At Gettysburg College, we are providing our students with the skills and confidence they need to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey. From our innovative curriculum to the vast nature of our co-curriculars, students are encouraged to forge their own path during their Gettysburg experience. Through clubs, formal entrepreneurship programs, or mentorship with our entrepreneurial alums, students hone their entrepreneurial skills in a low-risk environment long before they graduate.


Gettysburg Entrepreneurs

3 percent

The 3% Conference: alum ignites spark for increasing female creative leadership

For decades, only 3 percent of advertising creative directors were women. Today, that number is still only 11 percent even though women control over 80 percent of all annual consumer spending. These facts help paint the picture of a problem: women are making decisions when it comes to buying products, but how to market those products is a decision made by mostly men.

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Programs & Organizations

The Entrepreneurial Fellowship

The fellowship creates a platform to connect alums with the current student body and promote an environment that cultivates and inspires entrepreneurism.

Gettysburg Social Entrepreneurship Initiative

StartUp Experience


Entrepreneurs Club

Support Entrepreneurism

Many of the entrepreneurial activities on campus are made possible by generous alumni and friends of the College. Learn more about how to get involved. Contact Manuel Ruiz in the Career Center at mruiz@gettysburg.edu or Betsy Diehl in the Office of Development, Alumni, and Parent Relations at ediehl@gettysburg.edu.

Entrepreneurial Advisory Council

The Entrepreneurial Advisory Council members are entrepreneurs or professionals holding high-level positions in dynamic industries who donate their time in order to mentor students and improve the quality of our entrepreneurial programs.

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The Liberal Arts Context

An entrepreneurship program fits well within a liberal arts context. Entrepreneurs need the skills we most often align with a liberal arts education – critical thinking, effective communication, and a global perspective. Our entrepreneurial competitions and curriculum reinforce these skills through an array of activities for students to gain leadership and entrepreneurial experience. As a result, students attain the practical experience and develop the professional skills they need in order to realize their entrepreneurial ambitions and launch their own venture.