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A request for time off for military duty should be made to the staff member's immediate supervisor or department head at least two (2) weeks in advance of the duty unless precluded by military necessity. The request should include the dates of departure and return, and should be accompanied by a copy of the official orders.


All full-time regular and part-time regular staff, as well as temporary full-time staff receiving benefits, who are members of the National Guard or a reserve component of the United States Armed Forces will be granted time off with pay for annual military duty provided the duty is obligatory to maintain military status.

Where possible, the staff member should submit requests for orders during calendar periods outside of peak business seasons and not during the most popular vacation cycles.

The maximum paid time allowed for annual duty is ten (10) workdays per calendar year (January 1 through December 31).

Any period of time spent on military duty in excess of the maximum time allowed may be taken as vacation leave or a leave without pay.

If military pay is less than budgeted College pay, the College pays the difference. Military pay consists of base pay, plus allowance for longevity, subsistence, quarters and dependents, plus pay for sea, flight, foreign, and hazardous duty. Military pay does not include reimbursement for travel expense.

To receive pay from the College, staff member must:

  • furnish a certified statement of the military pay and allowances for the time off;
  • endorse the military paycheck to Gettysburg College and forward the endorsed check to the Payroll Manager.


If the staff member does not turn in the military pay, he or she will be considered on leave without pay for training.


A leave of absence of up to five (5) years will be granted for full-time military service to staff members called or volunteering for such duty in accordance with the Federal guidelines. The five-year cumulative service limit on voluntary military leave does not include inactive duty training (drills); voluntary or involuntary active duty in support of war, national emergency or certain operational missions; or additional training requirements determined and certified in writing by the Service Secretary and considered to be necessary for professional development or for completion of skill training or retraining. Unless precluded by military necessity, advance written notice for the leave should be provided to the supervisor within two weeks of the start of the leave.

The staff member on military leave must apply for return to active College status within the guidelines below.

The College is committed to return staff members to active status in the same or comparable position, salary level and salary within the department at the end of the leave. In order to be eligible for reemployment a staff member must:

  • have been employed in a regular staff position, and would not have been subject to position discontinuation if employment had not been interrupted by military service.
  • present a certificate of discharge or release from active duty under honorable conditions
  • apply for reemployment within 90 days of discharge from active duty, or for staff members who are hospitalized or convalescing from injuries incurred in or aggravated by military service may apply for reemployment with two (2) years following recovery from such injuries.



During the leave without pay, there is no accrual of sick days or paid time off days.
Time while on leave is counted as service credit in determining eligibility for those benefits that are dependent upon length of service.

For absences less than 30 calendar days, benefits continue as if the staff member had not been absent.

For absences 31 days or longer:

Staff members may elect to continue medical insurance by paying the employee contribution for the coverage.

Staff members may elect to continue dental insurance by paying the employee contribution for the coverage.

Group Life Insurance coverage and dependent life insurance cease during the military leave.

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance cease during military leave.

Tuition Benefits for staff members and/or eligible dependents continue during the military leave.

Under the Group Retirement Plan, time spent on leave without pay counts toward the two-year enrollment period.

Under the Group Supplemental Retirement Annuity, the staff member can be made "whole" by being allowed to contribute to the pension plan any amount they would have contributed had they not been absent. Upon re-employment, the staff member has three (3) times their length of service (not to exceed five {5} years) to make payments.

Staff members participating in the pre-tax accounts may continue to submit claims against balances accumulated in their accounts through the duration of the plan year and relevant filing period.

If health insurance has not been maintained throughout the period of military service, it will be reinstated the day the staff member is reinstated with no waiting period. If the College cannot put the staff member back to work immediately upon application, the health insurance will be restored immediately.


Time limits for returning to work depend on the duration of the orders. The guidelines are as follows.

Service of 1 to 30 days:

The beginning of the next regularly scheduled work period on the first full day following completion of service and expiration of an 8-hour rest period following safe transportation home.

Service of 31 to 180 days:

Letter of application for reinstatement must be submitted not later than 14 days after the completion of military duty.

Service of 181 or more days:

Letter of application for reinstatement must be submitted not later than 90 days after the completion of military duty.

The staff member must report back to work as soon as possible. Unless the delay is through no fault of the staff member, he or she is subject to the policies and practices of the College.

For staff members who are convalescing due to a disability incurred or aggravated during military service the deadline for reinstatement may be extended for up to two (2) years. The college will make reasonable accommodations for the impairment.

The position into which a staff member is reinstated is determined by priority based on length of military service, except with respect to staff members whose disability occurred in or was aggravated by military service. The guidelines are:

Service of 1 - 90 days:

if the job the staff member would have held had he or she remained continuously employed, so long as the staff member is qualified for the job or can become qualified after reasonable efforts by the employer, or if the staff member cannot become qualified, in the position the staff member was employed on the date of the commencement of military service.

Service of 91 days or

more days:

the same as for service of 1 to 90 days, or a position of like status and pay, so long as he or she is qualified, or if the staff member cannot become qualified in the position the staff member was employed on the date of the commencement of the military service or which nearly approximates that position.

Any staff member re-employed under this policy will be treated as having been continually employed for purposes of seniority. Accordingly, the College will pay the staff member the rate, including any raises and cost of living adjustments that he or she would have attained if he or she had not taken a military leave of absences.

If a staff member does not return to work in a timely manner as outlined above, then the staff member is subject to the policies and practices of the College for unexcused absences.


A department may hire a replacement while a staff member is on military leave. The replacement is a temporary appointment and the offer letter prepared by the Human Resources Office will clearly state the temporary nature of the appointment. The costs associated with the replacement employee will be borne by the hiring department. The replacement employee may be eligible for benefits depending on the type and length of the assignment. The offer letter must clearly state the terms and conditions of employment and that the position will end upon the return of the staff member on leave. Upon return of the staff member from military leave, the replacement employee's employment with the College will cease.


Questions related to the interpretation of this policy should be directed to the Human Resources Office staff. We encourage any staff member who takes leave under this policy to schedule a meeting with a staff member of the Human Resources Office to address any questions or concerns he or she may have with regard to the College's military leave policy and its affect of his or her employment status and employer-provided benefits.