Internships and Careers

The increasing significance of globalization as a worldwide phenomenon opens up a wide range of career opportunities for those who major in Globalization Studies. Our program at Gettysburg —an interdisciplinary program that explores ideas from multiple perspectives-offers ideal preparation for the workplace challenges of the future. And the self-designed nature of the GS major allows you to tailor your study in ways that match your career goals.

The major provides a strong foundation for careers or graduate school in fields such as international development, environmental sustainability, international business and finance, international education, government, public policy, and public health.

Though the Globalization Studies major is only a few years old at Gettysburg, our first graduates are already achieving noteworthy success. One works with a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Philadelphia that focuses on challenges facing asylum seekers. Another is with an NGO in Guatemala that addresses water issues. Another is in graduate school in public health. Yet another works for an international medical-equipment supply company in Japan. They are making their mark everywhere from the Peace Corps to Wall Street, finding that the knowledge and skills they gained at Gettysburg are serving them well in the global workplace.

Off-Campus Learning Opportunities for Majors

Globalization Studies hosts a Moodle listing of off-campus learning opportunities for majors, which includes internships, fellowships, conferences, summer study abroad, and service learning opportunities. The Center for Career Engagement hosts a much more comprehensive list, but these are listings which GS faculty and majors have found to be of particular interest. Feel free to check it out often, as new listings will be added as we receive them.

Prepare for Your Career with an Internship

One of the best ways to explore a career field that interests you is by doing an internship. Internships let you try out a career, find out what you like (or don't like), make important contacts, and gain real-world experience that will stand out on a resume or graduate school application.

GS majors typically choose internships linked to their regional or thematic track. One student interned with the U.S. Department of Transportation in Austin, Texas, working on transportation issues related to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Another who was interested in public health interned with a public health program at Yale University.

Others intern with international businesses, non-governmental organizations, or international development agencies. Gettysburg's close proximity to Washington, D.C., is a plus for GS majors seeking internships, as many internationally focused organizations have headquarters or offices there.