Internship Requirements

The Public Policy major at Gettysburg College requires students to complete a policy-related internship for academic credit (PP 470). Students should take PP 221 and participate in an internship information session before undertaking their internship. Most students complete their internship during the summer before their junior or senior year.

Public Policy internships can be in local, state, federal, or international environments. Internships also can be in non-governmental and nonprofit organizations. Internships offered through some off-campus study programs and the fieldwork component of some SIT programs also may fulfill the Public Policy internship requirement.

What Are the Internship Requirements?

  1. Ask a member of the Public Policy faculty to serve as your internship adviser. Usually, your internship adviser will be the same as your public policy faculty adviser;
  2. Submit a one-page summary of the proposed internship experience describing the organization, their duties, and how it relates to their policy studies. This summary is due to your internship adviser and your faculty adviser by May 31 for summer internships orwithin two weeks of commencing internships undertaken during the academic year;
  3. Register for PP 470 for the semester following the internship (see below). If you will be studying off campus/abroad during the semester following your internship, then you should register for PP 470 for the first semester that you will be back on campus.
  4. Complete a minimum of 160 hours of work during the internship, documented per instructions from your internship adviser;
  5. Maintain a daily journal throughout the internship.
  6. Prepare a 15-20-page policy concept paper during the semester following yourinternship. The paper is due to your internship adviser no later than September 30 for summer internships. If you are studying off campus during the fall semester, then your paper is due on February 28; and
  7. The final grade for the internship is based partly on the paper and partly on your on-site internship supervisor’s evaluation of your performance during the internship. The internship is graded on an A-F basis. The credit fulfills the Public Policy internship requirement and counts toward the College’s 32-course graduation requirement.

How Do I Find an Internship?

  1. Work with the Center for Career Engagement to identify possible internships. Begin working with them as soon as possible.
  2. Consult with your Public Policy faculty advisor.
  3. Join Gettysburg Connectsto interact with alumni interested in mentoring students.
  4. Review this list of organizations offering internships.
  5. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for newly released information.
  6. Join our private LinkedIngroup for networking opportunities.
  7. Industriously and creatively reach out to organizations relevant to your policy studies.

How Do I Register for Academic Credit for My Internship?

  1. Once you secure an internship, please complete a learning contract.
  2. Meet with yourfaculty adviser during the semester prior to the internship to review the learning contract and establish your adviser’s expectations for communication during the internship.
  3. Submit your learning contract to the Chair of the Public Policy Program at Although the Center for Career Engagement’s deadline for completing the learning contract is June 15, Public Policy majors who want to do a summer internship are strongly encouraged to submit it before May 1.
  4. Register for PP 470 (Public Policy Internship) for the semester during which you will submit the policy concept paper.