Meal Plan Policy

First-year students are required to participate in the USA Meal Plan. Transfer students may choose from any plan. Initiated members of fraternities living in College owned housing   are required to enroll in at least the minimum dining plan each semester. Please see the Gettysburg College Dining Services web site for current meal plan residency requirements. Students who have special dietary needs associated with a medical condition are urged to contact Dining Services for assistance. Dining Services staff members are very familiar with special diets and can provide foods necessary to meet these requirements. /about/offices/fa/dining/

Dining Accommodations
Dining Services offers a variety of dining options for every student. Students may select from Unlimited Servo Access (USA), which allows students to return to the Dining Center as many times as they like throughout the day and includes 50 Dining Dollars. Up-to-date meal plan offerings can be found on the Dining Services webpage at /about/offices/fa/dining/meal_planinformation/

Dining Dollars and meals are not transferrable or refundable and must be used in the semester that they are purchased. Cooking is not allowed in residence hall rooms. An important part of the residential experience is the philosophy of "table sharing." Students are urged to select a meal plan that enables them to eat a majority of their meals in the Dining Center which is an all-you-care-to-eat facility. Students residing in housing that has no meal plan requirement may choose any meal plan.

Dining Service Hours of Operation
For hours of all Dining Service operations, please visit the Dining Service website at: /about/offices/fa/dining/