Student Information

Celebration is a spring colloquium that showcases student work from a variety of disciplines in poster format. Students engage in an integrated mixture of poster presentations. But most importantly – Celebration is an opportunity for you to share your accomplishments in poster format!

  • Celebration also offers valuable (and hard-to-obtain) experience in presenting and defending your intellectual and/or creative work. This is critical and sought-after skill whether you plan to pursue graduate study or employment after Gettysburg.
  • You’ll also be able to practice your networking skills with students, faculty, staff, and guests in a friendly setting filled with encouragement!

Celebration is an opportunity for you!

Through this engaging event, you can:

  • Exchange ideas with other students
  • Work closely with faculty, who serve as mentors, and attend the event
  • Learn to present academic research/experience or creative work product in a formal setting
  • Receive feedback on your work
  • Enhance your resume
  • Celebrate your achievements with the campus community and your friends and family

Who is Eligible?

Celebration participants come from all class years: first-year, sophomore, junior, and senior. If you are a currently-enrolled student at Gettysburg College and you have secured a faculty or college administration sponsor, you can register their poster via the online application.

The Poster 

Poster Session: A variety of department/disciplines present together during one poster session. Each poster presenter has 90 minutes to present their work and answer questions from guests. Students may incorporate technology by way of a laptop computer to enhance the information provided on the poster. It cannot take the place of a poster. Examples would be audio clips of music or video pertaining to the project or a game that your guests can try. PowerPoint presentations are not permitted. Poster size must be 36"h x 48"w. 

Follow the steps below to prepare and print your poster for Celebration.

  • Attend a Poster Workshop if you can. If not, Contact Mallory Jallas in the library for an individual session.
  • Create your poster in PowerPoint. Size to 36"h x 48" w. (Optional template)
  • Check your work.
  • Send the file to your mentor for review.
  • Email a completed Ricoh request form and your PowerPoint file to by Friday April 17 to ensure it will be printed in time for the event.
  • Pick up your printed poster from Ricoh in the West Building. They will notify you when it has been printed.
  • Post your poster in Bream Gym. All posters must be mounted by 4:15 p.m. on May 1. Posters are assigned so please refer to the assignment boards and locate your spot.