Utility Vehicle Online Test

* 1. To be authorized to operate a utility vehicle at Gettysburg College you must:

* 2. How many utility vehicle accidents involve a person falling out of the cart?

* 3. Drivers and passengers do NOT need to remain seated while the vehicle is moving.

* 4. The speed limit for utility vehicles on standards roadways is:

* 5. Inspect the utility vehicle daily prior to use. You should check:

* 6. Using a cell phone is not considered a distraction while driving a utility vehicle.

* 7. It is permissible to allow three passengers in a two-seat utility vehicle?

* 8. When the utility vehicle is not in use, you should place the control lever in 'neutral', set the parking braked and remove the key.

* 9. Who should have the right of way when driving a utility vehicle?

* 10. If you have an accident with a utility vehicle, who should be notified?