Past Fortenbaugh Speakers

Roundtable Discussion: "The State of Civil War Military History," 61st Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2023

Reardon, Carol. "Gettysburg in History and Memory," 60th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2022

Masur, Louis. "Abraham Lincoln and the Problem of Reconstruction," 59th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2021

Simpson, Brooks. “The Rollercoaster Reputation of President Ulysses S. Grant,” 58th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2019

Rable, George. “Fighting for Reunion: Dilemmas of Hatred and Vengeance,” 57th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2018

Glymph, Thavolia. “I'm a Radical Girl: Enslaved and Free Black Women Unionists and the Politics of Civil War History,“ 56th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2017

Hodes, Martha. “Mourning Lincoln: The Assassination and the Aftermath of the Civil War,” 55th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2016

Glaathaar, Joseph. “A Tale of Two Armies: The Confederate Army of Northern Virginia and the Union Army of the Potomac,“ 54th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2015

Silber, Nina. “Abraham Lincoln and the Political Culture of New Deal America,” 53rd Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2014

Blight, David, “Ambivalent about Tragedy: Bruce Catton's Civil War and Ours” 52nd Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2013

Hahn, Stephen, “Slave Emancipation, Indian Peoples, and the Projects of a New American Nation-State” 51st Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2012

Waugh, Joan, “'The Rebels Are Our Countrymen Again': U.S. Grant and the Meaning of Appomattox.” 50th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2011

Ayers, Edward, “Loyalty and America's Civil War.” 49th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2010

Burlingame, Michael, “Abraham Lincoln: New Information, Fresh Perspectives,” 48th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2009
Video of the 2009 Fortenbaugh Lecture.

Clinton, Catherine, “The Tears of a President: Lincoln, Empathy and Leadership,” 47th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2008 

Smith, Richard Norton, “Abraham Lincoln and the Triumph of Politics,” 46th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2007

Horton, James and Lois, “Abraham Lincoln in African American History and Memory,” 45th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2006

Gallagher, Gary W., “'The Progress of Our Arms': Whither Civil War Military History?”
44th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2005

Holzer, Harold, “Standing Tall: The Heroic Image of Abraham Lincoln,”
43rd Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2004

Holt, Michael F. , “A Time of Uncertainty: The Civil War and America's Two-Party System,” 42nd Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2003

Neely, Mark E. Jr., “Retaliation: The Problem of Atrocity In the American Civil War,”
41st Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2002

Berlin, Ira, “American Slavery in History and Memory,”
40th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2001

Marty, Martin E., “The War-Time Lincoln and the Ironic Tradition in America,”
39th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 2000

Baker, Jean, “The Lincoln Marriage: Beyond the Battle of Quotations,”
38th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 1999

Painter, Nell Irvin, 37th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 1998

Keegan, John, “The Military Geography of the American Civil War,”
36th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 1997

Frederickson, George, “Why the Confederacy Did Not Fight a Guerrilla War After the Fall of Richmond: A Comparative View,” 35th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 1996

Faust, Drew Gilpin, “A Riddle of Death: Mortality and Meaning in the American Civil War,” 34th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 1995

Fogel, Robert W., “The Quest for the Moral Problem of Slavery: An Historiographic Odyssey,” 33rd Fortenbaugh Lecture, 1994

Fox-Genovese, Elizabeth, “To Be Worthy of God's Favor: Southern Women's Defense and Critique of Slavery,” 32nd Fortenbaugh Lecture, 1993

Foner, Eric, “The Tocsin of Freedom: The Black Leadership of Radical Reconstruction,”
31st Fortenbaugh Lecture, 1992

Stampp, Kenneth M., “The United States and National Self-Determination: Two Traditions,” 30th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 1991

Degler, Carl N., “One Among Many: The Civil War in Comparative Perspective,”
29th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 1990

Bruce, Robert V., “The Shadow of a Coming War,”
28th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 1989

Schlesinger, Jr., Arthur, “War and the Constitution: Abraham Lincoln and
Franklin D. Roosevelt,” 27th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 1988

Cunliffe, Marcus, “The Doubled Images of Lincoln & Washington,”
26th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 1987

Handlin, Oscar, “The Road to Gettysburg,” 25th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 1986

Genovese, Eugene, “Slavery Ordained of God: The Southern Slaveholders' View of Biblical History and Modern Politics,”
24th Fortenbaugh Lecture, 1985

McPherson, James M., “Lincoln and the Strategy of Unconditional Surrender,” 23rd Fortenbaugh Lecture, 1984*

Davis, David Brion, “The Emancipation Moment,”
22nd Fortenbaugh Lecture, 1983

Barzun, Jacques, “Lincoln's Philosophic Vision,”
21st Fortenbaugh Lecture, 1982

Woodward, C. Vann, 1981

Bloom, Robert, 1980

Weigley, Russell, 1979

Klein, Philip Shriver, 1978

Trefousse, Hans L., 1977

Johannsen, Robert W., 1976

Mitgang, Herbert, 1975

Vandiver, Frank E., 1974

Fehrenbacher, Don E., 1973

Current, Richard Nelson, 1972

Rose, Willie Lee, 1971

Commager, Henry Steele, 1970

Graebner, Norman A., 1969

Williams, T. Harry, 1968

Wiley, Bell Irvin, 1967

Nichols, Roy Franklin, 1966

Franklin, John Hope, 1965

Rossiter, Clinton, 1964

Donald David, 1963

Catton, Bruce, 1962