Using a Digital Photo for Your ID Picture

Rules for creating and sending a digital photo to be used as your ID photo:

  1. No Sun Glasses or Head Covers.*
  2. Must be a color photo.
  3. Your background should be of a uniform color.
  4. The photo should be cropped to or have an aspect ratio of 4 X 3. (Example 640 X 480, 320 X 240) ***
  5. The subjects head and neck should be centered in the frame taking up approximately 1/3 - 1/2 of the center.
  6. Compress pictures to under 1 Meg. ***
  7. The photo must be in .jpg format. ***
  8. The name of the photo should be your full name: lastname_firstname_middleinitial. (No nicknames)
  9. Email the picture as an attachment to
    The Bullets ID Office will approve all photos.
    **When you pick up your ID you must present an acceptable photo ID.

    If you have not had your photo ID taken there is no cost for this process.  If you already have a picture there is a $25.00 processing and reprinting charge.

    All FYS ID photos will be submitted thorough the First Year Dashboard. You must present a Photo ID when receiving your ID card with your keys during check-in.**

    Faculty and Staff are welcome to use this process as well.

    Here are some example photos, notice it looks like a passport photo:
    Too Far Away
    too far
    Too Close
    too close

* Please email if you have questions concerning this policy.
** Acceptable forms of photo ID are State Drivers License, State ID or U.S. Passport.