Choosing a Program

Resources to Use During the Planning Process

  • Talk to your academic advisor or other faculty mentors.
  • Use the Program Finder.
  • Make an appointment to speak with an CGE advisor.
  • Stop by the Center for Global Education in CUB 240 and check out our resources.
  • Visit with a program provider. Throughout the semester, program providers come to campus to talk about their programs. These informational meetings are posted on the Center for Global Education homepage as well as listed in the student digest. Stay tuned!

Questions to Ask During the Planning Process


  • What kind of global study experience am I looking for? Domestic, abroad?
  • Do I want to do integrated coursework with local students and faculty?
  • Do I want to take courses with other US or Gettysburg students?
  • Do I want a program with a specific academic theme or focus?
  • Will I be able to do an internship?
  • Will I be able to pursue my research interests?
  • Are their opportunities for service learning or volunteerism?


  • Is there a language requirement?
  • Is there a major requirement?
  • Is there a GPA requirement?
  • Is there a class standing requirement?


  • What are my academic goals?
  • Do certain programs have a specific academic focus?
  • Do I want to earn major and/or minor credit?
  • What are the policies of my major/minor department with regard to earning credit from global study?
  • Does the program allow students to take the combination of courses I want to take?
  • How will my work be assessed?
  • Will I be able to study a language and if so, at what level?


  • What are my expectations with regard to cultural integration and assimilation?
  • What opportunities do I have to meet local people?

Location & Housing

  • What regions of the world match my academic interests?
  • Do I want to be in a large city or in a more rural setting?
  • Where do students on the program live - dorms, apartments, homestays?
  • With whom will I be living - a local family, local students, other international students?
  • What opportunities will there be for travel (in-country and in the region)?


  • What is the best semester for me to study globally?
  • How long should I study globally?
  • What is the academic calendar of my global study destination?
  • Is the academic calendar congruent with Gettysburg's? Does that matter to me?
  • On which dates does the program begin and end?