Center for Global Education

If you are thinking about making global study a part of your education, you will be joining over 375 of your peers who study globally each year (over 56% of the class of 2016). Gettysburg College considers off-campus study to be a vital part of its academic programs.

Students study globally for many different reasons. Whether you want to learn a new language, improve your skills in a language you have been studying, make your resume stand out from the crowd, or to add a special facet to your degree, you will find that global study gives you these advantages—and many more. Students can study globally during the first semester of their sophomore year, junior year, or in the first semester of senior year.

Students with special needs are encouraged to discuss their global study plans with the director of off-campus studies. Many programs can accommodate students with special learning needs or physical needs.

All students must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and obtain a 2.0 or above the semester of application, be in good academic standing and disciplinary standing (students must not be on conduct probation and must have 4 or fewer points on the Gettysburg College Alcohol & Drug Policy Points System) in order to apply for off-campus studies. Accepted students must maintain their good standing in order to participate and permission will be rescinded for any student placed on probation prior to departing for their global study semester.

Students who participate in affiliated programs will earn both credits and grades, and will be able to use their financial aid to pay for the program. Students who participate in other approved off campus programs will earn credits but not grades, and will be able to use federal and in some cases state financial aid to pay for the program, however Gettysburg College financial aid cannot be used for these non-Affiliated programs.

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Schedule Limitations

The normal enrollment pattern enables a student to complete the graduation requirements in four years by scheduling eight courses per year. Payment of the Academic Comprehensive Fee entitles a student to register as a full-time student in at least three and, normally, not more than five and one-half course units during any semester that the student is enrolled at Gettysburg or in an affiliated program. Any student who is a candidate for a degree may not take fewer than three course units nor more than five course units in a fall or spring semester without the approval of the Academic Standing Committee.

Transfer Credit

A student must receive written permission from their advisor and from the Registrar in order to take course work at another accredited college. The form for this purpose is available from the Registrar’s Office. A student must earn a grade of C- or better in order to transfer credit. Except for certain specified programs, grades are not transferred. However, if a student enrolls at one of the Central Pennsylvania Consortium colleges or another college-affiliated program, grades and credits will be transferred as if the student took the courses at Gettysburg. The final year of academic work must be taken in residence at Gettysburg College. A regularly matriculating student is not permitted to transfer more than three courses from other institutions toward their degree at Gettysburg.