Art students network in New York, visit alums, studios, galleries

networking in NYC

Ten Gettysburg College art students networked with alumni who work at museums and auction houses in New York City.

Students dined with alumni who have professional experience at the Museum of Modern Art, Sotheby's, and the Museum of American Finance. "The idea of talking to alums is to create connections and ask questions about career paths and job opportunities," said Prof. Mark Warwick, one of three faculty members who led the weekend trip.
The visual arts students also visited the studios of artists Boaz Vaadia (below, left), Peter Reginato (below, right), and Nathan Joseph, who critiqued students' work. "These are some of the most successful artists working in the city right now, and all answered questions about how to get exhibited in galleries, and set up a studio to keeping making your art," Warwick said. The students' interactions with Joseph were videotaped for a documentary about him.

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