Student Performance Opportunities

Students at the Sunderman Conservatory have myriad opportunities to showcase their skill and musical expertise. These performances range from informal weekday events to formal degree recitals.

Conservatory Special Events

The Conservatory reserves the hour from 3:00 to 4:00 pm on Fridays for Conservatory special events. This is an opportunity to enjoy occasional additional performances and activities, including junior Bachelor of Music recitals and presentations by visiting guest performers and lecturers.

Informal Recitals

Sometimes, students may choose to perform non-degree recitals. These “informal recitals” do not fulfill performance requirements for the music major and are not included in the Conservatory Performance Calendar.

  • Informal recitals may be scheduled with the permission of the studio instructor, and may be performed in venues on or off campus such as The Attic, the College Chapel, or a local church.
  • Students are responsible for all aspects of the recital, including reserving the space, setting up the performance area and returning it to its original condition, supplying printed programs, and arranging for and compensating an accompanist.


Informances are student-run, informal performance opportunities held late at night in Schmucker Hall. Timing ranges from a few times each semester to weekly event. These informal performances offer an opportunity for students to “try things out” for their peers without pressures of concert dress or etiquette. Faculty members are generally not invited.

Junior & Senior Recitals

Senior Recitals are formal required performances for music majors; Junior Recitals are required for the Bachelor of Music Degree.

Notes at Noon

Notes at Noon is held in the main floor apse area of the library, and includes three to four concerts each semester. This Conservatory favorite is also known as Musselman Library's “brown-bag concert series.” The series features students and faculty from the Sunderman Conservatory of Music as well as off-campus performers. Highlights have included student groups such as the Opera Workshop, Percussion Ensemble, and a flute choir, as well as faculty solo recitals and performances by the Sunderman Woodwind Quintet. The audience for Notes at Noon includes students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Studio Classes

Another opportunity for performance is available in the studio class. Voice and piano studio classes meet weekly, and other instrumental areas meets as scheduled by the studio teachers.

Friday Afternoon Recital Hour

On Fridays at 3:00 p.m., the Conservatory’s music community gathers for student solo and chamber performances, master classes, and presentations by Conservatory faculty members and guests. These events are designed to further the overall understanding of music, the aspects of music performance, and various professional issues related to music. Through attendance at these weekly recitals, students are exposed to a wide variety of repertory and styles, mediums, genres, and techniques. The hour provides an opportunity for all students registered for private applied study to perform; studio instructors are encouraged to have their students perform at least once a year.

  • Music majors are required to attend the Friday Recital Hour.
  • Music minors are required to attend during the semesters in which they are registered for private applied instrument/voice lessons.

To schedule a performance time for a Friday Afternoon Recital, a student should:

  • Obtain and complete a blue Friday Recital Request Card from the Conservatory office.
  • Present the card to the studio instructor for approval signature for date and music choices, and return the signed card to the office.
  • Completed and signed cards are due to the Conservatory office by 5:00 pm on the Friday before the requested Friday Afternoon Recital date. A printing proof of the Recital program will be e-mailed to the studio instructor; approval is needed by 5:00 pm on Wednesday prior to the recital date.