Captivated by curation

Emily Francisco '14 curates Andy Warhol exhibit

When Emily Francisco ’14 stepped onto Gettysburg College’s campus, she was immediately overcome by the energy and sense of community she experienced.  It was Get Acquainted Day in April 2010, and she got her “dot.”

Francisco, now a double major in Art History and English with a writing concentration, knew she wanted to be in a place where she wasn’t just a number, and she had a good sense of what courses she wanted to pursue once she arrived.  “At the time, I was interested in finding a school with both strong English and Studio Art programs, so the fact that Gettysburg had strengths in both appealed to me,” Francisco said.

What Francisco didn’t expect was that a series of academic courses would change her initial path.  Her First-Year Seminar (FYS) entitled, “Florence: Art, Money, and Power in a Renaissance City,” taught by Prof. Felicia Else of the Gettysburg College Art & Art History department, introduced her to the interdisciplinary nature of Art History.  “It requires knowledge of both visual analysis and historical and social contexts,” Francisco said.  “It combined my interests in art and other humanities.”

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