Back on Campus

You're back on campus!...Now what?

Now that you’re back on campus, you may be wondering what comes next. Sometimes, returning to campus, reconnecting with your friends, and getting back into a previous routine makes it tempting to “shoebox” your memories of global study: to put all the things you’ve learned and experienced into a metaphorical (or physical) box and pack it away. Avoid doing this! There are many, many resources on campus to help you channel and connect your global study experiences to your life on campus.

Logistical Matters

Coming back from a global study experience can be more challenging that you expect. While you are back in a familiar environment, you may have noticed that things have changed, relationships have changed, and you have changed. This is normal, and it is important to be patient with yourself and with others, and give yourself time to adjust and reflect. Below are a few resources to help navigate reverse culture shock:

  • Top 10 Re-Entry Challenges: This list contains the top ten challenges students have reported after having an international education experience.
  • What’s Up with Culture?: This online training module has tips, reflection questions, and advice for every stage of the global study process, including returning from global study.
  • SIT Returning Student Toolkit: Many Gettysburg students study on SIT programs; however, even if you participated in a different program, their “Returning Student Toolkit” is a great resource.
  • IFSA Butler Unpacked is a great blog series with reflections from global study students, including after their return from their programs.

Advisors in CGE are always happy to meet with you to talk through any questions you have about your return, or just to share your experience!

Channeling Your Experience on Campus

There are many ways to connect your global study experience to your life on campus.

  • The Center for Global Education: Just because you’re back from studying globally doesn’t mean you’re not welcome in CGE!
    • Welcome Back Social: During the first week of each semester, returning global study students are invited to come to a dinner to share your experience and hear about your friends’ global study experiences.
    • Photo Contest: Do you have photos from your global study semester? Send them to us! Winning photos will receive prizes. More details will be shared via e-mail prior to your return to campus.
    • Global Leaders of Gettysburg College: The GLGC is a global study honor society through CGE empowering returned global study students to channel their experiences through mentorship, scholarship, and activism—moving beyond observation to active reflection and leadership.
    • Global Study House: Not sure where to live after returning to campus? Global Study House is a College House designed to connect returning global study students with students interested in studying globally in a future semester, and holds regular events advocating for the study of languages, cultures, religions, ethnicities, and histories to foster global thinking.
  • Center for Public Service: CPS aims to foster social justice through community-based learning and research, reflective service, leadership, and dialogues in the Adams County Community.
  • Office of Multicultural Engagement: The OME promotes inclusive campus culture through one-on-one student mentorship and partnerships with campus services and faculty to encourage discourse, thought, and reflection around issues of race, ethnicity, socio-economics, and social justice.
  • Eisenhower Institute: EI promotes nonpartisan discourse and critical analysis of a wide variety of public policy topics through competitive fellowships, connections with experts in the field, and symposia.
  • Gettysburg Recreational Adventure Board: GRAB facilitates opportunities for personal and professional growth, aiming to build high-functioning communities through the context of outdoor adventure and challenge course workshops.
  • Garthwait Leadership Center: The GLC leads intellectual and experiential opportunities for students and alumni to develop leadership skills to make a positive impact.
  • There are many student-led clubs and organizations on campus that have an international/cultural focus. You may already be involved in some, but we encourage you to revisit Gettysburg’s website; new clubs and organizations are started regularly. Don’t see a club that specifically references your interests? Remember, you can bring an international focus to clubs and organizations you are already involved in—or, you can start your own!
  • Publish your Writing: There are many outlets to publish scholarly, creative, and reflective works, including the Cupola, the Mercury, and Her Campus at Gettysburg.