List of Courses

The courses listed below are possible courses for inclusion in the Peace and Justices Minor.  Courses not listed here may count toward the minor with permission.  Please see one of the advising faculty for Peace and Justice Studies for additional information.

For current Peace and Justice Studies course offerings please check The Registrar's page for the most current schedule information.

AFS 130 Intro to African-American Studies
AFS 131 Intro to African Studies (Formerly AFS 230)
AFS 132 Intro to Caribbean Studies

AFS 236 Mapping Caribbean Identities
AFS 246 Human Rights Policy and Practice in the Caribbean
AFS 248 African American Women Writers
AFS 250 Topics in Africana Studies
AFS 264 Education for Social Change
AFS 267 Race, Gender & The Law
AFS 270 The Postcolonial Condition
AFS 274 Globalization & It's Discontents
AFS 290 Language, Race and Education
AFS 318 Africana Music: Juju to Hiphop
AFS 331 Africana Intellectual History
AFS 367 Black Men, White Law
AFS 375 Aid and Volunteering in Africa

ANTH 218 Islam and Women
ANTH 221 Language and Culture
ANTH 225 Food, Culture and Globalization
ANTH 228 Cross-Cultural Gender Roles
ANTH 231 Gender and Change in Africa/Afro-Latin America
ANTH 233 Plural France
ANTH 239 African Modernities
ANTH 240 Modernity and Change in Asia/Pacific
ANTH 243 Conflict France and Change in Asia/Pacific
ANTH 245 Lang, Cult, Identity Mid East
ANTH 302 Human Rights through an Anthropological Lens
ANTH 304 Anthropology of Violence & Conflict

BIO 316 Conservation Biology

CLA 335 Warfare in the Ancient Mediterranean World
CLA 350 Democratic Labors in Athens and America

CWES 205 Intro to American Civil War
CWES 215 Intro to War Studies
CWES 320 Aftermath: The Experience of War and ‘Modern’ Memory
CWES 330 John Brown
CWES 337 Legacy of the Civil War
CWES 346 Women and the Civil War

ECON 212 African Economics History & Dev
ECON 213 East Asian Economic History & Dev
ECON 250 Economic Development
ECON 251 International Economics
ECON 255 Poverty & Disease in Undeveloped
ECON 301 Labor Economics
ECON 308 Political Economy
ECON 341 Environmental Economics

EDUC 199 Educational Psychology
EDUC 209 Social Foundations of Education
EDUC 220 Urban Education
EDUC 264 Education for Social Change
EDUC 320 Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students
EDUC 333 Literacy as Agency: Politics, Pedagogies, & Possibilities of Literacy in the 21st Century

ENG 224 Gender and Sexuality in 18th Century British Literature
ENG 235 Survey of African American Literature
ENG 241 Literature of the Civil War Era
ENG 243 Riot, Rebellion, Revolution: The Tradition of Protest in Nineteenth-Century US Literature
ENG 252 Century African American Literature
ENG 253 Images of Women in Literature
ENG 258 African American Women Writers
ENG 261 After Auschwitz: Literature of Witness
ENG 263 Voice and Visibility: African Americans and the Power of Spoken Word
ENG 265 U.S. Latino Voices
ENG 355 Radical American Women

ES 121 Environmental Issues
ES 162 World Regional Geography
ES 165 Native American Environmental Issues
ES 333 Environmental Policy
ES 334 Global Environment and Development
ES 335 Gender & Environment

FREN 310 Revolutions: Political, Social and Cultural
FREN 334 Diversity in French Cinema
FREN 336 Immigrants and Young Ethnics

FYS 102-3 The World’s Children
FYS 103 Natives on Film
FYS 105 Sustainability or Collapse
FYS 113 Hangin’s Too Good for ‘em
FYS 114 Propaganda, Persuasion and the Public Sphere: Democracy in an Age of Mass Media
FYS 114-3 Pursuing Justice: A hands-on approach to US legal History
FYS 116-2 Seeking Peace: Alternatives to Violence
FYS 117-3 The Economics of Poverty
FYS 120-3 What Would Smokey Say?
FYS 121 Clash of Cultures - Turkey & Germany
FYS 123-3 Work, Society, and Self
FYS 130 Women’s Health & Sexuality
FYS 133 Gender & Politics in Latin America
FYS 135 Luck of the Irish? The Troubled State of Northern Ireland
FYS 156 Separate and Unequal: An examination of Race, Gender and Economic Outcomes (Githinji)
FYS 156-2 Green Eggs & Gov't. Cheese
FYS 160 After Apartheid: Memory, Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa
FYS 164 War Cries: The German Experience in the 20th Century
FYS 165 Anarchism and the Anarchist
FYS 167 The Pity of War (Formerly: Creating Peace: The Power of Storytelling, Rituals and Festivals)
FYS 167-2 Beyond Terrorism
FYS 170-2 September 11, 2001: Through a Sociological Lens
FYS 172 Gender in Science & Society
FYS 178-2 Voice of the Rebel in America
FYS 179 Language in Multicultural America
FYS 182 Understanding AIDS
FYS 197 The Myths and Realities of the Vietnam War
FYS 198-2 Tryin' to find a way back home: An introduction to the literature and legacy of Homelessness in America

GER 260 Media Violence/Violence in the Media
GER 270 Transnational Writing and Film: Gender, Race, and Ethnicity in the New European Context
GER 285 European Jews: History, Holocaust, Future
GER 305 Modern Germany: Issues and Identity
GER 335 Redefining German: Gender, Nation, Migration
GER 351 The German-Jewish Experience

HIST 208 Islamic History 600-1500
HIST 219 Europe Since 1945
HIST 226 The Birth of a Deadly "Boy": The History and Science of the Atomic Bombings of Japan
HIST 238 African American History: A Survey
HIST 244 American Military History
HIST 245 Gender and the American Civil War
HIST 248 Poverty and Welfare in American History
HIST 318 Europe and the Two World Wars
HIST 323 Gender in Modern Japan
HIST 334 Law & Society in US History
HIST 339 From Old South to New South
HIST 342 Revolutionary America
HIST 345 Civil War
HIST 346 Slavery and Emancipation in the Atlantic World
HIST 350 The Modern Freedom Black Struggle in America
HIST 361 The Mexican Revolution
HIST 364 Social Difference in Brazilian History
HIST 373 History of Sub-Sahara Africa in the Twentieth Century
HIST 374 Protest Movements in South Africa & the US
HIST 379 U.S.-Middle East 1776-1979
HIST 416 Spanish Inquisition
HIST 424 Race on Trial

HS 322 Global Health

IAC 400 Globalization (Bohrer)

IDS 206 Native American Studies
IDS 252 Youth and New Media in the M.E
IDS 255 Science, Technology, and Nuclear Weapons
IDS 322 Public Policy Seminar: Urban Education
IDS 464 Senior Project (in certain cases)

LAS 220 The Dictator Novel
LAS 223 Mapping Caribbean Identities
LAS 231 Gender and Change in Africa/Afro-Latin Amer
LAS 262 Social Dev. Of Latin America
LAS 265 U.S. Latino Voices
LAS 300 Sexuality as Political Discourse, Latin America
LAS 304
LAS 331 Reinventing Latin American Societies
LAS 361 The Mexican Revolution
LAS 364 Social Difference in Brazilian History

MGT 335 Negotiation & Conflict Management
MTG 338 White Collar Crime in the 21st Century
MGT 407 Ethics and the Playing Fields of Competition

MUS 251 Topics in Musicology: Global - Music of the Caribbean
MUS 318 Africana Music: Juju to Hiphop

PHIL 105 Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL-215 Latin American and Caribbean Philosophy
PHIL 218 Gender and Identity
PHIL 219 Philosophy of Peace and Nonviolence
PHIL 222 Philosophical Perspectives on Justice
PHIL 224 Philosophy & Human Rights
PHIL 226 Philosophy of Resistance
PHIL 227 Beyond Terrorism
PHIL 240 World Philosophy
PHIL 246 Philosophy of Theravada Buddhism
PHIL 328 Deliberative Democracy
PHIL 338 Philosophy of Law

POL 225 American Constitutional Law
POL 252 North-South Dialogue
POL 253 National and Ethnic Conflict
POL 221 The Politics of Public Policy
POL 228 Race & Politics
POL 270 Government and Politics in China
POL 275 Latin American Politics
POL 321 A Gender in American Politics (Formerly POL 301 Gender & American Politics)
POL 322 Civil Rights & Liberties
POL 347 Global Conflict Management
POL 351 Political Economy of Armed Conflict
POL 363 Politics of Developing Areas
POL 370 Continuing Issues in Turkey
POL 382 Feminist Theory in Amer Pol
POL 383 The Holocaust and Modern Political Thought
POL 404 Capstone - Comparative Politics: Contemporary Democracies
POL 412 Women and the Political Economy of Development

PSYCH 210 Cultural Psychology
PSYCH 214 Social Psychology

REL 105 The Bible and Modern Moral Issues
REL 226 Native American Religions
REL 227 Religion and Society
REL 238 Religion & Politics in the Middle East
REL 320 Religion, Colonialism, and Resistance
REL 331 Religion and Technology
REL 362 Violence/Non Violence: Global Religious Perspectives

SOC 202 Wealth, Power & Prestige
SOC 207 Criminology
SOC 209 Race and Ethnicity
SOC 217 Gender Inequality
SOC 237 Power, Politics and New Media
SOC 239 Health, Medicine and Society
SOC 240 Sexualities
SOC 241 Globalization
SOC 244 Global Sexualities
SOC 250 Special Topics: Sociology of Work
SOC 262 Social Dev. Of Latin America
SOC 310 Theories of Capitalism
SOC 312 Theories of Social Change
SOC 313 Theories of Politics and Society
SOC 331 Reinventing Latin American Societies

SPAN 203 Intermediate Spanish: Issues of Immigration

WGS 120 Introduction to Women's Studies
WGS 214 Native American Women
WGS 220 Women in Film
WGS 222 Women's Movements in the United States
WGS 226 Feminism in Global Perspective
WGS 231 Gender in Africa/Afro-Latin Am
WGS 253 Images of Women in Literature
WGS 260 Queer Eye on America
WGS 290 Practicum: Feminist Theory and Action
WGS 310 Queer Theories