Guest Student Enrollment Policies for College Employees

Program Goal

To provide the opportunity for enrollment into a limited number of regular course offerings as a non-matriculated student (Guest Student) to meet some specific educational needs, career objectives or personal enrichment interests.  Gettysburg College reserves the right to limit guest student enrollment on a space-available basis each semester. 


Guest Students must be a secondary school graduate or equivalent. Successful completion of high school coursework and any college-level work is required.  Guest Students must include proof of secondary school graduation or GED certification in their application.

Guest Student Application Process

Guest Student application forms are available at the Admission Office.  An interview may be required.  The deadline for a complete application is three weeks prior to the beginning of the semester and a high school transcript along with any college transcripts are a required part of the Guest Student admissions process.  If you are a returning Guest Student, grades in Gettysburg College courses will be reviewed as a part of the Guest Student admissions process.

Enrollment Terms

This program assumes that Guest Students will enroll on a part-time basis in one or two courses in a given semester.  If a guest student desires to apply to become a full-time, degree seeking, matriculated student, they must apply through the traditional transfer admissions process.  There is no guarantee of matriculation.

Continuation of Enrollment as a Guest Student

After enrollment as a Guest Student, continuation of Guest Student enrollment is dependent on maintaining good academic and social standing.  A new Guest Student Application must be completed and submitted to the admissions office at least three weeks before the beginning of each semester (new secondary school records do not need to be submitted).  Normally, a Guest Student is limited to a total of eight course enrollments, provided that the student is in good academic and social standing.


The Guest Student tuition fee is $3,180.00 per course unit, payable by August 1st for the fall semester and by January 2 for the spring semester.  The cost of tuition is assumed by the College for eligible employees, their spouse, and/or child.  After receiving your tuition statement, please visit the Human Resources office for processing of your tuition benefit.

Cost Provides 

  • Enrollment in regular course offerings
  • Full college credit for course(s) successfully completed (each course unit = 4 semester hours)

Cost limitations

  • No health center privileges
  • No guarantee for matriculation and admission as a full-time, matriculated student. Guest Students interested in being considered as a matriculated student must file an application with the Admissions Office by the appropriate deadline date. The Guest Student record should be presented as evidence of success in college level courses.


  • § Submit the Guest Student application form (must include high school transcript and proof of graduation, college transcripts if courses have been taken at the college level). If you are applying as a continuing Guest Student, grades in Gettysburg College courses will be reviewed as a part of the Guest Student admissions process.
  • § Obtain instructor signature for the desired course(s)
  • § Obtain a signature from the Admissions Office
  • § Take Guest Student Application form to the Registrar's Office to officially register by August 1 for fall and December 21 for spring. (Do not use campus mail. You must bring the form to the Registrar's Office.)

Honor Code

Gettysburg College operates under an honor code which applies to all its members, including Guest Students.

"The mission of Gettysburg College, which affirms the worth and dignity of all people and the limitless value of their intellectual potential, relies on mutual trust as its foundation. Honesty and integrity are the heart of this trust and crucial to a community in which intellectual achievement, scholarship, and character can flourish.

By affirming the Gettysburg College Pledge students assume the obligation to be honest in their particular relationships with each course instructor and all members of the College community supporting their education; and students and faculty affirm their willingness to accept the responsibility for maintaining the conditions for and the fact of that honesty..." (from The Gettysburg College Honor Code, revised 2010, ARTICLE I: Academic Honesty and Integrity at Gettysburg College)

The Gettysburg College Pledge: I affirm that I will uphold the highest principles of honesty and integrity in all my endeavors at Gettysburg College and foster an atmosphere of mutual respect within and beyond the classroom.

Student Conduct: Standards and Expectations

Gettysburg College seeks to establish and maintain an environment which provides for the development of the student as a whole person with an emphasis on inquiry, integrity and mutual respect.

Guest Students are expected to know and abide by all College policies pertaining to their conduct.  All policies and procedures outlined in the Student Handbook are applicable to Guest Students.  

Important Contact Information

Admissions Office- Eisenhower House, 337-6100
Registrar's Office- College Union Building, 2nd floor, 337-6240
Academic Advising Office- College Union Building, 2nd floor, 337-6579

Special reminders for Support Staff by the Support Staff Council

1. You must be a full-time staff employee who has completed at least one year of service at Gettysburg College, to be eligible.

2. The Registrar's Office in the College Union will provide information about available courses and the instructors for each course. Descriptions of courses are in the College catalogue available at Admissions or at the Registrar's Office.

3. The place and time of the course you take is available at the Registrar's Office.

4. Books need not be bought until after the first class.

5. Keep all receipts for textbook purchases if you intend to apply for reimbursement from the Development Grant Program.

Gettysburg College does not engage in illegal discrimination in its programs, activities, and policies against students, or prospective students on account of race, color, religion, ethnic or national origin, age, personal handicap, or gender.