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John Commito's Office

Many students and alumni know my 90-year-old father, Elio. We stay at his house (my house!) on the way to Maine to do fieldwork. Picture a tiny kitchen and a dozen robust young people with backpacks. He always tells them, “You’re tall!” Elio is a pip! 

My mother suffered from ill health her entire life. She didn’t mope around because of it. Agnes was not, shall we say, a shy woman. She never held back. She was hell on wheels. Agnes was 20 when I was born, 38 when I left for college, and 52 when she died.

My parents grew up poor. Fortified by their love and the GI Bill, they married young and forged ahead. They taught my brothers and me how to cook, clean, sew, iron, change a diaper, change a tire, shovel the driveway, mow the lawn, build things — build a life, really. They taught us to love books. To work hard, respect our teachers, and value education. To care about people with less than we had. They taught us to take a stand. Ask my students: “Doc tells us the same thing! Every day!”

John Commito's parentsGoing away to college was an impossible dream for my parents. Yet here I am. I challenge my students to take charge of their own lives, to make a difference in their own hearts and souls, and then in the lives of others. On the last day of every class, I hear echoes of my parents’ voices when I ask, “If not you, then who?”

Environmental studies Prof. John Commito is the department’s founding chair. He has won many Student Senate Faculty Appreciation and Order of Omega Outstanding Professor awards and was the Carnegie Foundation Professor of the Year in Maryland and Pennsylvania. A seafloor ecologist, he has experience in the U.S., Italy, New Zealand, and Norway. His research students have been Goldwater and NOAA-Hollings Scholars as well as National Science Foundation and NOAA-Knauss Marine Policy Fellows. Commito has degrees from Cornell and Duke and joined the Gettysburg faculty in 1993. He is pictured below with his parents Agnes and Elio Commito.

Posted: Tue, 30 Apr 2013





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