Major & Minor


Students may earn a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry by completing the following requirements in the chemistry department

*Chemistry 107 - Chemical Structure & Bonding
*Chemistry 108 - Chemical Reactivity
Chemistry 203 - Organic Chemistry 1: Structure and Mechanism
Chemistry 204 - Organic Chemistry 2:  Reactivity and Chemical Synthesis
Chemistry 222 - Chemistry: Contemporary Issues & Practices
Chemistry 305 - Physical Chemistry 1: Chemical Thermodynamics & Kinetics
Chemistry 306 - Physical Chemistry 2: Quantum Chemistry & Spectroscopy
Chemistry 317 - Instrumental Analysis

In addition, students must complete the following courses from other departments

Physics 109 - Introductory Physics I
Physics 110 - Introductory Physics II
Math 111 - Calculus I
Math 112 - Calculus II
Math 211 - Multivariable Calculus

Those students who wish to pursue a Bachelor of Science in chemistry are required to complete the Bachelor of Arts plus the following courses.

Chemistry 375 - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
Chemistry 410 - Senior Research Seminar
One additional 300-level chemistry course

Students who wish to pursue an American Chemical Society accredited degree must complete the Bachelor of Science degree plus one of the following courses.

Chemistry 333 - Biochemistry 1
Chemistry 334 - Biochemistry 2

Students who wish to pursue a minor in chemistry must complete the following courses

*Chemistry 107 - Chemical Structure & Bonding
*Chemistry 108 - Chemical Reactivity
Three courses at or above the 200-level
One course at or above the 300-level. Note: If Chemistry/Biology 334 is used to meet the requirements of a major in Biology, it may not also be used to satisfy course requirements for a Chemistry minor.

* Students intending to take Chemistry 107/108 must take a placement test prior to enrolling in Chemistry 107.