Student showcase

Students graduating from Gettysburg College have pursued numerous careers in the health professions. View examples from some of our recent health professions graduates (PDF).

Alumni profiles

mcguinnKathleen McGuinn '10
Attending: Jefferson Medical College

"A-Ha" Moment:

Both of Kathleen's parents are in the medical field ... her mother is a family practice nurse and her father is an anesthesiologist. She has wanted to be a physician since childhood -- so in effect, her entire childhood served as her "a-ha" moment. She has seen the good works of her parents on a first-hand, ongoing basis, and has always admired and aspired to the profession of medicine. Read more

dinnocenziJackie D'Innocenzi '10
Majors: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Attending: University of Virginia School of Medicine, Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/PhD Program)

"A-Ha" Moment:

As a child with a passion for horseback riding, Jackie had originally pictured herself as an equine vet. But after volunteering at a handicap-accessible riding stable for disabled individuals, she discovered that what she really enjoyed was working with people to overcome their physical disabilities. This realization put her on the path toward the medical profession.Read more

scmidthMelissa Regina Schmidt '09
Attending: University of Maryland School of Medicine

"A-ha" Moment:

Although Melissa had discovered her passion for physics in high school, it wasn’t until she began shadowing physicians during college that she realized that the medical profession was her true calling.  As a Gettysburg student, she shadowed a local physician who exemplified passion for patient care.  What's more, this doctor was so committed to offering shadowing opportunities to local students that she built a student lounge at her practice for “shadowers.” This experience was a turning point for Melissa. Read more