WiFi & Computer Usage


Gettysburg College requires all personal wireless devices (laptops, tablets, phones, etc.) to be registered on the gbcwifi wireless network. Guests are only permitted temporary access.

Registration Instructions

If you are using an iPad or MacBook Air, use the Safari browser to register. You will need to turn off the Private Address setting after connecting to gbcwifi and before registering your device. You will also need to Request Mobile Site by clicking on the aA next to the address bar once you are on the device registration home page.

If you have issues registering your device, call the IT Helpdesk at 717-337-7000.

Computer Usage

Gettysburg College students, faculty, and staff may log on to library computers with their campus ID and password. Community patrons, Friends of Musselman Library, and alumni can log in to library computers by checking out a USB key at the Check Out Desk. Logging in to a computer with a USB key allows users to access the internet and all of the library’s online academic resources. In order to offer these resources, the following rules have been established for all computer users:

  1. The computers are made available primarily for the academic enrichment of our patrons and not for entertainment. Use of the main floor computers by a member of the community may be restricted to 2 hours per day if students and faculty need to utilize the work stations.
  2. Use of the computers to view sexually explicit material or other items deemed offensive to other library users, or harmful to minors, is prohibited. Refer to Pennsylvania Statute regarding “Obscene and other sexual materials and performances” - 18 Pa. C.S. 5903
  3. Use of these computers for any activity contrary to local, state, or federal laws is prohibited.
  4. Use of these computers to offer goods or services of a business or commercial nature is prohibited.
  5. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult to use the library computers.

Guests may use the USB keys to login to PCs located on the Main Level as well as the microfilm PC on the Lower Level. Priority use for the microfilm PC is given to users who require the microfilm reader.