Type: Service Organizations

Students Against Sexual Assault

SASA started as a change-making project for a Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies class at Gettysburg College in the spring of 2011. Four students quickly realized the need for organized action to address issues of sexual assault on our campus. The organization has since evolved. SASA’s mission is to address the needs of those who attend Gettysburg College who have been or will be a victim of sexual assault over their four years of school as well as to change the overall dynamic surrounding sexual violence. SASA has dedicated itself to addressing these issues, informing the public, encouraging awareness, and fostering support within the Gettysburg College student body. The 14 Days to End Sexual Violence is a two week event that intends to increase awareness surrounding the issues of sexual violence that occur on our campus and in our greater society. With events usch as facilitated discussions, movie nights, CUB Tables, statistical or artistic displays, and educational presentations, the 14 Days team intends to offer something for everyone. We have partnered with different campus organizations such as QHouse, Photo Club, Department of Public Safety, Servo, Greek organizations, AAUW, and Survivors Inc. Our hopes are that these events and partnerships will spark discussion around campus, increasing the visibility of the very relevant issues of sexual violence in our community and in our culture.

President: Sydney Kaplan 

Vice President: Camille Traczek 

Advisors: Monica Ogra