Global Leaders

Hello global study returnees!

Wondering what to do with the experience of global study now that you are back on campus? The Global Leaders of Gettysburg College (GLGC), is a 3-pillar program, based on the fundamentals gleaned from your time abroad and a charge to take those experiences one step further. Mentorship, Scholarship and Activism form the foundation of what will most certainly be a transformational, skill building experience for you.

Who: All students who have studied abroad as registered Gettysburg College students are eligible to participate.

What: A combination of 3 pillars (Mentorship, Scholarship and Activism) to help you enrich your own personal, professional and academic experiences after you return, in addition to helping current students abroad and the larger Gettysburg Community.

Where: Everywhere! The pillars allow for you to integrate them into every area of your life.

When: Starting now. It's never too soon to become a Global Leader of Gettysburg College.

Time commitment: The GLGC works to capitalize on the kinds of things you are already doing.  Things like planning socials, writing papers, generating discussion and helping other global studiers. The time commitment is little more than you are already doing.

What's in it for you? The Global Leaders of Gettysburg College Initiative empowers students who have studied abroad to infuse their international experiences into their campus life & future endeavors through mentorship, activism and scholarship.

Global Leaders move beyond observation to active reflection and leadership.

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