Programs & Resources

  • Development Grant Program
    The Support Staff Development Grant Program is designed to provide financial assistance to support staff members for purchasing required textbooks/materials and for the cost of fees when attending courses offered by Gettysburg College or other institutions. We will also provide financial assistance for attending off-campus seminars, workshops, and educational programs that promote and foster professional and personal growth and development. Access the guidelines, application form, and program requirements by clicking above on the Development Grant Program heading.
  • Council By-Laws
    The Support Staff Council of Gettysburg College is committed to improving the quality of working life for support staff employees of the College and to building a sense of community among support staff, faculty, administrators, and students. Access information about the Council, its responsibilities, and the nomination/election process by clicking above on the Council By-Laws heading.
  • Run for a Council Position.
    Council membership consists of nine rotating members. Yearly elections are held to elect employees from the areas of Dining Services, Facilities Services, Public Safety, and paraprofessional staff. Full-time and permanent part-time employees are eligible for nomination. Watch for nomination emails in the spring. For more information about the nomination/election process, click above on the Council By-Laws heading.
  • Employee Handbook
    The Employee Handbook provides a thorough understanding of the College, its employee benefits, and guidelines. However, no handbook can provide for all circumstances. Accordingly, the Human Resources Office welcomes questions you may have with regard to College policies, practices, and procedures. Access all the handbook information by clicking above on the Employee Handbook heading.
  • Wellness at Gettysburg College
    The Gettysburg College wellness program has made an amazing impact on our institution’s outlook on health and wellness and has had a positive affect on our health care expenses. Recognizing that the worth and dignity of all people is a core value of Gettysburg College and that employees’ performances is affected by their well-being, the Gettysburg College Wellness Committee provides programming designed to improve the overall health of all employees. Access wellness tracks and wellness events by clicking above on the Wellness at Gettysburg College heading.
  • Employee Benefits
    Gettysburg College offers its employees a host of benefits, including health care, tuition assistance, among others. Access highlights of the major benefits by clicking above on the Employee Benefits heading.
  • Payroll Information
    The Office of Payroll Services is responsible for all matters pertaining to faculty, administration, staff, and student compensation. Access payroll information -- such as time sheet examples and instructions, pay schedules, tax information, various forms, and receiving copy of pay stub -- by clicking above on the Payroll Information heading.