Council Committees

Chair of the CouncilCarol Coon

Organizes and facilitates monthly Council meetings and spring all-campus meeting, sets agendas.

SecretaryRose Taylor

Records and distributes monthly and special Council minutes and organizes New Employee Outreach Program.

TreasurerValerie Andrews

Monitors the Council’s budget and manages the Support Staff Development Grant Program.

Training and Development Committee
Amanda Whitcomb, Valerie Andrews, and Deb Savidge,,

Organizes monthly brown bag lunches for campus community.

Employee Relations Committee —
Amy Ellicott, and Derek Brenneman, and Carol Coon,, and

Organizes Support Staff Picnic held in June.
Assists HR with organization of President's Reception for support staff by suggesting menus, creating/sending invitations, scheduling entertainment, coordinating honorees and retirees, purchasing service awards, etc.

Communications Committee — Lynn Garskof and Rose Taylor and

Communicates Council events to campus community and maintains Council website.
Organizes committee members in the publishing of the Support Staff Newsletter, PILLARS.

Nominating Committee
Lynn Garskof and Rose Taylor and