Gift Cards

Gift Card Funds (on your personal ID card)

When using these funds please note the following:

  • Gift Card funds can be used at the Bullet Hole, Bullet Express, Commons, Dining Center, Dive, and in campus vending machines

  • Specify Gift Card funds at time of check out when presenting your Gettysburg College ID

  • No discount applies

  • Gift Card Funds do not expire

  • If you have questions regarding your dining accounts or meal balance, please go to then login with your Gettysburg College credentials to view your balances

  • If you have any questions send an email to

To order a Gift Card please include the following in an email to

  • Payment method (GL number if charging a department)

  • List of names (Gettysburg ID Number would be best) for Gift Card funds added directly to their Gettysburg College ID

  • Number of Gift Cards needed if you are requesting physical Gift Cards

  • Amount of Gift Card funds to be issued ($5 minimum required)

  • Date Gift Cards are needed or Gift Card funds need to be added

  • You will receive an email when physical cards are ready for pickup, we do not mail Gift Cards. If the funds are added to a Gettysburg College ID card we will email the recipient after the funds are added