Major Flow Chart

flow graphical representation

Introductory Course

Students should begin by taking an introductory sociology course, either SOC 101, 102, or 103.  They must earn a grade of C or above to declare a major. Students should then complete a series of 200-level courses, including: a set of subject-based courses as well as two method courses and one introductory theory course.

Inequalities Course

Students are required to take at least one course on sociological inequalities. There are several 200-level courses that meet this requirement. Students should choose one course from the following list:

SOC 202: Wealth. Power & Prestige, or 

SOC 209: Race and Ethnicity, or 

SOC 217: Gender inequalities, or 

SOC 240: Sexualities, or 

SOC 243: Chinese Diaspora, or 

SOC 244: Global Sexualities. 

In addition to the inequalities requirement, students must also take at least three 200- or 300-level elective courses in the department.

Elective Courses

Students are required to take at least three subject-based elective courses in the major, choosing from 200- or 300-level SOC courses beyond the other required courses (inequalities, methods and theory). Approved study abroad courses can also be used to meet this requirement. The most current list of elective courses is available through the college registrar. 

Qualitative Methods

After completing an introductory sociology course, students are required to take two 200-level research methods courses; they are not sequential and do not have a 200-level elective or inequalities prerequisite. The qualitative research methods course is SOC 298: Field Methods in Social Research. Only the introductory sociology course is a prerequisite.

Quantitative Methods

The quantitative research methods course is SOC 299: Data Analysis and Statistics. Only the introductory sociology course is a prerequisite.

Introductory Theory

The final required 200-level course in the major is SOC 296: Introduction to Sociological Theory. Students must take one 200-level sociology course as a prerequisite. A grade of C or above is required to continue in the major and enroll in advanced theory.

Advanced Theory 

One 300-level course in advanced sociological theory is required for all students majoring in sociology. Students must have taken SOC 296: Introduction to Sociological Theory and received a grade of C or above to enroll in this course. Majors can choose from SOC 315: Theories of Self or SOC 318: Theories of Capitalism.

Research Capstone

The major culminates in the research capstone, SOC 400: Sociology Seminar. This course, usually taken in the senior year, has SOC 296, SOC 298 and SOC 299 as prerequisites.