Globalization Studies Programs

Globalization is a multifaceted phenomenon that is making the world more complex and more interconnected culturally, politically, linguistically, and economically. The multidisciplinary major in globalization studies integrates perspectives from the humanities, social sciences, arts, and natural sciences.

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Alumni profile: Jesper Rosenkrans ’07 works abroad

Rosenkrans '07Academic focus: Economics, political science, and globalization studies triple major
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Job: Head of the European Fuel Trading desk at Maersk Oil Trading

Rosenkrans (pictured above, left) earned his M.S. in Economics from Copenhagen University. While studying, he worked at the Danish Ministry of Finance before taking a job with AP Moller-Maersk as a Business Development Manager in Maersk Oil Trading. He then joined the trading desk as a fuel trader before assuming responsibility for the European team of traders and operators.

“One of the lessons I learned early during my time in Gettysburg is that life is what you make it. I found that if I had the drive, ambition, interest and passion there were really no closed doors in Gettysburg. It really is about making those four years count, and that philosophy continues in life,” Rosenkrans said.

Alumni profile: Kavya Kumar ’13 works abroad

Kavya Kumar '13Academic focus: Political science and globalization studies double major
Location: Madrid, Spain
Job: Auxiliare de Conversación at a public primary school through the Spanish government

With the encouragement of Kathy Williams in the College’s Center for Career Development, during her senior year, Kumar applied for her teach abroad program. After learning of her placement in Madrid just before graduation, she volunteered at an ESL center on Long Island, and then took a month-long language immersion course in Seville, Spain before starting her placement.

“There are two major factors that contributed to where I am today: my study abroad experience in Geneva, Switzerland, which made me feel passionate about traveling, learning about new cultures, and becoming an active global citizen, and my involvement in the Globalization Studies department, which allowed me to experience courses in many different areas which helped open my mind,” Kumar said.