Recommended Reading

CWI 2024 Recommended Reading List

Alexander, John & Jim Slade. Firestorm at Gettysburg: Civilian Voices, June-November, 1863

Backus, Bill & Robert Orrison. A Want of Vigilance: The Bristoe Station Campaign, October 9-19, 1863

Beilein, Joseph & Matthew Hulbert. The Civil War Guerilla: Unfolding the Black Flag in History, Memory, and Myth

Bierle, Sarah Kay. Call Out the Cadets: The Battle of New Market, May 15, 1864

Broomall, James. Private Confederacies: The Emotional Worlds of Southern Men as Civilians and Soldiers

Burrows, Sarah Tracy & Ryan Keating. Affectionately Yours, Osgood: Colonel Osgood Vose Tracey's Letters Home from the Civil War, 1862-1865

Carmichael, Peter. The War For the Common Soldier: How Men Thought, Fought, and Survived in Civil War Armies

Castell, Albert & Thomas Goodrich. Bloody Bill Anderson: The Short, Savage Life of a Civil War Guerilla

Clarke, Frances. War Stories: Suffering and Sacrifice in the Civil War North

Clarke, Frances & Rebecca Plant. Of Age: Boy Soldiers and Military Power in the Civil War Era

Coco, Gregory. A Strange and Blighted Land: Gettysburg: The Aftermath of a Battle

Coco, Gregory. A Concise Guide to the Artillery at Gettysburg

Cowie, Steven. When Hell Came to Sharpsburg: The Battle of Antietam and its Impact on the Civilians Who Called It Home

Evans, William. To Die Game: The Story of the Lowry Band, Indian Guerillas of Reconstruction

Flagel, Thomas. War, Memory, and the 1913 Gettysburg Reunion

Frassanito, William. Gettysburg: A Journey in Time

Fry, Zachery. A Republic in the Ranks: Loyalty and Dissent in the Army of the Potomac

Gottfried, Bradley. The Maps of the Cavalry in the Gettysburg Campaign

Green, Hilary & Andrew Slap. The Civil War and the Summer of 2020

Harman, Troy. All Roads Led to Gettysburg: A New Look at the Civil War's Pivotal Battle

Hartwig, D. Scott. I Dread the Thought of the Place: The Battle of Antietam and the End of the Maryland Campaign

Hartwig, D. Scott. To Antietam Creek: The Maryland Campaign of 1862

Haymond, John. The Infamous Dakota War Trials of 1862: Revenge, Military Law, and the Judgment of History

Hessler, James. Sickles at Gettysburg

Holzer, Harold. Brought Forth on This Continent: Abraham Lincoln and American Immigration

Holzer, Harold. Lincoln and the Power of the Press: The War For Public Opinion

Holzer, Harold. Emancipating Lincoln: The Proclamation in Text, Context, and Memory

Hughes, Dwight Sturtevant. Unlike Anything That Ever Floated: The Monitor and the Virginia and the Battle of Hampton Roads

Hulbert, Matthew. The Ghosts of Guerilla Memory: How Civil War Bushwhackers Became Gunslingers in the American West

Keating, Ryan. Shades of Green: Irish Regiments, American Soldiers, & Local Communities in the Civil War Era

Krebs, Daniel & Lorien Foote (eds). Useful Captives: The Role of POWs in American Military Conflicts

Leonard, Elizabeth. Benjamin Butler: A Noisy, Fearless Life

Leonard, Elizabeth. Lincoln's Avengers: Justice, Revenge, and Reunion after the Civil War

Levine, Robert S. The Failed Promise: Reconstruction, Frederick Douglass, and the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

Luskey, Brian. Men is Cheap: Exposing the Frauds of Free Labor in Civil War America

Murray, Jennifer. On a Great Battlefield: The Making, Management, and Memory of Gettysburg National Military Press

Pawlak, Kevin. Shepherdstown in the Civil War: One Vast Confederate Hospital

Pawlak, Kevin. Such a Clash of Arms: The Maryland Campaign, September, 1862

Pfanz, Harry. Gettysburg--The First Day

Pfanz, Harry. Gettysburg--The Second Day

Pfanz, Harry.Gettysburg--Culp's Hill and Cemetery Hill

Powell, David & William Lee White. Battle above the Clouds: Lifting the Siege of Chattanooga and the Battle of Lookout Mountain

Rafuse, Ethan. Robert E. Lee and the Fall of the Confederacy (1863-1865)

Rafuse, Ethan McClellan's War: The Failure of Moderation in the Struggle for the Union

Rafuse (ed), Ethan. Corps Commanders in Blue: Union Major Generals in the Civil War

Sheehan-Dean, Aaron. The Calculus of Violence

Sutherland, Daniel. A Savage Conflict: The Decisive Role of Guerillas in the American Civil War

White, Ronald. On Great Fields: The Life and Unlikely Heroism of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

White, Ronald. Lincoln in Private

White, Ronald. A. Lincoln: A Biography

White, Ronald. Lincoln's Greatest Speech: The Second Inaugural

White, Jonathan. Shipwrecked: A True Story of Civil War Mutinies, Jailbreaks, Blockade-Running, and the Slave Trade

White, Jonathan. A House Built by Slaves: African American Visitors to the Lincoln White House

White, Jonathan. Emancipation, the Union Army, and the Reelection of Abraham Lincoln

Wills, Brian. The River Was Dyed with Blood: Nathan Bedford Forrest and Fort Pillow

Wittenberg, Eric. The Devil's to Pay: John Buford at Gettysburg