Food, Globalization & Sustainability
Nepal is best known for its mountain peaks (home to eight of the world’s highest mountains, including Mt Everest) and hospitable people. Nepal also has rich and diverse food practices founded on organic farming and local, seasonal eating that is both highly nutritious and community-oriented. Being primarily an agricultural society, the majority of the population derives food security from its land. Both globalization and climate change present challenges to the stability and sustainability of Nepal’s food system. This project will focus on understanding current challenges and identifying organizations promoting community development, agricultural production and innovative practices in Nepal.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Travel to Kathmandu/Patan Orientation and group walk to local food seller’s market
Day 2: Lecture on Food, Globalization and Sustainability in Nepal Visit Kathmandu’s old city, Durbar Square, Swyambhunath
Day 3: Excursion to Lamatar Introduction to “Asha” project and village life challenges
Visit Changunarayan, oldest temple in Nepal
Day 4: Excursion to the medieval town of Bhaktapur Lecture on New Agricultural Movement
Day 5: Travel to Bandipur, ancient crossroads town of Tibet and India Meet with local historian in Bandipur
Day 6: Travel to Pokhara Sustainable Agricultural Development Project, local NGO
Eco (agro) tourism and agricultural sustainability
Day 7: Day excursion of Gandaki Rainbow Trout Fish Farm -
Day 8: Travel back to Kathmandu Dinner with homestay families
Day 9: Kertipur heritage site (Newari Bhoye at Newa Lahana) Lunch at SASA restaurant
Day 10: Tour of Pashupati and Bouddhanath Cooking class (momo, daal, bhaat and tarkari)
Evening celebration
Day 11: Travel back to Gettysburg -

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