Faculty Advisors

Gettysburg College is committed to providing its students with careful counseling. Each first-year student is assigned a faculty advisor to help answer academic questions, explain college regulations, set goals, and make the transition from high school to college as smooth as possible. Faculty advisors have only a small number of first-year students, so that they can develop strong one-on-one relationships with their advisees.

Sophomores may continue their advising relationship with their first-year advisors, or they may select another faculty member in a field they’re considering as a major. Once an academic major is chosen (which must be no later than the beginning of the student’s junior year), a member of the student’s major department becomes the student’s advisor.

The College also encourages students to prepare for graduate study, which has become increasingly necessary in a number of career fields. Advisors help ensure that students become familiar with the requirements of the graduate programs in which they’re interested, as well as the qualifications for fellowships and assistantships within these programs, well before graduating from Gettysburg College. Special advisors are available for students interested in Pre-Health Professions Advising and Pre-Law programs.

Students are encouraged to confer at any time with their faculty advisor, an associate dean of academic advising, someone in the Center for Career Engagement, or other faculty members as they decide a major, weigh career objectives, choose graduate or professional schools, or search for employment after graduation.