Approved Study Abroad Courses

There are specific off-campus programs that have already been evaluated for potential credit in economics.  For each of these, the Economics Department has determined whether or not the courses may be counted toward the major or minor. View the Approved Courses List (PDF).

The listing of reviewed courses is categorized as follows:

  • If a course number or range is listed, the student can get credit towards the major or minor for that course or an elective in that range.
  • If the entry states “no credit,” the determination has been made that this course does not count towards the Economics major or minor.
  • If the course is not on the list, the course has not previously been reviewed.

If an off-campus program of interest is not on the list, the student can apply for approval of the course using the Center for Global Education online course approval system. The Economics Department chair should be provided with information about the course, including the course subject, its prerequisites, and, ideally a syllabus.