Major & Minor

The Economics Department recommends that students complete their core requirements (100-level and 200-level courses) as early as possible. This strategy will not only make the more advanced courses easier to handle, but will give the student flexibility in planning course schedules in the third and fourth year of study.

  • Careful planning is especially important for students who plan to attend off-campus programs. The most appropriate time for going abroad is during the third year of study.
  • Having completed core requirements prior to off-campus study, students can undertake the off-campus experience knowing that they are on track for timely completion of their major program.

Major Requirements

A minimum of eleven courses is required for the major. Students completing the major in economics must take the following:
Major Course Checklist

Core Courses

  • Economics 103 and 104
  • Economics 241, 243, 245 and 249
  • Economics 350

Additional Courses:

  • Economics Electives: Three courses from 250-399, at least two from 300-399
  • One senior seminar

Course Guidelines:

  • Economics 350 is a core course and cannot also count as one of the required 300-level courses in the major.
  • All courses above the 100-level require the completion of 103 and 104.
  • Some 200-level courses are recommended for some 300-level courses and required by others.
  • All 400-level courses require the completion of all core requirements plus at least two 300-level courses. However, a student may petition the instructor of a course for waiver of course prerequisites. Further, the student must also demonstrate achievement in mathematics equivalent to one semester of college-level calculus. This may be demonstrated by successful completion of Mathematics 105-106 or 111. Students may not take core courses off-campus.

Minor Requirements

Six courses are required for the Economics minor.
Minor Course Checklist


  • Economics 103 and 104
  • Two courses from among Economics 241, 243, 245, 249, 350

Two additional courses from among those numbered 250 and above.