Gettysburg College launches new major in Business, Organizations, and Management

Analyze businesses and organizations from a critical management perspective

Studying Business, Organizations, and Management at Gettysburg College

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Building upon a strong record of preparing students for success in the world of business, Gettysburg College is proud to announce the launch of a new Business, Organizations, and Management major, available to students beginning in the 2020–21 academic year.

Grounded in the liberal arts—a hallmark of the Gettysburg College experience—the Business, Organizations, and Management major is designed to provide students with exposure to the fundamentals of business within a dynamic global environment.

Housed within the College’s Management Department, the Business, Organizations, and Management curriculum stresses intellectual boldness, creative problem-solving, entrepreneurial thinking, and the practice of socially responsible management. It is an ideal major for any student aspiring to a management or leadership position in business, government, the nonprofit sector, or any other organizational environment.

“The Management Department is excited to offer students the opportunity to study businesses, organizations, and management in a unique way that extends beyond a traditional focus on just business fundamentals to best prepare them for any career path they choose,” said Prof. Heather Odle-Dusseau, David M. Levan Endowed Chair of Ethics and Management.

“Students will learn to analyze businesses and organizations from a critical management perspective, where they will be challenged to question assumptions of the power structures within organizations, social institutions, and global economies, as well as how these assumptions are perpetuated to further reinforce inequities in organizations, societies, and across cultures.”

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All Business, Organizations, and Management majors will complete core courses in microeconomics, accounting, organizational behavior, statistics, research methods, marketing, and ethics.

Gettysburg students will also have the opportunity to explore the critical analysis of corporate finance, business law, entrepreneurship, small business management, and business policy and strategy. In addition, they may choose to study the complex relationships among individuals, policies, and structures within businesses and organizations through courses on organization theory, systems thinking, decision-making, as well as topics related to the future of work, organizational culture, human resource management, leadership, employee motivation, and well-being.

Lastly, Business, Organizations, and Management students will complete a Critical Action-Learning Experience, which encompasses an internship, global study experience, or a community engagement project. This distinctive element of Gettysburg College’s new major ensures all students reflect on their observations, interpretations, and decision-making from the field as part of an analysis for their Capstone.

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“For many years, Organization and Management Studies (OMS)—one of Gettysburg College’s most popular and esteemed majors—has provided our students with the knowledge and reasoning abilities to excel in a wide range of professional endeavors,” said Provost Chris Zappe.

“Our new Business, Organizations, and Management major serves as an evolution of this rigorous curriculum, preparing students to address contemporary business and organizational issues, while developing the social consciousness to effectively navigate change throughout their careers. Gettysburg College is excited to offer this new major to our students beginning in the 2020-2021 academic year.”

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By Mike Baker
Posted: 10/08/19