Group hike to Chimney Rock

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    Mud snail collection field trip

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    Looking at CRISPR-Cas system in Salmonella

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    Exploring nuclear structure

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    Gold nanoparticles

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    Investigating a field site in Panama

What is X-SIG?

The Cross-Disciplinary Science Institute at Gettysburg College (X-SIG) was established to help our community of students be research ready, research active and research connected. The X-SIG oversees a set of initiatives designed to equip our students with the skills necessary for modern research, preparing them to integrate multiple disciplines in order to answer science’s most pressing questions. Specifically, the Cross Disciplinary Science Institute:

HHMIShelli Frey (Chemistry) is the X-SIG coordinator. X-SIG Board members are Kurt Andresen (Spring semester; Physics), Kathy Berenson (Psychology), Ricardo Conceicao (Math), Véronique Delesalle (Biology), Ryan Johnson (Fall semester; Physics), and Kris Stuempfle (Dean of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Computer Science).


Support for the X-SIG program is provided by:

  • Dickson Fund
  • Kolbe Fund
  • Albaugh Fund in Chemistry
  • Alberte Fund in Biology
  • Cormack and Schweizer Funds in Physics

Science House

The Science House is organized around the common intellectual interests of its residents and provides a common space for connecting ideas outside the classroom, and hosting visiting lecturers and researchers.

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Contact information

Email: xsig@gettysburg.edu

Summer Research

Summer ResearchFellowships to support Gettysburg students in summer research with faculty members in Division III (biology, chemistry, computer science, environmental studies, health sciences, math, physics, and psychology) are available by competitive application to the X-SIG Board.

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