Fall 2008

Kathrine Kressman Taylor

September 19, 20 and 21
Kline Theatre


A live, stage dramatization of the bestselling 1938 suspense novel, "Address Unknown", by Kathrine Kressman Taylor (Gettysburg College professor emerita of English), will make its school-year premiere as a highlight of Homecoming Weekend at Gettysburg College, for three performances only.

"Address Unknown" is set in a San Francisco art gallery and in a country mansion near Munich, Germany, between November, 1932, and March, 1933, when the Nazis were coming to power. The action then shifts to Berlin and Vienna.

The mystery story is based on a series of letters between a Jewish, German-American art dealer and his fellow German business partner, who has repatriated to Germany just as Adolf Hitler takes control of the government. "Address Unknown" is famous for its vivid characters, subtle dramatic twists and, above all, for its uncanny foresight and its surprise ending.