Think critically. Act compassionately. Kate Sweetland-Lambird '10 student leadership video

Kate Sweetland-Lambird '10 came to Gettysburg knowing she would get involved with the College's Center for Public Service (CPS). What she didn't know was that community involvement would prove to be a transformational experience, both for her and for children in Gettysburg.

As part of the Heston Summer Experience, a Gettysburg College program that facilitates social justice internships, Sweetland-Lambird took the lead in developing a writing workshop at The Center/El Centro, a community education program in Gettysburg. There, she encouraged children to create poetry and prose based on their own lives, and published their perspectives in a book, "A Collection of Voices."

For the past three academic years, Sweetland-Lambird has been one of 20 CPS program coordinators, who recruit, train, and organize volunteers, and partner with community organizations. Through intensive study and reflection, program coordinators also probe social justice issues and examine social inequity's local and global impacts.

"Kate is a leader because she has combined her Latin American Studies and Spanish major with her study-abroad experience, as well as her time working at CPS," said CPS Associate Director Kim Davidson. "Kate's ability to connect these experiences have supported her passion for social justice and allowed her to develop as a leader with a strong sense of self and the world, making her impact on the community meaningful."

Sweetland-Lambird, who hails from Lake Oswego, Ore., plans to build on her Gettysburg experience by making her career in public policy.

Kate's book, "A Collection of Voices," will be available for purchase in the CPS office.

There are 20 open positions at CPS for Program Coordinators in 2010-2011. Applications are due by February 9. Applications materials for the Heston Summer Experience 2010 will be available soon.

This is the second in a series of videos highlighting leadership opportunities at Gettysburg College.


Posted: Sun, 10 Jan 2010




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