Group Development Workshop Examples

We customize every workshop. These examples provide ideas to consider as we begin a design conversation.

Students training with a low hanging element

Introductions and Expectation Setting for new groups

A primary task of groups with new members is going beyond surface level introduction and developing shared expectations. Attending to these group needs is a great foundation for group and team development. This workshop uses a variety of games, initiatives and challenge course activities to enhance the connection amongst the group.

Values Affirmation Workshop

This workshop provides individual group members the opportunity to affirm their personal values, how those values show up while problem solving and the opportunity to more deeply know others in their group. The outcomes for this workshop include an increase in self-awareness and the ability to articulate uniqueness to others.

Failing Forward

We rarely experience organizational encouragement to fail. However, failure can provide rich incite that leads to innovation. This workshop provides the opportunity to experientially use the lessons learned from challenge and failure to be more successful in future problem solving.

Advanced Facilitation

Facilitation is a process of using what you see, hear, and notice then assisting a group to synthesize the experience into coherent and transferable skills. Whether in a classroom, office, or an outdoor venue, it takes time to learn how to develop an effective approach to facilitation. There are many factors that can influence an individual's success while facilitating an experience and this workshop will provide hands on experience and group feedback to develop and enhance facilitation

Experiential Learning Classroom

Have you thought about complementing your classroom instruction with adventure? Think about a language class communicating in Spanish or German while participating in a team building initiative, or a physics class calculating mechanical advantage and then physically experiencing friction differential. There are many ways a classroom experience can be enhanced by deeply engaging students through experiential learning.

Leadership Beyond the Position

All members of a group have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership. This workshop explores how group members and positional leaders alike can provide leadership unlocking talents and incites from all group members.