Accommodation of Physical and Learning Disabilities

Accommodation of Physical and Learning Disabilities

Gettysburg College provides equal opportunities to students with disabilities admitted through the regular admissions process. The College promotes self-disclosure and self-advocacy for students with disabilities. Students seeking accommodation should contact the Office of Academic Advising.

For students with physical disabilities, the College provides accessibility within its facilities and programs and will, within the spirit of reasonable accommodation, adapt or modify those facilities and programs to meet individual needs.

For students with learning disabilities, the College accommodates on a case-by-case basis. All requested accommodation, which must be consistent with the data contained in documentation that meets the College's standards, is reviewed by the College's own consultant. Reasonable accommodation for students with learning disabilities may result in some curricular modifications that do not substantially alter course content or involve waiving requirements essential to the academic program. Some examples of reasonable accommodation are:

a) extended time on exams and assignments;

b) use of auxiliary equipment (tape recorders, lap top computers, calculators);

c) modified examination formats and/or oral examination.

The deans in Academic Advising assist students with disabilities with their requests for accommodation.