Internship Guidelines

The Gettysburg College Management Department encourages students to participate in an internship. The internship allows the student to use what he or she has learned at the College in an external environment. It will allow the student to gain new insights into disciplines through working alongside of individuals with experience in the particular field of interest.

An internship is a cooperative agreement between the employer, a college academic department and the Center for Career Engagement. The student does not directly receive academic credit for the internship, but rather receives credit for a subsequent project. The department’s view of an internship is that the student should first view it as an opportunity to learn and enhance his or her knowledge in the OMS major or Business minor areas. That is its main value. The majority of internships sponsored by the department are partial credit. Occasionally, the department will sponsor a full-credit internship. These occur when the internship meets the learning goals of the department AND the student demonstrates a sincere interest in furthering his or her knowledge of a study area.

The process for procuring a position has several steps

  • Locate an employer that is offering an internship position. Students have several options, including friends, family, Management Department faculty, other faculty and staff as well as Career Development.
  • Find a faculty sponsor in the Management Department. The sponsor will be responsible for informing the student of his or her responsibilities as well as monitoring the student’s progress during and after the internship. A faculty member is not obligated to sponsor a student. Sponsorship will be based on the available time of the faculty person as well as the extent to which the faculty member feels that the internship qualifies as a legitimate experience representative of the Department. It is the faculty sponsor that approves the internship. The sponsor will need documentation from the employer as to the duties and responsibilities of the job. Do not proceed with the process until you have acquired a sponsor.
  • Complete a Learning Contract online through the Student Center. The contract will require employer information as well as learning goals and a description of duties. Since the faculty sponsor will approve the information, please be as thorough as possible. The employer will also need to provide information for the contract.
  • Complete your internship. Full course credit for an internship requires 160 hours. A half-credit requires 80 hours and a quarter-credit requires 40 hours. Please present yourself in a professional manner keeping in mind that you are representing Gettysburg College. Your employer will provide an evaluation of our performance.
  • Meet with your sponsor. After completing your internship, you should meet with your sponsor during the first week of the semester following your internship. Your grade will be applied to that semester. During your visit you will discuss your experience as well as review the expectations and requirements discussed when you initially met with your sponsor.
  • Complete requirements. Although the Management Department has uniform requirements, each faculty member has the discretion to enhance those requirements and vary due dates. Please make sure you are clear on requirements and due dates, including assignments to be completed during the internship.

Department Requirements

Partial credit internships require an eight to ten page reflection paper. They do not count toward graduation credit.

For full credit internships, the department requires, at a minimum, the following:

  • A weekly journal kept during the internship that relates to the student’s learning contract goals
  • A 20-25 page research paper with the topic at the discretion of the faculty sponsor, including an annotated bibliography shortly after meeting with your sponsor following the internship. The exact timeline will be at the discretion of the individual faculty members.

Credit Requirements

Credit for a full internship requires at least 160 hours of work. The Management Department will give preference to declared majors and minors. Because of the independent study nature of the internship process, all interns must have at least a 2.7 GPA. The declaration must have taken place before acquiring a faculty sponsor. Major or minor credit must be approved by the chairperson of the Management department. The internship must be in accordance with the spirit of the OMS discipline for OMS credit and business for Business credit. If granted, the major or minor credit will not take the place of a specific required course, but towards an elective. Grading will be on the scale of A-F and not S/U.

Please contact the department internship coordinator, Professor Duane Bernard (, for further inquiries.

Important Dates

The Center for Career development has established the following deadlines for the completion of “paperwork”, including the Learning Contract:

  • Summer – June 15
  • Academic year – add/drop dates for the particular semester

Students are encouraged to complete the Learning Contract as soon as possible after acquiring a faculty sponsor.

The Management Department has established a firm deadline. Students must acquire their sponsor by the Friday of finals week for acquiring a sponsor for summer internships. It is not the responsibility of the department to provide a sponsor. Students are encouraged to complete the summer internship contract process before leaving college at the end of the spring semester. Faculty reserves the right to withdraw sponsorship if the contract is not completed within a week of sponsor acquisition.