Career Engagement

Beyond Your Return

The skills you’ve developed and experiences you’ve had through studying globally will benefit you throughout your life in many ways, specifically your career. These skills can help you stand out in a crowd of applicants, and are transferable across occupations. But the question is: how do you identify and convey these skills to your employers or on graduate school applications? Below you’ll find a list of resources to help you better understand and express the formative impact your global study experience had on you.

The Center for Career Engagement is an excellent resource for you as you work to leverage your global experience towards your career goals.

Reflect on the skills you've developed

Talk about your experience with graduate schools or employers

Join Alumni Networks! There are alumni groups for a number of different study abroad institutions and providers on LinkedIn and other social media. These offer great opportunities to make connections, and to discuss your experiences.

Lastly, do you think your global study advisors have the coolest job in the world? We do! Consider a career in education abroad and reach out to advisors in CGE. We would love to speak with you!