Twilight Walk

A new Gettysburg College tradition

We come a band of good fellows
To sing in the twilight hours

This enchanting Alma Mater verse, crafted by alumni Paul Gilbert ’22 and Fred Reinartz ’24, was brought to life in 2013 through the creation of a new Gettysburg College tradition, the Twilight Walk.

Held on Jan. 25, the inaugural Twilight Walk, one of several campus traditions to blossom in the last decade, welcomed first-year students into alumni status upon completion of their first academic semester at the College. The highlight of the evening was an illuminated pathway walk by first-years to Pennsylvania Hall, where they collectively serenaded President Janet Morgan Riggs ’77 with the Alma Mater.

“This event signifies the connection our class has with Gettysburg College, now and beyond the next four years,” said Tiana Wu ’16, president of the Class of 2016, at an opening ceremony held in the College Union Building Ballroom. R. Bohrer

The ceremony emphasized the importance of striving for greatness as Gettysburg “alumni in residence” and encouraged students to reflect on the significance of entering a proud 26,000-member alumni base that stretches around the globe. Featured speakers at the ceremony included Vice President of College Life and Dean of Students Julie Ramsey, Alumni Board Member Lindsay Hough ’98, and Associate Provost Rob Bohrer.

“I hope you will take a moment to savor your new status,” Bohrer said. “Tonight is an opportunity to reflect on both your future at the College and how that will shape your future beyond Gettysburg. Congratulations on yet another milestone in your life.”

Prior to the procession to Pennsylvania Hall, the ceremony concluded with a rehearsal of the Alma Mater, led by the student-run a cappella group Four Scores, and the collection of pages for a Class Book, artistically crafted by each first year residence hall.Class Book

“The Class Book is a collection of mementos and photos from many of the events our class has participated in during our first semester,” said Ryan Corbett ’16, treasurer of the Class of 2016. “As we continue to make more memories as students and now as alumni of Gettysburg College, we will add to the Class Book. Hopefully by the end of our years here, everyone will find a page in this book that they can look at and recall fond memories of their time spent on campus and traveling off campus, domestically or abroad, with the Class of 2016.” Twilight Walk

Walking between luminary bags placed on the sidewalks leading from the College Union Building, first-year students made their way to the steps of Pennsylvania Hall, where President Riggs awaited their arrival with other members of the campus community. 

Gathered tightly together as snowflakes fluttered down to the salted pavement, the Class of 2016 belted out the Alma Mater, while swaying back and forth and even adding bits of choreography to particular verses.

The inaugural Twilight Walk was truly a picturesque and momentous evening that first-year students and the Gettysburg College community will cherish for years to come.

Read President Riggs’ Twilight Walk blog post and view more photos.

Twilight Walk singing

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Posted: Mon, 28 Jan 2013

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