Global Leaders

Hello Global Gettysburgians!

Just because you’re back on campus doesn’t mean the impact of your global study experience has to end; there are many ways to engage with, and reflect upon, your global study experience, and share it with the broader campus community! One of these ways is to join the Global Leaders of Gettysburg College (GLGC)! CGE invites you to sign-up to participate at the bottom of this page.

The GLGC is designed to help returned global study students connect their global study experiences to their lives on- and off-campus. Participating in GLGC offers you a framework to continue developing the academic, professional, and personal skills that were fostered during your global study semester. Additionally, it continues to build our Gettysburg College community by offering opportunities for you to mentor and support future cohorts of global study students!

One of the best parts of GLGC is that it is flexible, and will fit into everyone’s schedule because you choose what to participate in. There are no mandatory events or meetings you need to attend, but there are a lot of ways to be involved! Below you’ll find some examples of the many ways GLGC members are active on campus.

To recognize exceptional participation in the GLGC, eligible students will be awarded an honor cord to wear at Commencement signifying their completion of the GLGC program!


  • Attend CGE’s Welcome Back Social 
  • Volunteer with CGE during events such as: Pre-Departure Orientation, Family Weekend, or Get Acquainted Day
  • Participate in global study information sessions as a student panelist 
  • Connect with or mentor students who are considering global study in future semesters 


  • Advocate for global study in your clubs, sports teams, greek organizations, offices, or academic departments 
  • Share any of your favorite photos and videos from your global study experience with CGE by submitting them through this google form
  • Global Gettysburgian Insider Guides: Submit a short video discussing your global study experience to be shared with prospective students for years to come. Details and submission information can be found on this google form
  • Reflect on your experiences during your global study semester by completing our returned study survey


  • Collaborate with CGE to create and/or execute global study information programs or re-entry programming
  • Develop a globally focused event for a student organization
  • Collaborate with the Gettysburgian or Gettysburg’s Communications and Marketing department to share stories from your global study experience
  • Create and share art inspired by your global study semester 


  • Connect your global study experience into your coursework by sharing your experiences verbally or in your written work 
  • Incorporate your global study experience of international perspectives or topics into your capstone experience 
  • Continue with research that you began while abroad 
  • Attend lectures or speaker series that highlight global experiences 
  • Apply for global post-graduate opportunities 
  • Attend re-entry career workshops

Do you have an idea not outlined above? Suggest it to CGE! Please send an email to with your suggestion. 

Interested? Sign up below!

Questions? E-mail

GLGC members are encouraged to reach out to CGE staff if they have ideas of ways to get more involved.

(Please note your form session will expire after 15 minutes.)

Please send a photo of you from your time abroad which can represent your abroad experience to with "GLGC Photo" in the subject line once you have submitted this information.