Student Clubs & Organizations

Phi Alpha Theta

Phi Alpha Theta is a national History honors society. Students are invited to join if they meet the following requirements: 

1.Completed at least 4 History courses

2.Overall GPA at least 3.0

3.History GPA at least 3.1

4.In top 1/3 of graduating class

Phi Alpha Theta sponsors various activities on and off campus, including speakers, colloquia, History film nights, and field trips to historical sites.

Civil War Club

All Gettysburg students are eligible to join the Civil War Club, which sponsors activities on and off campus for its members, including battlefield and museum trips, reenactments and encampments, and Civil War Era baseball games.

Historical Society Club

The Gettysburg College Historical Society is a history club that brings together those genuinely interested in history and, consequently, does not discriminate based on major. It endeavors to spark historical conversation among all the members of the Gettysburg community and enable a trade of knowledge and perspectives on historical matters. This club’s mission is to nurture fruitful and respectful historical discourse that provides application to the grander scheme of life. Its members should respect tradition but not be hindered by it. They should educate, but be imaginative in the ways that that can be done. Ultimately this is an open club designed for discussion, imagination, and action.