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“One of higher education’s greatest pressure points is the need for colleges to innovate in ways that effectively prepare students to succeed as professionals and citizens, while also being authentic to their institutional mission. The Gettysburg Approach has nailed this balance. I’m excited to share this incredible model with other schools around the country.” – Ashley Finley, Vice President of Research and Senior Advisor to the President of the AAC&U

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Program Innovation: J-Term Courses Promote Student Development

Inside Higher Ed [01/19/2024] Gettysburg College offers free, virtual webinars to help learners launch into their lives after graduation, teaching personal and professional skills.

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Campus Engagement Tip: Personal Coaching to Get Plugged In

Inside Higher Ed [11/20/2023] Gettysburg College established co-curricular pathways to guide students on how their campus experiences can benefit them after college.

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Gettysburg College's Guided Pathways Connects Students' Co-curricular Experiences and Career Goals

American Council on Education [10/31/2023] Effective career skills development can be tricky for some traditional postsecondary institutions, but ACE member Gettysburg College is tackling this challenge through a new initiative that preserves the inquiry and exploration at the heart of a liberal arts education while preparing students for success in a competitive world.

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Following the Leaders: Understanding and Promoting Student Leadership

Inside Higher Ed [9/29/2023] Student Voice results show that students with certain advantages are more likely to have held leadership positions on campus than peers. Here’s why that matters and what institutions can do to help boost students’ leadership creds.

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Success Program Launch: Co-Curricular Pathways Bridge the Skills Gap

Inside Higher Ed [9/27/2023] To best prepare students for the jobs of the future, Gettysburg College is guiding incoming students to establish a skills track, emphasizing flexible career and professional development abilities.

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