Program Budget Worksheet

Aix-en-Provence, France –Provider: IAU College

These budget estimates are for the Spring 2021 semester. All estimates are subject to change.

On your Gettysburg College Student Account

All charges and credits will appear on your student account for the semester you are studying globally.


Gettysburg College Tuition
Global Study Fee
Global Study Insurance


Program Deposit Credit
Flight Allowance Credit
Meal Credit

Student Account Sub-total


Out-of-pocket costs

Application Fee
Where is this paid? To your program provider
When is this paid? At the time of application
Program Deposit
Where is this paid? Directly to your program
When is this paid? After acceptance to your program
$1,050.00 - $1,200.00
Where is this paid? Airline
When is this paid? 1 to 6 months prior to departure
Personal Expenses
Where is this paid? Take money with you
When is this paid? Throughout the semester
Books and Course Related Costs
Health Insurance
Immunizations and Medications
$240.00 - $375.00
Where is this paid? To passport agency and/or host country consulate
When is this paid? 1 to 6 months prior to departure

Out-of-pocket Sub-total

$4,875.00 - $5,160.00

Grand Total

$38,188.00 - $38,473.00