historic Places on March 16, 1972 by the United States Department of the Interior upon nomination by William J. Weaver, the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Officer, under provision of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966.  TDS 1 p. The National Register is the official list of the Nation’s cultural resources and includes properties significant in American History, Architecture and Culture.  Properties listed thereon deserve to be preserved by their owners as a part of the cultural heritage of the United States.  Sources: College History VFM – 481

Pennsylvania Hall Rededication. Minutes and activities of the Planning Committee for the rededication of Pennsylvania Hall on October 24, 1970 after a major construction project to restore the building to be used as an administrative center for Gettysburg College; 69pp. VFM-379 [For more information see: MS - 119 Glatfelter Collection of Pennsylvania Hall Research]

Permanent Scholarships. Eight permanent scholarships to students presented by PA College 1853-1861. Also four receipts for people who purchased scholarships in the school. DS-12pp. VFM-114.

Perry, Ralph Barton. Letter from Perry to Edred J. Pennell of Mifflintown, PA. 21 May 1945. TLS-1pp. VFM-115.

Pershing, John Joseph. Letter from Pershing to Mr. Harry Dravo Parking, of LA California, concerning a photograph sent to him. 20 Nov. 1926. TLS-1pp. VFM-116.

Petrus, Steve, Class of 1995, Reflections on 9/11.  Letter from Steve Petrus, class of 1995, to Professor Michael Birkner dated  9/15/2001 in which he reflects on his experiences being in New York during the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center Complex on  9/11.  ALS 2 pp.  Location: American History. VFM – 463

Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. Constitution (1878 revision of 1848 original) ca. 1878. MS-32pgs. VFM-108

Phillips, Harry Irving. Letter from Phillips to Thomas Y. Cooper, thanking him for a letter to be published in the NY Sun. 11 June 1942. TLS-1pp. VFM-117.

Philomathaean and Phrenakosmian Societies Anniversary Celebrations and Literary Contests. Leaflets listing the speakers and music for the 11th (1842), 13th (1844), and 14th (1845) Anniversary Celebration of the Philomathaean Society; for the 10th (1841), 11th (1842), and 13th (1844) Anniversary Celebration of the Phrenakosmian Society; and for three Literary Contests between the two societies (1843 and two not dated).  Literary societies played an important role in 19th Century college life at Pennsylvania College at Gettysburg.  D-9pp. VFM - 375. [For more information about the societies and more examples of celebration and contest programs see MS - 006 Papers of the Philomathaean and Phrenakosmian Societies.  To review the leaflet for the 18th anniversary celebration of the Philomathaean Society see VFM-366].

Philomathaen Society. 18th Anniversary celebration leaflet. Order of exercises for February 14, 1849. Lists speakers and music. Photo copy of the inserts. Inserts list the catalogue of the officers and students in Pennsylvania College (Gettysburg College).  Location: College Documents VFM-366

Pickering, Anne.  Eight 7 inch double discs from the World War I era.  Three postcards from World War I.  Four Index of Records cards.  VFM-342.

"Planks From the Suffrage Platform." 12" x 8.25" broadside. Raleigh, NC: Printed by Capital Printing Co., ca.1920. D-1pg. VFM-255

Postcards, WWII. Souvenir postcards from the Ryuku Islands and the "Old Battlefield of Okinawa."  Location: World War II  VFM-361

Pro-Arab, Anti-Israel Publications.  Three publications distributed by World-Truth, Box 44, Jerusalem, Jordon, including “World-Truth” with an article by Antoine Francis Albina, a Christian Palestine Arab, quotes from Dr. Arnold Toynbee, and photos of Israeli atrocities (1964); “Tears That Cry to Heaven,” a reprint of an article by Father Ralph Gorman, C.P. from The Sign, National Catholic Magazine (April, 1957); “Justice and Time Are on the Side of the Arabs,” an open letter by Commander Elmo H. Hutchinson, U.S. Naval Reserve.  MS 9pp. Little is known about the World-Truth organization or its programs.  VFM-411

Procter, Charles A. Correspondence between Charles and his family, 1852. A.L.s.  Location: College History  VFM-364

Project Gettysburg/Leon (PGL).  A history of Project Gettysburg/Leon, a partnership between the borough of Gettysburg, Gettysburg College, and communities in and around the city of Leon, Nicaragua, to promote friendship, education, and cultural exchanges between the two communities.  Authored by David Crowner, emeriti professor of German at Gettysburg College, the history highlights the type of programs sponsored by the project in art, preschool education, agricultural extension and sustainable community development.  MS 44 pp. Location: Art, College History, Local History. VFM – 454

Questions on Infantry Drill Regulations. 1911 "Questions on Infantry Drill Regulations" used by Harold Snyder when he attended the Student Army Training Corps at Gettysburg College in the fall of 1918. The program began in August of 1918 and the men were discharged in mid-December. TMsS-106pp. VFM-295 

Radebaugh, John M. Class of 1844. An introductory letter written to Pennsylvania College in June of 1839. Transcription and letter. MS-6pgs. VFM 273.

Radio Club. Constitution, Members, By-laws, minutes, financial accounts, and dues recorded for the Radio Club of Gettysburg College. 1925-1928. MS-300pp. VFM-119.

Reagan, Ronald. Letter to Gettysburg College and Fred F. Fielding Letter. Letters from Ronald Reagan and Fred F. Fielding (counsel to the president) to Gettysburg College in honor of its 150th birthday celebration. TLS-2pp. VFM-301.

Record of Absences from Prayers. Three books containing alphabetical listings of students and their required morning prayers at Gettysburg College. 1854-1862. 1865-1874. 1877-1886. MS-428pp. VFM-120.

The Red Man and Helper, Newspaper from Indian Industrial School, Carlisle, PA.  Two issues of The Red Man and Helper, newspaper printed every Friday by apprentices at the Indian Industrial School, Carlisle, PA.  (1) A single issue published on April 11, 1902 contains among other things an article, WASHINGTON’S RULES OF BEHAVIOR, reported to have been written by Washington when he was thirteen years old.  (2) A double issue published in the summer of 1904 commemorates the retirement of General R.H. Pratt, the founder of the School and leading proponent of assimilation as the best path for the American Indian.  Included in this issue are Pratt’s retirement statement, a letter that he wrote to President Theodore Roosevelt, October 11, 1901, on Indian policy, and commendations from his admirers, acquaintances and friends.  MS 12pp.  Subject: American History Sources, Pennsylvania Sources, Native Americans, Indian Industrial School, General R.H. Pratt.  VFM–474 (oversize)

"Reject the Susan B. Anthony Amendment." 12.25 x 8.25 broadside. Raleigh, NC: Printed by the Edwards & Broughton Printing Co, ca. 1920. D-1pg. VFM-256

Repair Committee. Documents and reports attesting to repairs made to college buildings and estimates for costs of future improvements. AMs-6pp. VFM-121.

Revue De La Mode Gazette De La Famille, 545. Hand colored fashion engraving of clothing for young girls from Revue De La Mode Gazette De La Famille, published in Paris, France, November 11, 1882. Ills. Location: Art. VFM–421

Rice, Ward B. S. Grade report from the Preparatory Department, Pennsylvania College, 3 June 1903. Grade report from Pennsylvania College, 18 December 1903. Ward B. S. Rice graduated in the Class of 1907. D-3pp. VFM-315.

Riley, James Witcomb. Letter from Mr. Riley to Mr. Max Floto of the Philomathean Literary Society of PA College. 6 Nov. 1915. TLS-2pp. VFM-122.

Rinehart, Jacob – Album of Remembrance, Class of 1855.  Jacob Rinehart’s Album of Remembrances contains sixty-two names, including all but one member of his Class of 1855.  The entries also include his professors and tutors, students from other classes, his Lutheran pastor, and members of his family.  One of the family members, Rufus B. Weaver, probably a cousin and, at the time, a student in the Preparatory Department of the college, later in 1871-73 supervised the removal of the Confederate dead from the Gettysburg battlefield to southern cemeteries.  At least eight of the signees served in the Union Army and two for the Confederacy.  One of those, Thomas J. Bond, signed the book in 1857 at the Pennsylvania College Medical Department in Philadelphia and gave his address as Choctaw Nation.

After graduation from the college, Jacob Rinehart enrolled at the Medical Department of Pennsylvania College where he graduated with a medical degree in 1858.  He practiced medicine in Fairfield, PA and then for most of his career in Frizellburg, MD.  He served two terms in the Maryland House of Delegates and two terms as Judge of the Orphans Court, among other civic responsibilities. He died in 1903. ADS 66 pp. Location: College History VFM-449

Rios, Marjorie.  Class of 1963.  13 letters, 13 envelopes, one postcard, and one music program sent to her parents during her sophomore year at Gettysburg College dating from September 17, 1960 to May 17, 1961.  The letter written on April 17, 1961 mentions the arrival of Eisenhower at Gettysburg.  ALS-17pp.  VFM-322.

Rockefeller, Nelson A. Letter from Gov. Rockefeller to Mrs. Pennell accompanying his book, "The Future of Federalism." 19 July 1962. TLS-3pp. VFM-123.

Rollin, Kirby. Reproductions of cartoons from the New York World in early 1918. 10pgs. VFM-239

Rood, Kathrine Kressmann Taylor. Playwright, author, and Gettysburg College professor (students included Jerry Spinelli). Photocopy of newspaper article and webpage printout of articles about Address Unknown. Also includes correspondence and contracts between Musselman Library staff and the family of Taylor. VFM-248.

Roosevelt, Theodore, Pres. Letter from Roosevelt to Mr. Rodgers, declining an invitation. 21 April 1901. ALS-1pp. VFM-124.

Rosenberger, Homer T. Correspondence between Rosenberger and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Included is a signed photograph of Mrs. Roosevelt and the original letter she sent Mr. Rosenberger. PS. T.L.s. 1848.  Location: American History  VFM-368

Saltzer, Bertram H. Letter from William E. Zabel, Treasurer of Zabel Brothers Co., Music Printers (November 3, 1925) providing a quote for the printing of a musical score for music composed by Bertram H. Saltzer, professor of engineering and director of the Gettysburg College band and orchestra 1925-1940.  At the time, the music program at the college was under the direction of the Gettysburg College Musical Association, a faculty authorized committee made up of Bertram H. Saltzer, Jerome C. Jackson, professor of education and philosophy who directed the glee club and Robert Fortenbaugh, professor of history who took care of the finances. The specific piece referred to in the letter could have been "The Spirit of Gettysburg" composed from a song written by Robert Fortenbaugh, the "Gettysburg Battle Song", or a march completed in early 1926.  The letter contains a hand-written note expressing Professor Seltzer's intention to submit his manuscript for publication.  TLS-1p. VFM-377

Sanders, Charles F. Professor of Philosophy. Gettysburg College Orientation Syllabus for 1935-1936. Extensive list of topics from reading to philosophical discussions. MS-55pp. VFM-286.

Scheible, Karen to President Janet Morgan Riggs.  Letter accompanying gift of book Going Home to Glory: a Memoir of Life with Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961-1969. by David Eisenhower (See MUSCAT E836 .E383 2010)  AN 1p. VFM-381

Schillers-Gesellschaft. Constitution of Schillers-Gesellschaft written in German. 18 Dec 1848. ADS-6pp. VFM-125.

Schindel, Jacob Daniel, Class of 1864 – a Schindel Family Memoir. A family memoir prepared in 1943 by Jeremiah Jacob Schindel tracing four generations of Lutheran ministers serving congregations in Central Pennsylvania.  Included in these reflections are those of his father, Jacob D. Shindel,  as a student at Pennsylvania College 1862-1864, salutatorian of the class of 1864, and a member of Company A, 26th Pennsylvania Emergency Militia during Lee’s Gettysburg campaign; those of his grandfather as a chaplain in the Union Army with transcriptions from a diary kept during 1862; and those of his great grandfather  from a diary begun in 1812 reviewing service to Lutheran congregations in the Sunbury area and describing a conflict within the church over “New Measures” the efforts of some to utilize more active evangelism practices and to Americanize the worship services.  TMS 20pp. Subject: Lutheran Church Sources, Civil War Era Sources, College History Sources. VFM – 470

Schmucker Art Gallery and Department of Visual Arts Lecture. Poster for the lecture A Hidden Picasso, An Exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao by Will Shank, Artist Conservator and Independent Curator, 3 November 2005.Poster is autographed by Will Shank.1pp. VFM-316 (oversized)

Schuman-Heink, Ernestine. Letter from Schuman to Mr. Cooper describing his love of music. 28 Nov. 1933. TLS-1pp. VFM-126.

Schwaben in aller Weit Heimatbrief.  A booklet of articles about Schwaben (Swabia), a cultural, historic and linguistic region in Southern Germany MS 32pp. VFM-389

Scientific Department. Several documents showing the financial and educational status of the Science Department of PA College. 1865-1872. ADS-3pp. VFM-127.

Scott Paper Co, Limited. Letter from E. Irvin Scott trying to convince PA College to buy their toilet papers. Also includes samples of 4 types. 19 Aug 1893. TLS-4pp. VFM-192.

Seasonal Verses. 5 cards with printed excerpts from poems and accompanying illustrations.  "Autumn", "Spring", and "Summer" by James Thomson (1700 -01748) and also "The Opening Year" and "The Closing Year".  [1845] C-5pp. VFM-337

Shaw, Charles B. Six letters from Shaw, a student at PA College, to his parents. Dating 14 Feb 1839 - 15 May 1841. ALS-12pp. VFM-128.

Shaw, George Bernard. Letter from Shaw written in Venezia, regarding travel plans. 4 June 1929. ALS-1pp. VFM-129.

Shaw, Leslie Mortier. Two manuscripts written by Shaw on "The American Payroll" but never published because of his death. 28 March 1932. MS-434pp. VFM-130.

Shaw, Robert. Bible study journal of Shaw, a PA College student. Also contains a pink ribbon and lock of hair. 1850. AMs-20pp. VFM-131.

Shirk, D.C. Class of 1927. Tuition payment receipts for 1922-1925. MS-6pgs. VFM 279.

"Signature of 450,000." Book published for the 65th Anniversary Convention of the International Ladies Garment Worker's Union in Miami Beach, Florida in May 1965. VFM 272.

Singer, Florence. Class of 1939. Letters to Jerold Wikoff regarding her time as a missionary, and listing other Gettysburg College graduates who went into missionary work. Includes copies of letters Rodger Singer wrote to his family from Hong Kong, and b/w photos. (11 items). Location: College History VFM-226

Singmaster, Elsie. "A Friend," in The Saturday Evening Post. 13 October 1928. MS-2pp. VFM-204 (oversize)

Singmaster, Elsie. "The Fire Tower," in Woman's Home Companion. May 1924 edition. MS-5pp. article. VFM-203 (oversize)

Singmaster-Lewars, Elsie. Letter from Elsie to Mr. Cooper complementing his book. 17 Jan. 1930. TLS-1pp. VFM-132.

Slavery Bill of Sale.  Handwritten Bill of Sale by Richard H. Dyson, dated October 8, 1842, for a negro carpenter named Nace to be sold to W.B. Stone.  While a location is not identified on the document, it is likely that Dyson and Stone resided in Charles County, MD.  ALS 1 p. Location: American History, Civil War Era VFM - 460

Sloan, Samuel. Letter to Deputy surveyor Samuel Cochman. Mentions James Gettys and political leaders of the time. 28 June 1800. ALS-2pp. VFM-133.

Smith, Horace H. 14 Photos of the ambassador's experiences in Laos, 2 maps of the region, notes from the ambassador, and an official report and Constitution of Laos. 1958. MS-84pp. VFM-134.

Smith, Louis E. Letter from Smith to his friend Miss Annie discussing student life at Gettysburg College and Mt. Hermon, MA. 19 March 1911. ALS-14pp. VFM-135.

Smith, Samuel F. Lyrics of "My Country 'Tis of Thee" hand written by author, also an accompanying informational postcard. 25 April 1893. AmsS-2pp. VFM-136.

Smith, Webster Cash: Letters from College to Janet Burke.  Three letters send by Webster Cash Smith to Janet Burke of Taneytown, MD during his freshman year at Gettysburg College, dated, September 25, 1928, Sunday Eve, and May 13, 1929.  The letters reveal the thoughts of a young man during his first year at college to a young lady who he had recently meet from his hometown of Taneytown, MD.  The letters express his desire for more correspondence and for opportunities to become better acquainted.  ALS 5 pp. Sources: College History VFM – 483

Snider, Mary Louella (Mrs. Baumgarder) Class of 1930.  College memorabilia belonging to Mary Louella Snider (Baumgarder) class of 1930.  The material includes the football schedule for 1925, a newspaper photograph of the 1926 basketball team, her sophomore year grade reports, an original poem, “The Spirit of Beta Lambda” a local sorority formed at the college in 1916 of which she was a member, the Commencement invitation for the class of 1930 with a handwritten note inside, and a Gettysburg College Centennial pin May 26-30, 1932.  Of special interest is a December 14, 1925 letter from Clyde Stover, Secretary of the Faculty, stating the action of the Board of Trustees to refuse admittance of women to the College beginning in September 1926, a decision the Board delayed, to Snider’s advantage, until September 1930 for women living in the immediate area.  Location: College History VFM – 461

South Africa Ballot, 1994.  Republic of South Africa national ballot( #06324592) for the general election held in April 1994 as the first in which citizens of all races were allowed to take part, marking the end of apartheid in the country.  In the election, The African National Congress won a sweeping victory with 62% of the vote and 252 seats in the 400 member National Assembly.  The party formed a Government of National Unity with the National Party (20% of the vote and 82 seats) and Inkatha Freedom Party (10% and 43 seats).  The new Assembly’s first act was to elect Nelson Mandela as President. D 1p. Subject: Africa, Republic of South Africa, Apartheid, Nelson Mandela. VFM – 473 (oversize)

"South Pacific." 1962 production put on by Gettysburg College. Directed by Peter French. Poster. Copy of article in Gettysburgian, giving a synopsis of the play, and actor recognition.  Location: Oversize,  VFM-351

Sports Illustrated (magazine), First Issue. Complete with baseball card fold-out (Mays, Moon, Law, Snider, Turley, Robinson, Williams). 16 August 1954. MS-144pp.

Sproul, William Cameron. Invitation to the inauguration of Sproul as Governor of PA; Edward Beidelman as Lt. Governor. 21 Jan. 1919. D-2pp. VFM-137.

Staff Employee Classification System. Two booklets and memos informing the faculty of an employee classification system, as developed in 1980. D-32pp. VFM-138.

Stahley, Dr. George D. Letter of gratitude and recognition from his subordinates upon his resignation. ADS-2pp. VFM-193.

Stahley, Dr. George D. Report of the Faculty signed by George D. Stahley, 6 June 1907. AMsS-3pp./TMsS-2pp. VFM-310  

Stahley, Dr. George D. – Health Manual c1890s. A Health Manual and Gymnasium Guide designed for the use of students of Pennsylvania College, c1890s, by Dr. George D. Stahley, class of 1871, Professor of Physical Culture and Hygiene, later Graff Professor of Biology 1889-1920, and College Medical Director 1920-1936 pam. 26 pp. (2 copies) VFM-446

Stained Glass Proofs. Glatfelter Lodge. Designed by Peggy Myers and commissioned by Bill Warehime. Location: College History. VFM-346

Stallsmith, Helen K. Class of 1930.Orientation binder with lecture notes and lessons from her Orientation.Contains information on how to study and advice on college and academics. MS-162pgs. VFM-280a.

Stallsmith, Helen K. Class of 1930. Biology binder with lecture notes.Contains hand-drawn diagrams, quizzes, and notes from biology lectures. Dated Fall 1926.MS-133pgs. VFM-280b

Stallsmith, Helen K. Class of 1930.  Various documents including Owl and Nightingale programs; Commencement program, 17 Jun 1928; grade reports; the Valedictory speech given by Stallsmith titled "The Liberal College and Man" AMs-6pp; several issues of the Gamma Phi publication, Procope; two portrait photographs; and a Phi Beta Kappa certificate. VFM-338

Stambaugh, Fred. Letters of recommendation on his behalf, and copy of the official orders calling twenty-seven Gettysburg College men into action for WWII. 5 Feb 1943. D-7pp. VFM-194.

Standing Resolutions for the Faculty. Book containing resolutions adopted by the faculty of PA College in 1875. D-94pp. VFM-139.

Star and Republican Banner. Newspaper d. Tuesday Morning, December 31, 1833 with a letter to the Editor regarding "Pennsylvania College." MS-4pp. VFM-237 (oversize).

State Teachers’ Association.  “Order of Exercises” for the meeting of the State Teachers’ Association at Gettysburg, July 31-August 2, 1866.  The local arrangements were made by Mr. Aaron Sheely, County Superintendent.  One of the reported discussion topics during the session was “Should Colleges Admit Pupils of both Sexes?”  D 3pp. VFM–443

Stemen, John Roger. Letters from Stephen Warner, Class of 1968. 11 Aug 1969 - 12 Oct 1970. TLS- 11pp. Also includes publications by the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors (of the Vietnam War). VFM-208.

Sternat, Frederick C. Journal for the year 1902, and extensive receipts. AMs-100+ pp. VFM-140.

Sternat, Theodore M. Class of 1934. Manuscript for "Laboratory of Physical Chemistry" written by professor of Chemistry, Charles A. Sloat. Written in August 1930. Includes experiments, graphs, data, notes, and equations. MS-89pp. VFM-287.

Stevens, Justice John Paul. Letter to President Haaland praising the Robert G. Seaks '31 scholarship. 16 April 2001. TLS-1pp. VFM-195.

Stevens, Thaddeus. Three letters written from Lancaster, PA to either PA College or Lutheran Seminary, one was thanking the Board of Trustees for "Steven's Hall." ALS-5pp. VFM-141.

Stevenson, Adlai Ewing. Two letters from Governor Stevenson to Robert Bloom, thanking him for his support. 4 Aug 1952; 11 Nov 1952. TLS-2pp. VFM-142.

Stewart, Henry A.  Pennsylvania College Preparatory Division tuition receipt for Henry A. Stewart dated May 17, 1883 and signed by A. D. Buehler, Treasurer.  David Wills, class of 1851 listed as his guardian.  Henry Stewart also attended Pennsylvania College 1885-1888 and earned a MD degree from University of Pennsylvania in 1892.  He became a prominent Gettysburg physician, clinical pathologist at the Gettysburg hospital, secretary to the Board of Health and one of the founders of the Adams County Historical Society. D 1 p.  VFM – 416

Stickney, Fred. Liberty War Diary of WWI, 1 Jan 1918- 31 Dec 1918. AmsS-100pp. VFM-196.

Stock, L.F. Letter from Stock in Washington D.C. in praise of Dr. Schmucker. 30 Nov 1927. ALS-1pp. VFM-143.

Stoever, William Caspar. Notebook from an English Class at PA College. 9 July 1867. AMs-114pp. VFM-144.

Stover, Clyde B. "Burette Curves and Data" Notebook of Stover, class of 1894. Faculty 1896-1943. AMs-45pp. VFM-145.

Stuckenberg. Photo copies of letters sent between Stuckenberg and Dr. E.F. Williams. Content involving Gettysburg. Originals held in the Amistad Research Center Collection, Dillard University, New Orleans. 1892 - 1909. Location: Local History  VFM-360

Stuckenberg, J. H. W. Copy of a letter from Sandra Neyman of Marietta College to Richard A. Hoen about Stuckenberg's time at Marietta College, several pohotocpied pages about Stuckenber's sociology course at Marietta College during the winter term 1898-1899, and photocopies of selections from Marietta College Olio pertaining to Stuckenberg. 1898. TL-1p, Ms-23pp. VFM-334 

Student Conduct Pledge. Signatures of PA College Students from 1833-1848 who agree to follow the pledge. Also includes a final exam schedule for 1832 and 1833. DS-18pp. VFM-146.

Sunderman, William. Letter to Dr. Birkner chronicling student life on Gettysburg College campus 1915-1920. TLS- 8pp. VFM-197.

Sundermeyer, William Karl. Professor of German. Collection includes correspondence, meeting notes, and biographical information. VFM-249.

Surratt, Mary E. Newspaper article and several pamphlets declaring the innocence of Mary Surratt in the assassination of Lincoln and her untimely death. Incl. 2 pictures of the execution. MS-42pp. VFM-147.

Taft, William Howard. Letter to Frank Loveland from Taft, Gov. General of the Philippines at the time. 16 Feb 1901. TLS-3pp. VFM-148.

Tanner, James. Letter to his friend Alfred Rowles, describing the death of Abraham Lincoln, at which Tanner was a witness. 25 April 1865. ALS-3pp. VFM-149.

Tarkington, Booth. Telegram of gratitude to the Philomathean Literary Society of PA College. 16 Feb. MS-1pp. VFM-150.

Tarman, James I., ’52.  Handwritten memo detailing 1958 tuition and other fees for Gettysburg College on a memo sheet of James I. Tarman, class of 1952, college admissions counselor at the College, presented to Carolyn Arlene (Kuhn) Byron, class of 1962.  N 1 p. VFM – 415

Tau Kappa Epsilon. Issues of "The Psi Press" (Chapter publication) from 1939-1941. Ms-141pp. VFM-309

Tax collector's receipt book. Washington Township, Lycoming County Pennsylvania ca. 1810 John Sedom. Duplicate copy. AMsS VFM-296

Taylor, Bayard. Brief letter declining an invitation because of a busy winter. 9 Dec 1865. ALS-1pp. VFM-151.

Taylor, Kenneth. Emails to granddaughter, Jeanne Taylor-- series of memories of his time in high school, college, and the army during the Great Depression. MS-39pgs. VFM-171

Teeters, Negley King. Two letters from Negley to John Shearer discussing his book and failing health. 11 May 1971. TLS-2pp. VFM-152.

Thackeray, William Makepeace. Letter requesting to borrow the "Handbook of London." ALS-1pp. VFM-153.

Theatre Arts Department. Costume Sketches for Gettysburg College theatre department productions. Ills-1pp. VFM-318 (oversized). 

Thomas, Lowell. Letter of gratitude to Mr. Cooper. 20 Nov. 1933. TLS-1pp. VFM-154

Thomson, Charles, Secretary of the Continental Congress.  Document signed by Charles Thomson, Secretary requisitioning 8,000 barrels of flour from the State of  New Jersey for the Continental Army.  Thomson served as Secretary of the Continental Congress during its existence (1776-1789).  ADS 1 p. Location: American History.  VFM – 465

Thornburgh, Dick. Letter to Gettysburg College from Governor: 150th Celebration.  Letter to the college from Governor Dick Thornburgh 1982 celebrating the college's 150th birthday. TLS-1pp. VFM-300 

Topographic Map of Adams County, Pennsylvania. Adams County, Plate I, surveyed in 1906-1908. 1 D. Location: Local History VFM-227

Toynbee, Arnold Joseph. Letters to Mr. Pennell and Prof. Bloom. 5 March 1937. TLS - 1pp. ALS-1pp. VFM-155.

Trading Card.  Ephemera-1879, Tollgate No. 2.  A 19th Century Victorian collectible trading card with advertisements on the back.  Ms-1.  VFM-326.

Trautwine, John Cresson. Architect of "Old Dorm." at Gettysburg College. Collection includes several pieces of correspondence, drawings, articles, and photographs. VFM-156

"Uncle Tom's Cabin" Letter to T.Y. Cooper from Goodspeed's Book Shop discussing details of the first edition of Uncle Tom's Cabin. TLS-2pp. VFM-198.

Uniform for the Army of the United States (1799). Broadside describing the features of the Uniform for the Army of the United States on the recommendation of George Washington recently reactivated as “Commander of the Armies of the United States” and Major Generals Charles Cotesworth Pinckney and Alexander Hamilton in preparation for a potential conflict with the Revolutionary French government.  The broadside was distributed by James McHenry, secretary of War, January 9, 1799. D 1p. Location: American History. VFM – 423

U.S. Fleet in Japan Postcards and Railway Ticket.  Postcard: “My Kingdom for a Geisha Girl” showing two girls, one Japanese and one in an Uncle Sam outfit being pulled in a rickshaw; Postcard: scene with sailors, rickshaw, geisha girls, and many US and Japanese flags; Postcard: composite photos of US ships; Railway Ticket: “Imperial Japanese Government Railway Special Ticket Issued in Honor of the American Fleet, Oct. 1908 with “Notice…” flier. C 4p.  VFM - 417

United States Military Academy, West Point – Annual Ball 1845. Invitation to the Annual Ball at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, 28 August 1845.  The invitation lists the 12 managers for the event, six each from the classes of 1846 and 1848.  The managers from the class of 1846 include George B. McClellan and Innis M. Palmer, major generals in the Union Army and A.P. Hill and D.R. Jones, generals from the Confederate side. D 1p.  VFM-444

Valentine. Handwritten Valentine titled "A Shakespearen Romance." C-2pp. VFM-335

Valentine Family. Rev. Milton Valentine, third President of Gettysburg College. Includes two photocopies of articles on the family history, handwritten letter by President Valentine, and photocopy of letter. 18 Mar. 1874. ALS-6pp. VFM-250.

Valentine, S. G. to E. S. Breidenbaugh.  Letter from alum Sterling G. Valentine, class of 1880 to his former instructor E. S. Breidenbaugh asking him to review a chemical calculation that he had recently completed, May 18, 1888. ALS 6 pp. VFM – 413

VanDyke, Henry. "The Foot Path to Peace." A brief inspirational note by Van Dyke. AMsS-1pp. VFM-157.

Veable, Catheryn Marsada. Memorabilia and photos from her experiences at Gettysburg College, class of 1945, Delta Gamma. MS- 46pp. VFM-199.

"Vietnam, 10 Years After" 1985 - 1986." An Emerging American Identity and the Vietnam Veterans conference held at Gettysburg College. A collection of signed letters from Vietnam Veterans, newspaper articles, planning committee correspondence, and brochures. ALS-120pp. VFM-302

“Views in Gettysburg, PA.” Ballou's Pictorial Vol. VIII, No. 9, Boston, Saturday, March 3, 1855. Article gives a short description of Pennsylvania College and the Theological Seminary. MS-16 pp. Location: College History and Local History VFM-228

WAACS in Review. Postcard produced by the U.S. Army Signal Corps showing a formal review of members of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps in 1942 or 1943. The WAACS was created in May, 1942 as an auxiliary unit to the U.S. Army but was converted to full military status as the Women’s Army Corps in 1943. It is likely that the photograph on the card is from a review held at the first WAACS training center at Fort Des Moines, Iowa. VFM-400

Wagner, John. Class of 1871. Letter to schoolmate (Fall 1869), Discussing what is happening at college, ALS - 4 pp. Location: College History VFM-229

War Ration Book Four, World War II. A War Ration Book Four issued by the United States Office of Price Administration to William C. Wright as a child in Rutherford, N.J. The book contains a number of unused ration stamps. Ration books were used to monitor certain items such as sugar, meat, cooking oil and can goods that were in short supply during World War II. William Wright later enrolled at Gettysburg College and graduated with the class of 1961. D-5 pp. Location: World War II VFM-448

Wagner, John. Class of 1871. Two letters from Wagner to a fellow student William Henry Dunbar. The first was written December 27, 1870, during the Christmas break, from Pennsylvania College and the second October 16, 1871 from the Lutheran Seminary in Gettysburg. Both student became Lutheran ministers and served on the Board of Trustees, elected in the first group of alumni trustees in the early 1890s - Dunbar from Lebanon and Baltimore served from 1890-1920; Wagner from Hazleton served from 1893-1934. The letters reveal a little about student life at the time, the town of Gettysburg and the surrounding area, a church service at the Alms House, and church governance with candidates for the ministry. ALS-8pp. VFM - 373

Waller, Odell. Many bulletins, petitions, and newsletters from the Workers' Defense League in attempt to manufacture support for the defense of Odell Waller. 1942. MS-60+ pp. VFM-158.

Wally. Cartoons of the A.E.F. booklet. VFM-240 (oversize)

Walters, Charles C. Several letters written while in encampment in VA, 1862. ALS-7pp. VFM-159.

War Ration Book Four, World War II. A War Ration Book Four issued by the United States Office of Price Administration to William C. Wright as a child in Rutherford, N.J. The book contains a number of unused ration stamps.  Ration books were used to monitor certain items such as sugar, meat, cooking oil and can goods that were in short supply during World War II.  William Wright later enrolled at Gettysburg College and graduated with the class of 1961.          D 5 pp. Location: World War II VFM-448

Warner, Stephen H. Memorial Fund. Memorandums. 1 Nov 1971 - 27 Mar 1972. TMsS- 3pp. Correspondence between Mrs. Esther Warner and Robert Butler, Director of Development at Gettysburg College. 6 Mar 1972 - 22 Mar 1972. 4pp.-TL & TLS. Newspaper clippings regarding the Warner Papers. 25 Mar 1972 & 24 Sept 1980, 2pp. VFM-210.

Warthen, George S. English Professor, 1924-1954. A notebook containing an alphabetical listing of works and their categories. AMs-75pp. VFM-160.

Washington, Booker T. Letter.  An appeal letter from Booker T. Washington on Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute letterhead to Miss E. P. Getchell, Pilsbery Place, Newburyport, Massachusetts, dated September 26, 1893.  The letter stamped “dictated” is written in secretarial hand but signed by the author. (original) ALS 2 pp.  Source: American History VFM - 492

Washington, George. Three letters from Washington, two of them originals. 1779, 1797, 1799. ALS-4pp. VFM-161

Wayne, John. Letter selecting his choices for Spectrum Queen. 26 Jan 1968. TLS-1pp. VFM-162.

Webster, Daniel. Letter declining an invitation to speak on July 4, 1835 at PA College, also includes a signed engraving. 2 June 1834. ALS, PS-2pp. VFM-163.

Weidensall floor plans. Plans drawn up by David Lynch & Associates, Architects. MS-7 pp. Location: College History VFM-231

Weidle, Jacob B., Junior Exhibition Oration, Class of 1860.   Junior oration, “The Keystone State,” given by Jacob B. Weidle in Christ Church the morning of September 14, 1869 during the two-day Pennsylvania College Commencement Exercises for the graduating class of 1859.  The oration was required of all students at the completion of the junior year at the college. Born July 13, 1840 in Lebanon County, Weidle enrolled as a freshman at Pennsylvania College in the fall of 1856 after a year in the Preparatory Department.  After graduation, Weidle earned a Law Degree at Harvard in 1862, served as Captain, Co K, 209th Regiment Pa Infantry, 1864-65, practiced law in Lebanon, and entered the newspaper field, eventually founding the Reading Telegram newspaper in 1889.  He also served as mayor of Reading, 1896-99.  AMsS 4 pp.  Location: College History, Pennsylvania.  VFM -- 457

Weir, Priscilla Fausold, Class of 1952.  Memorabilia collected by Priscilla Fausold Weir from her time as a student at Gettysburg College from fall, 1948 through her graduation in 1952.  The collection includes official correspondence from the college and from Dorothy Lee, Dean of Women; a certificate of membership in Alpha Kappa Alpha, the Philosophy honorary society; Chi Omega composite from 1951; a graduation check sheet prepared by the Registrar’s Office; 1952 Baccalaureate and Commencement programs; and other miscellaneous items from the period.  Also included are photographs of her father, Charles Fausold, class of 1912 from his time as a student at Gettysburg College.   Removed from the collection: a laundry box – placed with Gettysburg College artifacts: wall display case #5.  19 items. Location: College History VFM – 456 (oversize)

Weiser, Fred.  Class of 1957. Letter written to Prof. Michael Birkner describes various details about the Eisenhowers in Gettysburg and the Mr. Weiser's experience having escorted the Eisenhowers to their seats in Christ Chapel for the liturgy during Mother's Day weekend in Spring 1956. CS, ALS-2pp.VFM-305.

Weston, Sarah. Notebook about economics. 1819. Location: College History VFM-348

Weyant, Christopher, class of 1989, Political Cartoon.  “Uncle Sam and the Fiscal Cliff”, a political cartoon by Christopher Weyant, cartoonist for The New Yorker, class of 1989, first published in the popular U.S. political website The Hill in 2012.  CS. Subject: Art Sources, American History Sources, U.S. History, U.S. Government, U.S. Politics.  VFM–472

White House-Gettysburg College Campus. A research paper written by Guy Edmiston Jr. on the architectural designs and history of the White House. MS-11pp. VFM-200.

Whitney, Eli. Photocopies and transcriptions of correspondence letters between Whitney and Washington, Madison, Randolph, and Jefferson. 1793-1794. MS-22pp. VFM-165.

Wile, Luther George. Class of 1869. Autograph book. Signatures and notes from friends and faculty. A.N.s.  Location: College History  VFM-350

Wilkie, Wendell L. Letter from Wilkie and Republican political advertisement from 1940, promoting Wilkie for President. TLS-13pp. VFM-164.

Williamsburg and Mount Vernon: Visitor Brochures, 1938.  Williamsburg, Virginia visitor brochure and two ticket packets, 1938 (original) D 6 pp – Mount Vernon, Virginia visitor brochure, 1938 (original) D 2 pp.  The brochures provide a map of the site, and identify the buildings and other locations that are open to visitors. Source: American History. VFM – 488

Willner, Jan."Reminiscences of Steve Warner and life with his family in 1963/64" ca. 2004. 1 D-3pgs. Also includes email from Arthur Amchan to Karen Drickamer regarding recollections. 16 December 2004. 1D-1pg. VFM-258

Witherow, Lester Stuart.  Grade card sent to the parents of L.S. Witherow reporting his grades for his first semester junior year in 1912.  An explanation of the grading system is provided on the reverse side.  The card is signed by Clyde B. Stover, Registrar.  In addition to the grades, the card reports the number of excused and unexcused absences from class, church, and chapel.  After graduating from the College in 1914, Witherow taught school 1914-1917, served in the U.S. Army during 1917-1918, completed the program for the M.D. in 1923 at the University of Pennsylvania, and practiced medicine in Harrisburg, PA. C 1p. VFM-393

Wolf, Simon Stine.  Autograph book. Signatures and notes from friends and faculty. 1861. A.N.s. Location: College History. VFM-347

Woman's General League of Gettysburg. Collection of papers from the Woman's General League 1966 - 1991 including the constitution and by-laws, statistical reports, treasurer's reports, news clippings, correspondence and notes MS-115pp. VFM-319. See also - MS-40, Women's General League of Gettysburg College Collection

Woman’s Home Companion.  Booklet, “The Lieutenant and the Maid,” a featurette of the Woman’s Home Companion, ca 1945; Crowell-Collier Publishing Co. MS 32 pp.  VFM-406

Women’s Suffrage, “Votes for Woman a Success: The Map Proves It”.  A broadside titled “Votes for Women a Success: The Map Proves It” dated to circa 1915, picturing a U.S. political map documenting, through the use of shading, the varies levels of women suffrage permitted in each state at the time. Published by the National Women Suffrage Publishing Company, New York, for advertising and fundraising purposes, the document provides clear evidence of the important political and societal transitions occurring in the country in the early 20th century. It was not until the 19TH amendment to the Constitution was ratified in 1920 that women gained full suffrage nationally.  D 1 p.  Subject: American History Sources, Women’s Studies Sources, U.S. Government 1910s. VFM - 479>

Wood, William W. "The Apple Industry of Adams County," thesis submitted for a Master of Science at Gettysburg College d. June 11, 1924. MS-125 pp. VFM-224.

The World’s Fair of 1940 in New York: Official Guide Book.  Official Guide Book for the World’s Fair of 1939-1940 in New York, describing all of the exhibits and attractions at the fair representing different countries, states, government agencies, industries, companies, organizations and interest areas such as agriculture, education, science, medicine and public health and the arts. (original) MS 165 pp. – Packet of picture postcards attached in an accordion style format showing some of the major attractions at the Fair (original) C 20 pp. Source: American History VFM – 496

World War II Censorship.  Three items illustrating censorship practiced during World War II.  (1) A telegram from Sweden in 1943 asking a question about a man (with envelope) TD 1 p.; (2) A letter from “The (U.S.) Office of Censorship asking questions about the man mentioned in the telegram, and about the sender and receiver (with envelope) TLS 1 p.; (3) A copy of a letter sent in response to “The Office of Censorship” (with a pencil draft of the same) TL 1 p., ALS 2 pp.  Subject: World War II Sources, American History Sources, Censorship.  VFM – 478

World War II Liberty Ship Journal – SS Sahale.  Journal kept by Captain E. H. Ballinger, Newport, R.I., during one round-trip voyage of the “Liberty Ship” SS Sahale carrying steel bars from Boston to an undisclosed European port and returning empty to Brooklyn, N.Y. from November 8, 1943 to February 4, 1944.  The journal records the daily weather, sea conditions, crew work assignment, ship maintenance, loading and unloading activity, emergency drills, and visitors to the vessel.  The journal meticulously records when specific activities began and ended, often including the times for meals.  The journal itself was constructed using the reverse side of what appears to be a 1999-1920 date, receipt or accounting log.  Pasted to the inside cover is a printed list of 27 “Duties and Hints of Value Relief Mates Should Heed.”  Jour 91 pp. Location: World War II. VFM - 453

World War II Personal Narratives. Copies of correspondence between Jong Kuet Tsze and Warren Smith. 1936-1946. MS-164pp. VFM-166.

World War II Ration Book Recipes.  Pamphlet “How to Bake by the Ration Book” containing forty-four Swans Down Wartime Recipes for cakes, quick breads and other deserts.  MS 23 pp.  Location: American History, World War II VFM - 462

Wyeth, Andrew N. Letter from Wyeth to Pres. Hanson declining an invitation to receive an honorary degree from Gettysburg College. 29 March 1970. ALS-2pp. VFM-167.

"Yank: The Army Weekly." Magazine written for and by the men in Service during World War II.September 10, 1943 Issue.Includes photocopies of the magazine. VFM-274 (Oversize).

Y.M.C.A. Records, letters, and minutes of the YMCA of PA College 1867-1872. MS-188pp. VFM-168.

Y.W.C.A. World War I Brochure.  Brochure, “Our American Girls,” prepared by The War Work Council of the National Board of the Young Women’s Christian Association, October 23, 1917.  The purpose of the brochure was to describe an international program of the Y.W.C.A. for work among women and girls in communities adjoining United States army training camps and mobilization centers, in munitions factories employing female workers, and in foreign countries affected by war.  MS 6 pp.  VFM-407

Young, John Mumma. Memoirs of John Mumma Young 1845-1931. Graduated PA College in 1865, also served in the Civil War. MS-40pp. VFM-169.

Zigarella, James. World War II letter with envelope from Cpl. James (Bud) Zigarella, Co. A, 138th Engineer Combat Battalion stationed in Giessen, Germany to his family in Springdale, PA (August 11, 1945). The letter describes a furlough to Paris, explains the service rating point system for discharge from the army, and chronicles the movements and actions of the his unit since leaving the U. S. on November 10, 1944. ALS 5 pp. VFM-408

Zimmerman, Jeremiah. Artistic Papyrus from Syracuse, Sicily that he procured on his 28 month trip around the world. Illus. 1pp. VFM-202.

Zimmerman, Jeremiah. Diary and transcription, which describes his trip to Egypt and the Holy Lands. 23 March 1878 - 10 April 1878. MS-93pp. VFM-170.

Zimmerman, Jeremiah. Letter to librarian John Knickerbocker with his donation of several campaign materials from the 1860 election. 2 Feb. 1933. TLS-4pp. VFM-201.

Zimmerman, Jeremiah. Correspondence between Dr. Jeremiah Zimmerman and John H. Knickerbocker, February 1930 - April 1932, regarding some of the many gifts that Zimmerman gave to the library at Gettysburg College. Included is a detailed listing of some of the artifacts acquired during 10 years of foreign travel, including a trip of 28 months around the world. The collection contains a portion of an article written by Dr. Zimmerman from a 1933 edition of The Lutheran magazine in which he describes some of the highlights of his foreign travel. ALS 7pp. TDS 7pp. DfL 1p. C 1p. D 1p mem. 3pp. VFM-396 [For more information about his travels see VFM-170, about some specific gifts to the college see VFM-201 and 202, about his life and roll as an important benefactor of the college see Vertical File-Zimmerman]

Zimmerman, Leander. Booklets by Zimmerman: “Love Faileth Not”, “In the Bright Beyond”, “Life Abundant”, “Leaves for Healing”, and “My Philosophy and History”. Also includes newspaper obituary “Dr. Zimmerman to Lie in State in Christ Church”. VFM-252.

Zweizig, Benjamin D. Two grade reports for Benjamin D. Zweizig showing his academic performance in course work in the Preparatory Department and during his freshman year at Pennsylvania College. The Preparatory Department report is dated April 1851 and signed by M.L. Stoever, Principal of the Preparatory Department. The Pennsylvania College report is dated April 21, 1853 and signed by H.L. Baugher, President of the College. Zweizig earned his B.A. degree with the class of 1856; taught school while studying theology privately; and served as a Lutheran clergyman in the Reading, PA area 1859-1903. D 2pp. VFM-394