Type: Academic

Economics Research Club

The Economics Research Club aims to help Gettysburg College students discover their interests in the field of Economics and reach their career aspirations. We hope to advance all of its members’ knowledge of economics through discussions on current events to which we apply an economic lens. At the same time we aim to have discussions analyzing economic policies and their implications. The Economics Research Club also aims to organize events to connect students with economists, professors, and professionals in the field of Economics and other related fields. Our focus will include a wide array of topics in the different sub-fields of economics such as: development economics, health economics, environmental economics, macroeconomics, microeconomics and more. If you are someone looking to advance your knowledge in Economics and exercise the skills you have learned in class, please consider joining us.

For questions, please contact:

President: Sara Garrett

Vice President: Holly O'Malley

Advisor: M. Ivanova Reyes