Type: Cultural

Gettysburg African Student Association

The purpose of Gettysburg African Student Association is to provide a forum for meaningful discussions of the political, social, and cultural, and traditional matters surrounding Africa. We aim to create a culturally enlightened community on campus by educating the student body and the campus community about the continent of Africa and all people of African descent. We intend to achieve this by organizing events, promoting issues that engage the campus community and hopefully to spark changes that build towards a greater future for the social, economic, and political development of African people and of the African Continent. GASA is opened to all people and groups interested in African and the issues pertaining to it. GASA's mission is to unify the African student body and friends of Africa within Gettysburg College and in the community. We aim to do this by creating a friendly and supportive atmosphere where students can learn from and share with each other. Through social and community service events and internal and outreach programs, GASA strives to provide support for those affiliated with GASA. GASA strives to encourage a spirit of unity (Umoja) and humanity (Ubuntu) among its members and the campus community. Our doors will always be open to the multi-cultural society we live in. The association will be devoted to the propagation and enhancement of academic skills, the discussion of current issues, and the development of leadership skills. GASA stands a voice and home for its members and is devoted to the interests of peace and unity in the campus community.

For questions, please contact:

President: Aisosa Ede-Osifo

Advisor: Ty Redden